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Previous Tails

Jan 25 2012
I can't wait, today I will turn in my dairy calf essay to try to win a free dairy cow that I'll be able to show at my county fair. I am looking forward to it! Wish me luck!

Jan 12 2011
January12,2011 Tails Hi,I enjoy tameing the cows on our farm! There are three bred heifers Cherry a4h heifer Anne, and Extra Special in one pen that like to come up to me for a scratch behind the ears! In the second pen there are 6 replacment heifers that don't mind wasting time to stand by me to be petted too! And there are more cows in the herd that will say hi also! well I better go talk to you all later Anika

Nov 6 2010
Hello everybody, a few days ago I found this website.I typed in crazy for cows and found this!!! I really enjoy this website because I'am crazy for cows!! My family has around 250 simmental cross charolais cows! My favorite one is Cherry she is my continuation Heifer from 4-h! She is all red in color! ttyl

Nov 10 2009
I used to do chores for a friend and my job was to take care of the calves. I had the most fun when I would spread the fresh straw down for them and they would just kick up their heals and have fun. The one time the one calf got the best of me and I landed on my back side. I have a few more names to add to the list that I named the ones I was taking care of. Babe, Brutus, Sweetness and Sparkle.

Feb 4 2009
hello everyone. I have a fresian bull white body and black head. it was born on Jan 20 so i named him Obama. He is so cute and i am planning to gift him to my son when he graduates from high school.

Jan 31 2009
Hi ny names Klairi,I am 14 years old I own a cow named annabelle, shes a jersy-gernsy mix, I can do lots of stuff with her like I ride her any time I can get, and shes a really good listner. Thats realy all she does her main hobby is eating, that cow is a foodaholic. She knows how to get it too, even if it means breaking into the barn or just plain staring a hole into your head untill you go and get it for her.If you ever get that feeling your being watched just look out your window and there will very likly be annabelle.

Jan 30 2009
Hi I have a wonderfull cow named momma-cow she's a really calm cow, she's so calm I ride her any time I want. Theres no better cow than a cow that works for its feed, she will be calving in the spring, another cow to ride yippe!

Jan 30 2009
Hi im just a kid who loves cows, I have a cow named annabell she is absessed with food she will do anything for it, one day she unlocked the barn door and went right into the barn,and started eating the hay! When shes not chewing her cud or eating her hay ,she stares you down untill you go and get her some food!

Dec 9 2008
My Name is Pearl and I'm a bovine
My name is Pearl and I'm a bovine.I weigh around sixteen hundred pounds.I'm trained to lead, pull in the harness and ride like a horse,with a saddle and a bridle.I can be riden bareback as well.My best people friend,krystle trained me and five other bovines as well.Twice krystle rode me in the rodeo parade and I won first place ribbons both times.I had to go in the kids section of the parade because I was scared of the horses and I get along very well with children.I'm very quiet and very gentle.My friend krystle played with me since I was born.Different people have rode me at times,even children, but krystle has rode me for miles and miles.Mostly I just walk when people ride me,not that I can't run,but I'm harder to keep a saddle on that a horse. Once when I stopped to get a drink in the creek, the saddle and krystle both fell off over my head into the water.Krystle was soaking wet and so was the saddle.I had to chuckle a little to myself that day.I can move big round bales of hay by...

Oct 11 2008
Rupert(pro cow breeder and shower)
My heifer has recently come 3rd in the biggest show in south australia and it is the first show cow i have ever bred

Sep 23 2008
hey i seen this and just had to tell yall about the time my 700lb angus bull named Fred somehow opened the gate up and was out and about one tuesday morning. It was when i was coming down to the farm to water and check on them as i was driving my john deere gator i seen there was this huge moving blacj thing in the field. i just thought it was a dog well i looked closer it was fred out there and he was eating him some corn well i thouhgt he had just knocked the fence down or something but the chain was off it well i put him back in and when i went to give him some hay he was undoing the chain with his nose. so we had to put a lock on it just to keep him from getting out

Aug 15 2008
Well since I can remember I've loved cows and growing veggies. At night my sister Kathy and I would chat about our dream pets, for her a horse and for me a cow. She figured that we could keep them in the basement and I thought the back porch would do (I was seven and she was three) however living in the city just didn't go with having livestock! Well that summer I was allowed to visit Martha's Vinyard with my friend Manny and his mom. I had a blast; learned to hand milk a beautiful sweet cow named Brownie and got chased by the bull. You see i didn't know that it wasn't a cow and walked straight out towards it across the pasture. One of the kids yelled at me to get out of there just as Bullie gave chase! I high tailed it across pasture, past the pigs, through the barnyard and into the pigeon house! (I've always loved Pigeons too!)It was that afternoon that they taught me to milk a real cow. That was over fifty years ago! I never got my cow, but I do grow veggies in a rented plot! I stil...

Jul 12 2008
hey everybody it's leah again. well this year i'm showing again && it's going great so far, which i'm happy about that :) this year i havee a summer yearling named maggie mae && she's so beautiful <3 aha i call her maggs for short, but anyways she's going to be my fitting and show animal this year, i havee a lot of fairs this year so i havee very high hopes. i'm going to try to qualify for eastern states; which is a really really big fair in new england & i'm so excited i can't wait. but just thought i'd let youu know how everythings going, keep writing your stories they're intresting. see ya'll ---> leahhh christinee~

Jun 29 2008
cows are cool, once I was at the Cincinnati zoo around Christmas time and I found a calf with my first name [not kookoofercows Blaze,only my name is spelled Blaise] adios

May 6 2008
Leah Cate <3
Hey, havn't been on in awhile, but this year i'm back to showing && i can't wait cause i havee a feeling this is going to be a very good year. I've been training my new heifer && she is coming along very well. I'll be putting up so neww pictures soon so make sure youu stop && see them :) well talk to yall later !

Feb 13 2008
In a few days is my 15th birthday, and I what I want more than anything is a cow, but my mom is like no, we live in a condo. and there are no barns in my city. :/

Jan 25 2008
I once had a calf named Bessie. Her mother died when she was really young, so I had to bottlefeed her. She would let us pet her and we could usually get near her without getting headbutted! I had her for five or six years. Then a couple of years ago, she got sick and died. I was so sad. And before she died, I had to help bottlefeed another little calf named Lovey, who died about the same time Bessie did from heat! I just couldn't believe it! One day at school my I said something about Bessie dying. My friend Elea said I thought the little on died! I had to tell her the little one died too! It made even sadder. I've gotten over it but Bessie and Lovey will always be in my heart.

Dec 28 2007
My mother was a dairy princess handing out the ribbons at the fair and behind her, there was a little girl that was showing a bull. Well while my mother was passing out ribbons, that bull got away from that little girl, and knowing my mom she could't let her just stand there. So She took of running after this bull in a dress, running as fast as she could. She caught it of course, and returned it to the girl, but her boyfriend that she had at the time thought she was nuts, so he dumped her then and there.

Dec 6 2007
Hey everybody! My name is Alley and Iam going to be the 5th generation of our family farm. But I will be the first girl. We have about 300 cows. I am only 13 but it is ok. I love Cow I am so crazy about Cows....

Nov 19 2007
Okayy so the summer is over, and i'm showing this year, and i'm so happy. Most of the summer I missed showing, but I still helped out at fairs. I'm an intermediate this year and i'm going to be traing hard so I can do really good, because this year if I qualify i'll be going to The Big E :). The Big E is awsome, there is really good competition and it's fun. Well thought i'd let you know what i'm up to. ---> Leahh

Nov 14 2007
i have 2 dexters and i don't eat cows. my granda has cattle. our herd is alled derryola dexters

Oct 20 2007
I have been showing cattle for bout 4 years and i have 6 calves 1 a reg. angus bull and then 2 reg. anugus cows then i have a cross angus/longhorn and a reg. saler

Oct 13 2007
annabelle,tinkerbelle, isabelle, little belle,haybelle,bluebelle, and belle pepper are the names of my jersey heifers,cows,bulls, steers,and calfs. its a true fact, too!!!!!!!!!!!! isnt that cool???????!????????-????????

