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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 1

Here's a picture from Marian:

The Gang

Guest Dexter calves from Niki in WA, Australia:

Yogi taking a rest

Xacery having a drink

Xacery and his mum, Delight, doing a little grazing

From Cheesehead:

"Grass is a nutritional balance of everyday eating for cows. Moo."

Pictures from Niki in WA, Australia:

Sassy Ykat

Say Hi to Yogi

Also from Niki, a newborn Dexter calf, Winnie!

Here comes Winnie!

Winnie's first moments

Winnie makes a fine heifer!

A herd of guest cows! This was sent in by Jolene. Her granddaughter is "udderly" fascinated by cows!

"Kimberly and the Kows"

And from Ashley in Maine, here is Stan, a Holstein bull calf.

Crazy Stan

Meet New Year's Eve (born on New Year's Eve, of course), sent to us by Sal.

The English Saddle Pad is Keeping Her Warm

A guest neighborhood baby moo (with momma behind); her picture was taken by Connie.

Moos in the Neighborhood

A cute little guest Moo, sent in by Bill, who lives in Georgia.

A New Moo in the Neighborhood

We have a guest cow named Dolly, who lives at Farm Sanctuary in New York.

Pretty Cow!

We have a guest cow named Molly. This picture was taken of her just as she was going to climb up on the deck so she could go in the house!

Can I come in?

We have a guest Brahman from Cindy, who asks if you've hugged your Brahman today!

Gus, a 3 year old Brahman steer

From Jane and Steve in Silsbee, Texas:

"Magnolia (Maggy) our newest Brahman heifer"

Everyone should have a cow buddy! A guest cow from Cheri:

Friends at the Del Mar Fair (San Diego)

Guest cows from the UK:

Far North of Scotland 2001,
copyright 2002 (Peter Asprey)

English Lake district 2000,
copyright 2002 (Peter Asprey)

Peak District National Park 2002,
copyright 2002 (Peter Asprey)

Be sure to visit Peter's site -- hundreds of great cow photos in the gallery!

A couple of guest Dexters from Grose Vale, New South Wales, Australia:

Vernon (dunn steer) and Veronica (black heifer), the twins

Guest cow from Brent:

Tessie, who lives in NSW, Australia

Guest cow from April:

Ride'em Cowgirl

Jerri sent us a couple of pictures:

What's this?

A Friendly Bovine

Guest calves from Elise:

Frolicking Calves in New Zealand

And from Simon:


Stargazer, a Charolais

From Laura:

Jezabell, A Jersey in Australia

And from Debra:

Grady, born Feb. 27, 2002

Grady and His Mom, Bossie

A Guest Cow from Laura:

Na na na na, from Buckinghamshire, UK

Guest cows from Patricia:

Lemmy's Cow

Greetings from Ontario, Canada

From Brandon:

TeeShirt, a Jersey x Freesian 6-year-old Cow

From Penny:


Josie sent two great photos:

Miss Capan, Just a Few Hours Old
(named after her father Dova Capan a British Friesian)

Hello from England

Debra sent some pictures of her cow, Bossie, a Charolais:

Bossie Smiling on Christmas Day

Time for Breakfast

Shaun J sent some cow pictures from New York state's dairy fair:

A couple of guest cow photos from Jamey:

You lookin' at me?!

Man! Are my lips chapped!

And from James, a picture of his Dexter:

I am stunning, aren't I?

Also a collection of photos from "ScoobyDoo":

Buddy (the Hereford) Playing in the Sand

Creamie, Big Mama, Rosie, Cinder, Trixie

Baby, Just Standing Around

Jenny has shared some Guernsey photos with us...


Am I not a lovely bovine?

More Relaxin'

Time for a Snack

From Sherry:

Buttercup and her calf, Lavender (Dexters)

From the Schuesslers of Daisy (who is a Hereford), when Daisy was about one year old:

Daisy's Story

From Nick:

Attack Cow

Sniper Moo

Two Ears

From Barb:

Grazing Around

Hmm, What's over Here?

From Daralene:

The Boys, Born May, 9, 2001

From B. Horton:

Kiss me!

Aw, Shucks

From Mark:

Cattle Cluster in the Peak District in England

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 1 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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