Oct 13 2007

Oct 9 2007
Cows are sooo awesomely! When i was little i used to have a cow named Delilah but then we had to move so we sold her :-( i still love her anyway.

Oct 4 2007
cow crazy
I admire you Robyn! I am going to start a small Holstein herd in the summer. I can't wait!

Sep 15 2007
We only have a small herd of milk cows, 11 in total, yes thats right 11! All have names and all produce milk for our cheese, which we sell on local markets. One of our top ladies won us the best milk in show at a very big agricultural show. She is called Cheese maker Scratter. None of our ladies ever leave the farm. When the time comes they are quietly put to sleep by injection by the vet. Sounds soft but we do love our cows! Not everyone does this but we are the smallest commercial dairy herd in the United Kingdom.

Sep 8 2007
Moooo.. here Cowy goes again. I sit on my front porch wondering what if I wasnt a city girl... would i still love cows and if i did would i eat them? Then i realized that doesnt matter. As long as i have me and my cow cowy nothing can go wrong. oh ya Cowy is a stuffed animal!

Aug 11 2007
Cow crazy
Hey Nicki, You can eat cows and still love them. It is important that we have a meat industry to keep cows thriving. Just like it's better to have horse slaughter because if you truly love horses you realize it is for the better good of the horse. I believe we shouldn't eat as many cows as we do, but about the same percent of horses that are eaten should be also the percent of cows that are eaten. I love my steer and he is never going to be eaten.

Aug 2 2007
you ppl are so cool you all have cows!!!!! i love cows but i do not have one of my own:( There are cows that live on my street and i can pet them, they are very nice.

Jul 21 2007
Hey I love cows and I want to know more!!! Do have to not eat cows to love them??? [No, but it's better not to eat them! Long live cows! -- Chief Cow]

Jul 16 2007
cow crazy
Hey Sydney! Check out www.ridingsteers. com Many people ride their cows.

Jul 12 2007
Hey, If any of you want to check me out.. i'm on the home page [July 2007] with a calf and it says leah and maybeline :] and if you want to e-mail me at LeopardLover4991@aol .com -- many have so feel free. Leah

Jul 9 2007
Hey Everybody, I havn't been on in awhile, but I decided I'm gonna take a year off showing and just help out on the farm. I'm really happy Midori, I think already had her calf, and I can't wait to see it! Aclypse, I have no clue about her. Uncle Peter says Maybe Baby is gonna be really good this year, so I have HIGH hopes. Well just thought i'd stop in and tell you how things are goin. Love ya'll, Leah<3

Jul 7 2007
Mooing Megan
Hi,well I was on a field trip and I saw this adorable cow she was eating grass. Even though she wasn't mine I named her {Bessie}. Thank you for reading my Cow Tail! Love, Mooing Megan

Jul 2 2007
rupert (pro cow breeder and shower)
My cows are Illawarras and I have now been getting them since I was 5. Now I have 8 and one of my cows has just had a little baby girl.

Jun 30 2007
I have a 1 year old steer. Man oh Man --she cute but when she farts it stinks for two minutes! Boy oh boy, what do we feed him!

Jun 26 2007
When i first got my holstien cow she was just 3 weeks old. When she was 2 and i was 11, i had seen people ride horses so i said what the heck, i'll try riding a cow. It was so funny i started crying from laughing SO hard! i KNOW i will do that again. Even though im now 13 and she is 4 i'll do it again!!! I love all cows!! GO COWS!!

Jun 24 2007
I love cows! The way they look is so cool.I want a minuature cow so badly. Not to eat -- to love and take care of it. I love COWS!

Jun 16 2007
cow crazy
I have a 2 year old steer and when he licks me, it hurts! But I still love him so much!

Jun 14 2007
erin (tickle tounge)
Hey y'all, I have not written 2 all ya cow-crazy people since Nov. 2005! Still am in love COWS!!!!!!!!!!! Doesn't it feel good 2 have cows lick ya!? Hek Yah!Especially calves!!!!! Remember wash your hands after a cow licked ya!!!!!!!! I'm CRZY4COWS

Jun 8 2007
Vrndaban, India, is the best place for for cow lovers, as they are protected for life there. Why? Because their milk is used for making sweets, yogurt and ghee, all important for religious services. One Canadian cow lover has decided to copy such village to other countries, as such village would be ideal for sustainable living. There's one in Indonesia,Cambodia and South India. To those who wish to travel there,the website is

May 17 2007
Show Doll
Hey All! I have 2 Beef Brangus/Angus Steer and 3 Reg. Angus Hefiers. i have noticed that Mostly you guys have Dairy. why??? I love beef. ttyl!

May 16 2007
i got my cow when i was 3; now i'm 14 and he's old but i still love him. ohh yeah -- his name is matthew, the same name as my brother

May 2 2007
I am so obsessed with cows.. I have cow i made it a goal in my life to kiss a cow and i finally reached my goal, it was GREAT!!!!

May 1 2007
I am a 12 year old boy and I live on a dairy farm in Alberta,Canada. We raise Holsteins . I like cows very much and have my favourites , right now my favorite is a year old heifer which I have named Holly. I sometimes sleep in our barn with the cows.

Apr 24 2007
i have brown swiss bull, he name is stuly. i got him for my 18 brithday.i love he very much. he is the coolest thing i have. i hope to own a dairy farm some day. i use to work on one, i loved it very much -- that was life.

Apr 23 2007
My daddy bought me a pure Holestein Hefier for getting a 22 on my ACT her name is Spunki and she is my little baby!!!!

Apr 13 2007
My cow Lucy's real birthday is on Nov 10,2005. She is 17 months old. She is a purebred simmental cow. She is black with white spots.

Mar 31 2007
Hey everyone just thought I'd stop in and say hi!!!!I lover all you guys so know why???, because yall love cows!!!!<3 and I have good news...Midori and Aclypse are both having calves very soon and i'm so happy...and then I worked my MaYbEbAbE...and she did perfecto...haha well I love reading everyones comments so if you have any questions or would like to talk e-mail me at LeopardLover4991@ or LCsnowboarder@ or just im me if you have aim!!! also if you want to looks me up on myspace just go on and click on people and type Leah Cate...i'm the girl with a hat with a cow on it and i'm in overalls with a stuffed cow!!!!! Well Lover bye for now <3LeAh<3~

Mar 29 2007
rupert (pro cow breeder and shower)
howdy I breed illawarra dairy cattle which are similar to milking shorthorns

Mar 20 2007
i love beef cows i show them all the time... i love it.

Mar 14 2007
when I woke up one morning I found myself wanting to go out with my dad to check out the cows. well who do I think I am trying to kid, the first thing I found out is that you dont go out on a cow farm with a pair of good shoes. oh and another thing to evryone: don't stand behind a mad moma cow!#!%!*! it doesnt pay off!!! all it does is lower your IQ points.

Mar 11 2007
cow friend
My sister and me wanted a show calf.And she got Lucky. Lucy's birthdate 12/10/05

Mar 11 2007
Hi my name is Mikaela. I am 12 years old. My Grandpa has a Dairy farm right down the road from me. So I always go and help on the farm. My grandpa just started milking 1 year ago. About a month ago they had theor first twins. Sad to say the little heifer didn't make it. The bull did. we usually sell the bulls but we haven't yet. He walked on his knees because his legs were messed up. So my grandpa had to put splints on his legs. He was sooo cute with the splints on. Now his legs are better. We will probably sell him next week. I'll miss him a lot. I Love cows!!! They are awesome animals!!!!!!

Mar 10 2007
I have a Holstein cow. She will be having her second calf in a couple of monthes. Her name is Beka. I love her very much. My grandpa hates her because she is so nice. She isn't afraid of any thing. one day when we were bringing her in to be milked, she got stuck in the mud, and because she is a pain in the butt, she would not move!! My mom had to try to get her out. Finally they got her out. It was very funny!

Mar 8 2007
Heyy yall, well I actually milk cows. I've been doing it for 6 1/2 months now and I love it all except the smelling part lol. I'm a city girl and now I work on a farm. It's great and now my school research project is on Holstein and Jersey Cows. Anyone can email me at: MsLovelyBrittany@ I also have pictures of me milking cows and the cows that I milk. ttyl. See Ya!

Mar 7 2007
Hey yall, just stopping by to say hi and tell you the latest news!!! Well to start off Midori and Aclepse are pregnant and due sometime this summer...and the Milking Shorthorn Convention is in New Hampshire were I live...haha I love it...Maybe Baby my heifer I get to show her this summer and if my Uncle Peter goes to New York I get to go the Breed Show if I qualify I get to go to Eastern States...and i'm going to practically live with my gram and uncle...this spring and summer is going to rock so wish me luck!!!!...and i'll wish you luck!~LeAh~

Mar 1 2007
cow crazy
I got a heifer calf for my birthday 2 years ago. I'm like Guess what I got for my birthday? and everyone's like an ipod? and I said No, I got a cow!!!! They thought i was wacky, but a cow is a better gift than any ipod.

Feb 28 2007
What makes cows so irresistable? I love cows. I allways wanted a holstein. And for my 24 birthday my wonderful boyfriend got me one. Her name is molly. she was only a day old. now she is 3 months. We go for a walk everyday. She is at my dad's horse farm now, but soon has to move 30 mins away to my boyfriends' house. I will be so sad. I would love to hear from you other cow lovers. elmerthegoat@yahoo. com

Feb 21 2007
CowzR fLY
hey guys whats UP?? i like asked for a cow for my birthday, but got denied. :( oh well! some of my friends have cows so, i can chill with them!! kay bye folks

Feb 18 2007
Cow Luver Jess
Cows are awesome. And Sarah is soooooooooo lucky cause she has a pet cow!! I would kill for a Jersey cow. I would name him peanut!!

Feb 17 2007
My name is Michelle. I love cows. I used to have cows at my old house but then we moved and had to sell them. Now we just stared a small herd at my Dads Uncles. It is 30 minutes away from are house. I love to go over there. I only get to go over there on the weekends. I wish I could see them every day. But I have a friend close by and get to see her show and judge cows. I try to get all the time I can to go fed or groom the cows. I like to sit there and watch them graze. I love their big eyes. I hope to find lots of land where I live so I can have are cows in the back yard.

Feb 16 2007
cow crazy
When I was in fifth grade everyone thought it was cool I liked cows. Now I am know as the cow lover. No one teases me, but just tell them why cows are better than their pets.

Feb 16 2007
Cowy I am a little city girl, with two pig tails in my hair. I love playing with friends and building snowmen. I am 11 years old and i have a stuffed cow named Cowy. Every night we go on a eventure with Blanky. We sometimes jump over the moon or I read them a story. When we go somewhere scary I no what to do I wake up, shake my head and go back to sleep. This is my story of Cowy, Blanky, and me.

Feb 11 2007
Is there any thing wrong with cows-NO! My 5th grade class thinks there is! All they do is tease me about loving cows. My grandparents own a ranch in Texas with cows on it, so not only do they tease me about cows, but Texas too. Cow Story -- There is this cow on my grandparents ranch. When we went after Christmas it was about to have its baby but it didn't. But like a month later it did. We were happy!

Feb 9 2007
cows are fly!
moo moo to you! hey cow chicas and bros! whats up?! my best friend kaylee let me milk her cow last weekend! we live in california where there are happy cows! :) It was so cool! ok well bye y'all

Feb 4 2007
Please help me! My 3 year old mini Zebu heiffer keeps trying to mount my goats. Why is she doing this? I'm afraid she's going to hurt the goats. Help me. Funnyfarm21310@aol.c-om. [Your heifer is at that age where her hormones are kicking in and she will try to mount all sorts of things. The best thing is to keep the goats away from her for now.]

Jan 29 2007
Julian Gaylor
Has anyone seen how Milko the cowbin is taking recycling by storm all over London? Artists have taken an ugly metal street bin and recycling site and turned them into cowbins,urban kids are recycling much more and learning about the coutryside too! Check out or email me at to learn more! Kind Regards Julian

Jan 27 2007
cows are fly
hi! me again. oh my gosh, i so wish i could show my cow at a fair or something...but like i dont have a cow. one time i went to a dairy last year, with my class, and some of us went into the barn thing, and the workers were cleaning and the cows were free, and it was funny because it was fun, and it totally freaked out this one girl that i dont like. Talk to ya later!

Jan 17 2007
Well as most have you have read i'm showing cattle agiain, I couldn't be happier! and in April I get to go to New York and show, if my Uncle Peter decides to go, and then in June there's going to be a Milking Shorthorn Convention in New Hampshire so I don't have to travel to far, and then in August I get to try to qualify for Easter States and if I do that would be like the happiest moment of my life!!!! Also another very important thing is i'm going to 13 March 10, I can't wait!!! Well I Love All You CowLovers!!!! Leah

Jan 16 2007
Jessie Cow Girl
Well I had a steer named ranger and he was the best and I love this site!!

Jan 12 2007
This is a really good site! I love cows! i HAVE FOUR COWS AT MY HOUSE!

Jan 10 2007
Hi TERRI! I just wanted to thank you so much for the put my pictures of Emma in your site!=). I wanted so much to share her cute large nose with you andeveryone here . I was so happy to see the pictures in your site today,in internet, because this was first time to Emma. I love real cows too, of course, but because I live in the city I just have a cuddly toy cow. But isn't she adorable!!?=D! I like so much about every else pictures here too and every else cows too! I think cow is the most beautiest animal in the world. I wish all the best for you and everyone around here.=). I leave my e-mail here too,in case someone wants to contact me. Bye. hima.wari@

Dec 26 2006
I HAVE THE BEST NEWS, my gram and my uncle peter said i could still show cattle even though i said i wasn't going to, i just realized on christmas morning that showing cattle was my passion and that i couldn't give up on something that i love so much, i was really emotional about it and that proved how much i love to do it!!!! i'm glad i didn't give up on it and i'm going to give my best effort in this more than i ever have, i could've lost part of my family when i had gotten so attached to them, they don't know but i do and this is what i'm good at and i'm never giving up!!!!! i love all of you cowlovers, you're the best!!!

Dec 15 2006
Oh my gosh! i was so close to petting a cow last summer! My friend and i were on a trip with my family and we passed by this farm in the car, and i begged my dad to stop and i jumped out of the car so fast!, i was really close to this cute little calf, but then my mom noticed that the bull was putting it's lips up, and was glaring at us (i guess he was trying to pratect the herd), so my dad rushed us into the car and we drove away, i was waving at the cows! Please don''t tell anyone i did that! the end!

Dec 14 2006
CowGirl Jessie B.
This year was the best year of my life! I do 4-H and I love it except when we are forced to sell the poor inecent cows to be slaughtered. Its sooo sad and every time I feel guilty and depressed. So this year I had my first succesful steer. His name was Ranger and I loved him sooo much!! He was my baby !He had orange tiger stipes and black he was a herford- Angus x. But I loved him so!!I would get up at 4:30 AM Every morning to Feed him because I had to be at school befor 7:00am I 'm a country girl who loves cattle What can i say . I'm guilty that he's gone and I cry every night looking at his and my picture. ITS THE TRUTH!! :( Love cows til I die and forever, CowGirl Jessie B.

Dec 6 2006
I absolutely love cows! Last year, we went to the local diary on a field trip on the last day of school. It was so cool. I went in the barn, which they were cleaning, so the cows were wandering around free! It was so funny. I got to pet one. It chased one of my friends around the barn. I laughed so hard. I adore cows!

Dec 5 2006
i love cows i live in australia and i just cant get my hands on so much stuff my room is choka block full of cow stuff

Nov 25 2006
i live in w.yorkshire england. i love cows every1 thinks its weird but so what! my room is full of cows im even wearyin my new pair of cow slippers. i havn't eaten beef for 7 years!

Nov 24 2006
Indiana Cows
Thanks for the great photo gallery. My 15 month old daughter loves the cows at grandpa's house. We came across your site looking for cow pictures on the web; now my daugher moooo's at the computer.

Nov 10 2006
This song goes to the them of I'm alittle tea pot I'm a little milk cow short and stout, Here is my utter, here is my snout, When you come to milk me here me moo, and just a little squeeze will give milk to you!

Nov 9 2006
To make a very long story much shorter, I have a beautiful calf named Miracle. She is a Scottish Highland. When she was a week old, she was attacked by our many neighbors many dogs. I found her two days later horribly injured and dying. She was not able to use a bottle, and had many different problems as a result. I won't go into much detail as it would probably gross you out. I will say that almost all of one side of her back was torn and exposing the muscle. After many many long months, she is mostly healed, we doubt she will ever truly heal. She is close to 1 year and 4 months old now. The moral of this story is that dogs, regardless of size or breed, NEED to be contained and not allowed to freely roam like ou neighbors dogs still do. Oh, by the way, they are starting to see spotted coyotes around us from the domestic dogs. Be aware. If you want to contact me further, you can find me on alysianne

Nov 7 2006
I have a holstein cow named Yodels. She was run over by a car a few years ago. My dad is a vet for cows and put casts on her broken leg and arm. Now Maggie is fine but we hope none of our other cows are ever run over.

Nov 1 2006
Cows are fly
hI! me again. my school asked us to write a story about things to be done at our school, and i said there is no veggie stuff there....all greasy cheeseburgers. (no ive never ate them, that would be bad, cows rule, but my friends have... lets just i probably could eat them because there is no way theyre real meat...)so i was like GET VEGGIE FOOD! and now the student counsel is like, ok we will! i rule. almost as much as COWS!

Oct 26 2006
I just bought a farm in February. I got my first cow in the end of June. She had a calf on October 20 and sadly he passed away October 24. I have found an abandoned calf for her. But I dont know how to get the baby to drink from my cow and how to get my cow to take the baby on as her own. I keed to know what to try. I will be getting the calf in 3 days so I hope someone can help. If you have any tips for me please e-mail them to .

Oct 25 2006
Show Master
hey! i show my Comerical Angus Hefier in 4-H! we have showed at 5 or 6 shows the show year. we have won alot together. supruem champion beef hefier once.she is really gentle. when she is lying down in the feild i can go and ly down next to her and go the sleep. i love showing cows. i also show goats... for those that were asking for tips on how to show good here are some ideas- 1. know your cow know how she reacts to certian things and be ready to avoid or handel them. 2.walk them into each stance{ it took me 2 weeks to perfect it with my hefier] in showmanship it really helps 3.enjoy yourself. i am going to be a vet. i can carsess scan feed lot cattle!!cool huu

Oct 9 2006
******LeAh****** back in bussiness!
Hey i'm happy to say i saved myself and i'm going to show cattle still, i was thinking today that how could i quit something that i luv so much, and i really like talking to u yall, and please e-mail me at and if u have myspace add me, that would be great thanx!!!!

Sep 23 2006
Paul and Jen
There is so much to tell but we are Bonkers Bovine. You can catch up with the exploits of our cow Bonnie on Bonnie is now helping in a childrens home in Mongolia. So what now for us; we are off to Africa to visit a series of send a cow project sites. Taking with us our new cow we need a name for her. We are thinking of Bessie just now. Paul and Jen

Sep 22 2006
cow crazy
To Leah Cow Lover, My cow Elise had her first calf the other night. I has so proud of her. I named her calf Leaza. Her matriachal family tree goes like this: Great-Grandma, Elsie: Grandma, Lisa: Mom, Elise and Great Aunt Eliza, so her name had to fit with her family. My favorite animal to show (other than cows)is goats, but they have an annoying sound and climb up everything. Do you like Texas Longhorns,? Leah. I went to a show the other day and I want one so bbbaaadddd! , but my mom won't let me get one? Talk to you later, cow crazy

Sep 18 2006
one day I was playing frisbee withthe family dog and tossed the frisbee into the calf pasture . And My two guernsey heifers cinful and champayne followed me all the way out to get the frisbee and all the way back into tne barn! Guernseys are very sweet and talented animals.

Sep 17 2006
how come no one mentions anything about guernseys? They are very cool too! I have 6 guernseys and I love all of them!

Aug 29 2006
cow crazy
Fair went well for me I show Dairy, beef, and pigs. I didn't do well at all with pigs, but my Shorthorn heifer got reserve champion. In Dairy, My cow Roxy got first, Elise got first, and Brianna got fifth. I got 1st in showmanship. So that means I got to compete in a thing called Showmanship Sweepstakes. I had to show a horse, beef, dairy, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, and guniea pigs. So to all of you out there I know how to show your animals, too, so if you want to share stories go ahead. To Lin: I don't like showing chickens. I guess they are okay though. Keep up the good work! To Leah: My favorite animal to show that I don't own, is goats. They are fun and I am good at it. Good Luck to you. Also Leah I would love to answer any questions you have, too.

Aug 18 2006
Leah Cow Lover
no, my uncles doesn't have automatic milkers but he's getting something else, i forget, and i don't know what a milking shorthorn, brownswiss mix looks like, and ya my calf is a milking shorthorn, and to all of u i'm very sad to say i'm not showing anymore due to family problems, but i might show with my next door neighbors in a couple of years, even though i'm going to be around 15 when that happens. sorry but it had to be done, but i might show goats, i LUV them!!!! Love YA and i will still be in touch and just ask me ?'s when u need answers! Leah

Aug 17 2006
OMG!!! I am so terrible!!! I just had a cheeseburger today!!! I relized it was too late after I ate it. I'm feeling sooo guilty now, I have to start eating the chicken nuggets now at Mc Donalds

Aug 17 2006
I live on Long Island, NY and I'm about to go upstate in about a week to show goats. Don't get me wrong, I love goats but I wanna show dairy cattle next year. I love Jerseys but their show date is too late for the Suffolk County Farm to stay for, so we only show Milking Shorthorns or Holsteins. They have 2 shorthorns, Rosebud and Rosie. They are mother and daughter but they're breeding the daughter next year so I can show one of those. Or maybe one of the Holstein calves they win up at State Fair. Wish me luck this year and next year!

Aug 15 2006
Jessie the Cow Girl
What is funny is that I have loved cows since I was 10 and I am now 16 and I know I will love cows forever my whole room is done in cows and I even have a cow purse. I also have 3 mineture Herefords and I hope to have my own mineture Hereford ranch when I get older. Bye my Fellow Cow Lovers Jessie the Cow Girl

Aug 6 2006
Lin the ultimate cowgirl
Cows and chickens r the best aminals ever! i had 4h achievement day 2 days ago and it rocked. i showed my intermediate holstein heifer and i got 4th in showmanship and in conformation. my calves name is dottie nick named NAUGHTY DOTTIE but she was a good girl. i also showed my chickers. gideon, owen, petunia, and iris my mille fleur chickens. i showed gideon in showmanship and got 1st and 2nd in overall poultry showmanship. i love showing cows and chickens!!!!!!!

Jul 20 2006
This weekend i went to stay in a cottage in kirkby lonsdale. On the 1st day we went walking in the field behind the cottage and there were only sheep. Me and my mum were playing in the garden and we looked at the field, We saw about 12-15 cows coming towards the gate and we just had to see them. We got the camera and mobile and went to the gate. The cows came very close to us and they started to lick my hands. They have a very rough tongue. I rested my head on the gate to look at the cow closest to me, when suddenly a massice nose started to sniff me! The cow gave me a massive kiss 3 times!!!! i was well happy and i will love the cows 4 eva and always. Cows Rock!

Jul 18 2006
cow crazy
I am busy getting three holsteins ready for the fair (one of which I ride). I am taking a 2 1/2 year old cow, her 9 month old calf, and an almost two year old heifer. Well any one else getting ready for fair?...please share. My fair is in three weeks. I am showing Holsteins, pigs, and a one year old Shorthorn heifer named Tess.

Jul 9 2006
Well I do not have a cow but wish more then anything to. But ever since I got my first cow thing cowcow [she is a stuffed animal] I fell in love with cows! I have cowcow for almost three years. And now I have more then 10 cow things!

Jul 8 2006
I Love Cows.. My House Is Decorated In Holstein Motif.... OK Moo Have An Udderly Kool Day I Shall Mooooove On Thanks For Your Site :-D

Jul 7 2006
I have a hilarious story about my dad... he had just moved to honeybrook from philly and while him and my mother were driving to her parents house he stopped the car and screamed LOOK A COW!!!!! that was only b/c he had never seen a cow in his life!!! Hope u enjoyed my tail!!!!

Jun 30 2006
I saw two herds in two separate fields, next they were like neighbours talking over the fence. I then noticed the fence was not complete and the cows all moved into one field together. Soon they were all resting in one large bunch. Is there a name or a reason for this? Please cow owners let me know. [Cows are social creatures and like to be in or near the herd.]

Jun 30 2006
The only silly mooo I have at home is my hubby!!! We both love cows and get to go to an annual show near Gatwick airport to see them in all there glory. Would have loved to have had a farm full of silly moo's to cuddle! Kas England

Jun 20 2006
I saw about lots of cows in one large field but they were all lying in one place as though they were having a meeting. Further along the road, all the cows in that field were standing in the shade of a tree. Why do cows behave like this? Are they organised? Are cows more intelligent than we think? [Yes!]

Jun 16 2006
Josie The Cowgirl
Hey! I'm 14 and I live on a dairy farm in Southwest, Missouri! We have not only holsteins, but brown swiss and other cross breds as well! Our cows have a little bit of everything in them! 2 of our cows are very special to me. Rosie, the cow I showed in the county fair and Daisy, her daughter. I just really love cows!!!

Jun 16 2006
When I grow up i want to raise many cows. my favorate would have to be the brown swiss. I`m glad they made a web site for cow lovers i come on the site every morning i wake up . i collecet things about cows like i have a stuffed animal named oreo. i play with him every day with my friend carmen. every time i go to my grandfather`s house, well he lives in the country i see wonderful cows in the field. one time way long ago when i was at least 4 , my grandpa had a big field of cows i opened the gate and all of them ran away.

Jun 14 2006
cow crazy (to LeahCowLover)
I have beef shorthorns they are so pretty. I live on a Holstein Dairy. I think Brown Swiss are just the coolest though. They are so big and powerful looking. I sure would like to own one. What do Brown Swiss/Milking Shorthorn mix calves look like? Are they totally cute? I love little Holstein/Jersey calves they are so cute! I want to have a ranch with Texas Longhorns and a few cows from every single breed! Does your uncle have automatic milkers? Have you seen the robotic milkers? I think they are so cool. I want some at my ranch for my Dairy cows, but I heard they are expensive. Hope you had fun on your trip! Keep sharing the stories! PS. How's you new calf? Is she a milking shorthorn?

Jun 14 2006
cow crazy (baje3000 please read)
To answer your questions: Cows do have a thinking mind. I told my cow Sarah she had bad breath (from just have eaten silage) and she immediately threw her head up in the air and crunched her nose up and finally I told her I was sorry. Then she brought her head down and licked my face and started eating again. Sarah also crys when she is sad. Tears run down her face. Next question: (Do they have habits that you want to change?) Yes, cows poop wherever they are when they have to go. It sure would be nice if they would pick a corner to go in. Rabbits and pigs pick a small area and go there. It sure is alot easier for clean up. Also my cow,Roxy is stubborn and bull-headed (but that's cuz she's my baby and I let her get away with it.) Third Question: (Do they have favourite moments or places?) Well they probably have favorite moments. Roxy's is when she's eating. Elise's is when she is running around and bucking. Sarah's are when I'm petting her.

Jun 13 2006
i love cows. one time my brother and i were going hunting(squirrels)an-d a cow started to follow us. so my brother started to sing (to the tune of shoo fly) shoo cows don't bother us shoo cows don't bother us or we will beat you up BOOM! the cows actually went away it was soooo funny. later on we told that story and in the distance you heard mooeing.

Jun 6 2006
Well I love to come on here it is so fun to tell you about what I love to talk about. When I grow up I want to breed Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorns like my Uncle Peter. He doesn't always breed; he also tests milk, which I also want to do to. Peter doesn't know that I want to be just like him someday. I look up to him. Thats All For Now Fellow Cow Fans!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 5 2006
I live in a city and do not have a cow but I love cows and would like to hear of the funny stories that made you laugh. Please cow owners give us a giggle, share your funny moments. Do you think that cows have a thinking mind? Do they have habits that you want to change? Do they have favourite moments or places?

Jun 3 2006
Hey all you cow lovers know I come to your perspective, well this summer my uncle Pete is going to build a new barn with gutters -- less work for us. Then all of our fellow cows will be joined together once an for all. Well Thats All For Now. *LEAHCOWLOVER*

Jun 3 2006
Hey my fellow cow lovers I wanted to say i'm going to Iowa with my gram to a milking shorthorn meeting. I'm going to be gone the 11-19 a whole week. Wish me luck which I don't know why. I love cows more than anyone, also Milking Shorthorns are the best.

May 28 2006
Moo cows rock my socks
Last year we had a first time heifer that my dad didn't think was in calf. He bet 5 pounds of mint chocolate that she wasn't. A few months after that on my birthday the cow started to calve. The calf was so big that we had to call the vets and he ended up doing a C section to get the calf out. It was a realy big calf, the cow and calf are now both out on pasture living a happy life.

May 13 2006
OMG You will never guess -- I have my own calf I found out yesterday. She is so cute I get to show her at fairs. Her name is Maybleine she is the best. Maybe is only 3 weeks or so old. We still have to feed her on the bottle. She is all red. when you are feeding her she nudges the bottle into you really hard. She's greedy when it comes to her getting her milk. We still can't get her to eat hay or grain, but she will come around. Sorry but Maybe is the best ever. Maybe for short. Love You All CowLovers!!!!!!!!!!

May 10 2006
HI i'm lauren and since i was a little girl i loved cows i dont no why? i have now over 80 stuffed animal cows!!! in my class or SCHOOL you can say everyone knows i LOVE COWS!!!

May 8 2006
hey all you cow lovers, check out my cow website at m/wannabeacow11 it is awesome with blogs and a message board and you can make your own cow website by going to the other day on my farm one of my cows was missing and we found him in the hayloft!!! dont know how that happened

May 8 2006
krista a.k.a lil cow lover
HEY... Its been a while since iv talked to yall. ive been kinda buisy. yall know that iv been showing for a real long time but this last year all my work has paid off! iv done real well and i have to say im proud! lol my best show cow just recently had twins!!! im sooo exited! i also just got a horse and i love her to death...but to tell you the truth NOTHING can replace my love for the cows! my cows are amazing!!! iv decided to start judjing cows...soo much fun! i cant wait for the next show. it's gunna be a blast!! i hope everyone realizes that i love cows more then nebody!!! full of jersey pride! bye yall! ~lcl (lil cow lover)~

Apr 26 2006
please see our site we have over 30 members in the A.C.O.C.E. and you need to consider joining -- it's the best cow club in america. visit if you compose this anyone that reads the book please join at the site and sign the guestbook! ps: ignore the join the A.C.O.C.E page

Apr 21 2006
hi my name is alicia i am a cow lover my grandma owns a farm and so do i when my mom, dad,grandma, grandpa, and i where feeding all our 100 or so cattle we saw a little calf getting up so we went to see who the mother was but we could not find her. we saw the calf was walking. so my dad took the calf to the gate. a cow we named ronda had a calf a while a go, so we wanted to see if the calf would suck. she kicked the calf but it sucked a little. so we went in the bushes to check to find the cow and my mom and grandma had seen after birh on the ground. they started following blood and found baldy one of our cattle laying on the ground.she had pushed her uterus out and it was dry and full of mud so we could not push it back i stayed with the calf the whole time. my grandpa had to get the gun and shoot her so she did not have to suffer. i cried the whole time. the calf is doing good. it got alot of milk today. his name is lil alex. he's my baby!!!!!

Apr 21 2006
Z shmoooo cow
I am a cow in a mask, so i will let you bask, in my wonderful cow-like storys. My wonderful story begins in a camp when i accidently made a cow out foam and then it hit me -- that, hey, COWS ROCK!!! Yesterday i saw a cow and i stared at it for hours. So for all cows lovers out there or reading this i just want to let you know that i am the #1 moocow lover in the whole universe. Even aliens don't love cows as much as Z shmoo cow WOOOO!!

Apr 19 2006
Hello everyone! As you may have guessed I love Cows. Someone told me about this website, which is very interesting. I have never owned any cows or bulls, but I collect everything on cows. My apartment looks like a shrine to cows. I have places I can go to be with cows. My dream one day is to own a farmhouse, so I can buy a calf. Of course he or she would just be a pet. Thanks for letting me share with other cow lovers. Thanks for all the other cowtails, they are neat. Finally I know there are people like me out there. I will visit the site often. Take care everyone.

Apr 16 2006
My dad saw a bakery and I went with him inside.The woman who makes the bread talked with my dad a few minutes. When i asked the woman where is the bathroom -- i saw a cow! It was a holstein, my favorite. The woman said to me that this cow was a she. The cow going to have a heifer! the heifer is going to be born in 2 months, in June!. My birthday is in June. I was very excited and happy. i am a cow fan

Apr 13 2006
Hi I still love cows! i think that they are the most adorablest things on the earth!!! My little calf, Lollypop, is now probally 2 years old now... I don't know how she's doing because she lives in vermont on my cousin's farm, but she is still my favourite!!! I wish I could see her again and buy her and bring her home with me!! I still REALLY want a cow but live in a city and can't!!

Apr 12 2006
omgosh do i love cows! they are awesome! i tell everyone cows are friends, not food i love them too much to eat them. one time i went to a maple farm and they happened to have cows there. my mom took a picture of me kissing a cow! i have tons of cow stuffed animals, and someday i will have a farm, just so i can have a cow for a pet! i love cows and i want every one to know! 2 halloweens ago i was a cow, but not just any cow, i was a rockstar cow! lol.

Apr 10 2006
Farm boy
I have 567 cows and 22 bulls,COWS ARE SWEET

Apr 8 2006
i used to live on a farm, but now am moved away. but the farm still has heifers. i miss the baby calves sooo much. they are so cute.

Apr 6 2006
Hey,I mean Mooooooooooo Cow Lovers my friend Brittney Fisher might show cattle at her aunts farm that would be so cool to have a girl from my school be at a fair I go to. Anyways i hope she does. Any of you cow lovers who live in New Hampshire if you're going to a show in NY next week see you there. Hope to anyways. Bye remember i'm Leah{CowLover14} #1 cowlover in the world.

Apr 6 2006
Having collected anything to do with cows for the past 13 years(including black & white car seat covers) I recently found myself confronted by a dilema. For my 30th a group of so called friends got together to offer me something new for my collection, Yep you guessed it,a real live holstein calf. This is all well and good but I had no where to put her as I live in a small village in the south west of France and I have no land other than my garden. The friends offered to keep the one month old for a further three months by which time she would be fat enough to eat... 2nd dilema, I've been a veggy since I was 8 so there was absolutely no way I was going to let that happen. As you can probably appreciate the gift went down like a lead balloon. Anyway to cut a long story short after an awful lot of hassle I finally found someone willing to lease out some land and Alouette is doing really well. Unfortunatly I lost what I thought were friends but I gained a cow.

Apr 5 2006
cow crazy
Answer to Bret's question: Horses have most of their weight/muscles in the back end which also allows them to rear. Cows have their weight in the front end which makes it easier to get the light end up first. Make sense? Hope I helped!

Apr 2 2006
Leah CowLover!!!!!!!!
Hey Guys i have bad news, my baby Midori was pregnant but lost her baby. The vet said she was pregnant then she came in heat. so I'm bumbed. it felt like loseing Midori. But i still get to go to NY to show then again wish me luck oh ya i just turned 12 March 10 Love Ya One BIG FAMILY!!!!!!!!! Bye

Apr 2 2006
Leah CowLover!!!!!
I agree with you ChrissyWi Shorthorns are the best! I show shorthorns they are the best looking too. If any of you cow lovers have emails email me at LeopardLover4991@aol . com. Love All You Cow Lovers. Wish Me Luck in NY remember!!!!!

Apr 1 2006
Leah CowLover!!!!!
Good news cow lovers i get to go to N.Y. to show -- ya me. Im so happy I get to go -- sorry i havent been on lately with my updates. Love Ya Cow Lovers P.S. wish me luck. Bye

Mar 29 2006
Why do horses and cows sit down differently? One sits feet first, the other does not.

Mar 29 2006
The cows over here in England are also on top of each other!!!!!!! Does that tell you about the people or what. Only 4 weeks to the lincolnshire, hope betsey and cornielus behave!! any tips ??

Mar 25 2006
cow friend
BlueGrass Cows ... Everytime our family travels up to lexington, we always enjoy viewing the cattle, bulls, horses, and goats. Last time we went, I saw some extraordinary cows. They were all quite lovely. Some were pure tan, others jet black, and quite a few of the White ones with black splotches. They were all running about and lapping up water from ponds. Some were even lying down resting-even asleep! ... I love cows and even have a fuzzy soft cow PEZ dispenser. I have a lot of favorite animals and cows are one of them.

Mar 24 2006
cow crazy
I am training a month old Holstein calf, little Jimmy, to bow. I'm also training a few riding steers and have a Holstein cow I taught to ride. Anyone who rides their cows or wants to, (Anna) visit !

Mar 19 2006
I have an answer to your question [steph]. I am not sure how cold a calf can tolerate but if it is very cold and outside you should not keep them there. You don't want them to get sick.

Mar 19 2006
It was about 3 weeks ago that my mom went up to the barn and noticed some vultures. As she got closer, she noticed they were circling a newborn calf. The calf was muddy and frozen.My mom carried it home and called the vet. I was very surprised when I got home! Now we're bottle- feeding Lovey, the calf, and she is so healthy. It's amazing!

Mar 16 2006
Cows are so wonderful! They should not be fenced in, and they should run wild. Someday, I want to travel to India, and even stay there for a couple months, just because cows are the sacred animal there, plus they are on the coins (I have three!)! They are so cute and cuddly! They should totally be the national animal, and not be eaten!

Mar 15 2006
OMG cows are the most awesomeest thing ever.. i now claim cows are the world's national animal?? any objections??

Mar 9 2006
hi guys i have 16 pet cows i am 13 and buy my own cows and pay for all their feed i live on a farm in South Australia called Lameroo in the Mallee. i show cows but they are not my own. i ride my big steer called Sammy -- he is the best so luv ya bye if any one wants to talk to me or be cow pen pals email me on cowgirl6_anna @

Mar 8 2006
I think cows are the best animal every. I live out a little ranch in a small town in the state of Kansas. I don't know about you guys but all of my friends think I'm crazy cause I love cows. Well, what do yah expect I have lived on a cattle ranch my whole life. Later yall!

Mar 8 2006
karen and stephen
hey im karen and my boyfriend stephen is with me 2! we both love cows so much-we met each other at a cow farm in west england-i love cows people say i am a cow!!i love cows

Mar 7 2006
My 3 yr old son is obsessed with cows and we stumbled upon this site... what a beautiful collection of photos. His PawPaw has cattle and his favorite thing to do is feed them range cubes. What a sweet animal they are!

Mar 1 2006
i love shorthorns!!!!! i have a shorthorn cow (bred) and a hefier! shothorns rock!!

Feb 24 2006
Hay yall. i show brangus cattle. cows rule!

Feb 23 2006
I am Megan and a few years ago i was in the middle of a cattle drive, i have loved cows since i was 2 and i was literaly crying during the whole thing! It was the best!

Feb 23 2006
I grew up around cows on a farm in Pennsylvania. I used to show them at the local fairs. i turned 18 and found a boyfriend who was in the Marine Corps. We ended up moving out to California and getting married. i miss my cows so much. My favorite is Dixie Mae. She is a Holstein. I hope to live on a farm with cows again someday.

Feb 21 2006
hi i am looking for a cow costume that is for for my 12 year old daughter also it needs to be furry and suggestions where to find one? danieldenoble @

Feb 20 2006
I am an adult who loves cows too! I have been reading all the stuff from you kids, and you know so much! I have a question about the veal farms. Is it ok for the calves to be left outside, locked in the calf huts in very cold temps. I love all animals, and live in NY where it is really cold sometimes, and get to feeling really bad for these calves. I don't live on a farm, just love animals. Can someone put my mind at ease, and tell me how cold a cow can tolerate? Thank You!!

Feb 18 2006
hey everyone, my jersey just had a baby calf. she so cute! I named her jamie, she looks like a baby deer. if you want to talk or have any question, email at ugbug2009 @ im always looking for penpals. talk to you later.

Feb 17 2006
Greetings from Malaysia. Thanks loads for this site. The pics are wonderful. My 4-year old needed some pictures for his kindi project and this site is absolutely fantastic for his research. As a parent, and being a dad at that, I once again thank you. Though I am not into the dairy business, after seeing the great pics I might intend to start one. Thanks again

Feb 16 2006
I have 76 bulls. They are black angus. I have 5 with names: Bill, Bob, DJ, DJW, and Doy. I like DW because he he's big. COWS ROCK.

Feb 15 2006
Hi..i love cows my fav cow is named Millie, i've showed her twice and shes really friendly....i feed her everything! she loves mints, jellybeans, hershey kisses and she even likes soda. COWS ARE COOL

Feb 10 2006
I live on a small dairy farm in PA where my dad and his brothers breed, raise, and milk holstein cows. My family is involved in 4-H and my cousins and I always bring a couple of heifers to the local fair. Two years ago I showed two animals Moochie and Millie. I had already shown Millie the previous year and so didnt really start re-training her until May. (Fair is in Aug) Dad and i thought it would be easier for me to work with her everyday if she was out in a pasture. So we decided to put her in with my Quarter horse/mustang Bandit. well it turned out that Bandit didnt want a lovely holstein companion. Instead of be-friending my beautiful heifer he bit her! Which in turn caused Millie to stampede through three strands of high voltage electric fence! Millie being an unusually independant heifer ran for the hills! For the next two and a half weeks dad and I drove around the woods looking for her, until we finally found her again.

Feb 6 2006
I like cows. I am 13 yrs old. I have 215 cows. COWS ROCk.

Feb 5 2006
Hey, I have recently become disabled and am in a wheelchair. Going to pubs is now a nightmare so I have decided to make my own! I have converted my double garage and called it The Mad Moo! The theme - as you may guess is dedicated to cow fabness! All furniture is in cow print, woodwork is painted cow-print etc. I am getting a big Mirror made and am trying to find a Mad Cow cartoon to go on it. I saw the ones on your car and love them! Where can I get hold ofthem, or do you know of anything similar I can get hold of? I am trying to get anything related to cows in my pub and have some great stuff already - but more is better! When the pub is finished I shall send photo's for all to admire! Many Thanks Naomi dagingaminx @

Feb 2 2006
Mary (moomoo)
My dairy cow calved 2 weeks ago and she has milky white mucas coming out of her vulva and she is not really eating she gets hay grain and TMR (corn) everyday but the last few days she hasnt touched her hay and grain and only ate a lil bit of her corn. if anyone can tell me what is wrong with her please email me at dangelmary @ [Editor: If your bovine is ill, please don't mess around -- contact a veterinarian RIGHT AWAY!]

Jan 27 2006
Mary (moomoo)
I live in Winchester NH. I've been working on a dairy cow farm for 7yrs and showing for 6. they have Holostiens and Brown Swiss I show both...the cow I showed for the last 2yrs had a baby. it's a bull and weighs about 50pds because it is a 1 1/2 months early. theres some pics of her at the Big E. she got Jr Champ this year....if you got to Big E Cheshire fair or state show like i do or if you just have some questions about cows you can E-mail me at dangelmary@ yahoo. com or moomoo902004@ yahoo. com. im always lookin for new friends and ppl to talk to.

Jan 21 2006
i word at my uncles dairy farm in loranger, la. i love my cows. my fav out of all of them is tornado. she was born during hurricane katrina and kept me company all the way through. she is still a baby and growing tough. I LOVE MY COWS!!!!

Jan 21 2006
Ashley aka Beesboer
Hi everyone, my herd has grown to 41 cattle since the last time I wrote! My Brahman, Bella, calfed on new years day and gave birth to the cutest little heifer i have ever seen! If any one is interested i live in South Africa and if you want to talk to me about cows you can email me at till the next time... Cows rule, Drink milk!!!!

Jan 19 2006
On the west mesa near the volcanoes on the westy side of Albuquerque, there are cattle that just sit there all day eating grass. It makes you wonder what they do all day. That's why cows are cool.

Jan 13 2006
I raise watusi cattle.These are gentle, giant horned cattle. One night this past summer, I noticed my cattle on alert looking across the pasture. Thinking there might be a coyote or stray dog I went outside. Not seeing anything, I followed their line of sight. They were looking at the lightning bugs blinking on and off. I guess even cows can enjoy the evening light show.

Jan 6 2006
at my school we have a cow club in the club if you eat beef you get a swirlee. ya thats how serious eating beef is. so to all you people who eat beef dont, because at any point in time someone in the cow club could be WATCHING YOU. DONT EAT BEEF

Dec 31 2005
showcows girl
hi i show cows. i show angus, commercial, and shorthorn. i love it so much. my angus heifer is really sweet. she will come to u if u say meme. all my other cows are really sweet too. but i like meme the best.

Dec 31 2005
hi, cows are my favorite thing about coming home because u know that ur cows will be there just looking at you, ready to eat. my cows are all nice. i have been showing since i was 10. it is so cool also because u meet new friends and get out of schol.

Dec 28 2005
hey- i am a serious cow luver!! my uncles own a huge dairy farm in indiana. they just made a barn that is about 2 football fields long!! which is huge. well i always get my fair cows there, and the past 2 years i have had one named mango. he was the sweetest cow and the smartest cow i have ever had!!! he would play soccer and let me ride him and when i would walk him out of our pasture he would lay down right where the edge of the feild so he could stay and eat. he got third at our fair and i got outstanding dairy exhibitor and the dairy barn award. my friend got showmanship, which is usually my goal to get every year. the judge had to make a tough decision between me and her and she picked kelsey. i was so happy for her too! but i dreaded this years fair because my mango had to be auctioned off and butchered. he was the best and funnest cow i have ever had. if any body else has any cow loss stories please post them.

Dec 27 2005
hi im kelsey i live on a farm in indiana i have 8 brothers and sisters and i show cows in the county fair every year. every year at the fair we do like pranks and stuff and last year i got shaving creamed it was funny but really bad then a little girl got thrown into the water troft it was like really funny but really bad !! i show steers and heifers. my first year i only showed a steer because my dad thought it might be a little to much for me to show 2, so i went ahead and picked a steer because my sister said that steers are easier. i really like them but i also really like heifers !! i always make my heifers tail really big and poofy and i put a little ribbon in it . last year iw on show man ship with my steer .... in my regular show my steer he went crazy -- i dont know why but like he kept laying down. i just think he was scared ?..but i don't know. after that we won showmanship -- but out of my regular show i got 3rd out of 6th

Dec 22 2005
i spend all of the school year waiting for the Washington County Fair which i have taken place in every year since i was a little girl. i had a fourth grade teacher who i know and she told me about her parents farm. ever since then i have been into cow shows and i have shown for about two years now and i have fallen in love.. my cow general lee has been in flyers and news papers and i have also been in there with her. she freshens in febuary so i hope it's a litte girl...not living on the farm is hard to get working with her and the others but i love it. it's hard and at the end of the day im really tired but it's soo worth while..

Dec 21 2005
Hey everyone I live on a dairy farm and between all the cows, heifers, and steers we have about 200 animals. We have mainly Holstein, a couple brown swiss, and a couple Jerseys. I haved shown both open and 4-h for about 8 yrs now. So if you have any questions or just want to talk you can email me at ugbug2009 @

Dec 19 2005
Hi guys!! I still can't belive so many people love cows!!! 2 summers ago, i went to my cousin's farm in Vermont and i absolutly fell in LOVE with a little calf there!! My cousins have a little tent (i don't know if thats normal) where they keep all the calfs, and they had about 10! And they still had more to come!! When we went out to she all the cows, i ALWAYS made a detour to vist 'my' calf! I called her Lollypop because she always sucked on my fingers! Now, Lollypop must be about 2... I'm so glad i found this site

Dec 19 2005
Brahman Babe
I love cows. My Aunt and Uncle have 18 Brahman heifers and 1 Brahman bull. I show one her name is Lady she is the biggest pet I have ever seen. Me and my Aunt are traing three 5 and 6 month old babies. These are the first heifers that I have actually trained I am proud. My almost 2 year old heifer Lady is at a near by brahman ranch getting bred I miss her so much. I am so pasionate about showing it gives me responsibility. Cows listen when you talk. They know when you are angry or sad and they love to hear youu sing. Lady will tell me when she does not like a song. She will turn up her nose it is so fuuny. She will retire from showing in March :( . I will miss her she will still be my favorite.

Dec 18 2005
Leah CowLover!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!
Hi i'm Leah Cate as you probably know,anywaysmy favorite heifer is pregnant from what I know of.Thats what my gram told me.I really hope it is a female so then I can Midori's calf.That would be so cool. Well I've Got to Go!!! Love You All!

Dec 14 2005
My friend own cows. Another one of my friends is complety obsessed with them so I went on this web site and I saw the cow pics and he wanted to print them so I did an now he's got them all over his walls he has cows too but.He's name is Mike Nelson he know completly everything about cows but. The funny thing is I beat him on the cow test his sn is Albert look him up please

Dec 9 2005
I love cows they are my favorite animal in thw world. I live on a farm and i have brown swiss cows. My favorite cows name is Lynn. You can walk her around without a halter and she will follow you. She is the sweatest cow on the face of the earth. I also take market steers, dairy beef feeders, and beef feeders in 4-H. I love cows so much.

Dec 1 2005
Cow lady
I love cows sooo much!! I remeber that i got hooked on cows like this; On my way to school there is this cow pasture that is full of cows. This pasture was full of all black cows except for one holstien cow which i saw everyday!! I loved that cow soo much and i looked forward to seeing her everyday!! I became so facinated wiht the cows and not just that one spotted cows. I was sooo sad when one day that spotted cow was gone... thats when i didn't eat cows any more and I still love cows a lot and i see the cows everyday and atch them and Moo at them if i am in the right spot. I love cows!!

Nov 30 2005
Mary (moomoo)
Hey im 15, 16 in a few months I live in winchester, NH. I work on a dairy cow farm for 7yrs now i've been showing cows for 6yrs, I also do quiz bowl every year and know alot about cows so if any one wants to know a little bit more about cows or me just email me at moomoo902004@yahoo.c-om <3marymoomoo

Nov 29 2005
What a lovely site, I found it though cow crazy's post on (check it out) I had no idea that so many people liked cows this much (almost as much as me), I've been a cow-a-holic since I was 6. I have a 4yr old holstien steer I ride and drive, he's 6ft tall and 3000lbs. I love training cows I've been doing it since I was 12yrs. Someone posted a pic who was from Ontario, Canada. I'm from Alberta Canada. E-mail me if you want I love to talk about cows, and am trying to find cow trainers in Canada.

Nov 29 2005
I live on a dairy farm and we have about 80 milking Holsteins. I love cows and I am only 13, plus I know more about cows than a lot of 30-year-olds I know, so it is fun to answer all their questions and make myself feel smart. Does anyone else do that?

Nov 29 2005
Hi! I'm Ali and I lve cows! I have about 10 toy cows in my room, and two on my desk watching me write this. I have one that flies as well. I once touched a real cow at a pumpkin patch in the poconos. I love cows so much! Mooooooo!!! () / (:(=) ()

Nov 29 2005
Hi my name is Julie, i live on a beef farm in Ontario. But I desided to start raising holstein calfs. I love Holsteins, i have 10 cows, and a few calfs. But last year I got a blind Pinzgauer and speckle park calf, shes black and white. I had to bottle feed her for awhile, then I got a holstein cow for her. But she still follows me around like i am her mother, and i have gladly taken that duty. She is almost full grown now, and i love her so so much. I will keep her for along time, even though she can't see that well. gtg byes everyone, this is a great website.

Nov 28 2005
Hi I am Sara and I don't live on a farm or anything but I do like cows. I remember a long time ago I milked a huge cow!!!

Nov 26 2005
My Aunt owns a ranch and she lets me feed her cows!I love when their tongues touch my hand. I love cows because they are cute and when they say moo it is like music!

Nov 22 2005
Hi everyone! I have 2 cows called salt and pepper and they are sooooo cute! And this website is sooo cute with all the cows From cow lover Janette.

Nov 22 2005
cow crazy
Anyone who rides or wants to ride cows. I found a website ( that will give you ideas. There are also pictures of some of the members riding their cows and a message board if you have questions. Jauson also has an ebook just coming out that will answer many questions. Hope it will help someone!

Nov 15 2005
Ashley aka Beesboer
Hi... I mean mooo!!! I have a herd of 37 Hugenoot cattle, Hugenoot is the best!!!, any way one of them is a Brahman, i wanted 1 different breed..., she is very tame and one day when i went to visit my cows, she was lying down. I went up to her and sat in front of her and she put her head in my lap and went to sleep!!! Eversince if i come to visit them she always makes sure none of my other cattle come near me. I have a young hugenoot bull that i want to take to a show... does anyone know how to train cattle, I've been working with cattle for 3 years and i decided to start showing cattle. I am 14 years old and I thought i was the only person who loved cattle, I guess i was wrong thanks for the cool website, cows rule!!!!

Nov 12 2005
matt a
wnen i was little i was bitten by a cute cow.the cow bit me right on the side of mi hed .chomp chomp .so as you can see never go nere a cow when he is eating hay,and when you have long blond hair.

Nov 9 2005
hey i have a holstein heifer i want to breed cuz baby calves rok! does anyone live in florida near duval or nassau county that has a holstein bull i can breed her to? email me at moooooo to you too!

Nov 1 2005
Hello, I was surprised to finally find a website about people who love cows. Most people think cows are only good for one thing to eat, I beg to differ. Sincerely Kay, Cow lover and vegetarian

Nov 1 2005
A POEM There is a cow in me she moos all night. She stares at anyone that passes me. Her exersize is to jump over the moon. and back. She moos at the moon and the moon moos back. I LOVE MY COWIE

Oct 31 2005
Hi i live in katherine in the northern territory and i have a brahman herd of grey stud cattle and some red cattle. i am going to show cattle at the katherine and darwin show and my friend jess is helping me. i have 5 calfs at the moment and they are sooo cute!!!!! i LOVE cows soooo much they are the best animals. luv all cow luvers

Oct 28 2005
I'm obsessed with cows!!!I'm being a cow 4 Halloween!I don't eat beef!I go 2 this place where they make icecream from their own cows! one of the cows licked me! I love cows and they love me!I have a cow butterfly chair, stuffed animals and a lot more!I LOVE COWS!!!

Oct 27 2005
Hey all cow lovers! im from taranaki New Zealand and live on a dairy farm we are currently milking 280 jersey cows, it's just great that people get so excited about cows and name their cows! ours are just numbers with 2 or 3 having names, it'd be great to have a smaller herd and get to know our girls better. but everyone keep up the good work and keep those cows milking and mooing!

Oct 27 2005
Last year was my first year showing a bucket calf and I got a calf named Taco, you can see him under guest cow pic. We were at the fair and I just washed him, but he and his twin sister Hershey Kiss laid down in their bedding anyway. Well my sister and I sat with them. Taco laid his head in my lap and I fell asleep. I woke up awhile later and my mom said that a guy walked by and took my picture for the paper. It is a small paper but it was soo cool that I was in it with Taco. You can E-Mail me at

Oct 18 2005
Lin the ultimate cow lover!!! <><
I love this site so much. I didn't know that so many people love cows as much!! I live on dairy farm in New Brunswick. I am in 4-h and I have been showin dairy for 4 years. Cows R The Greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!- I want to go to the Royal Winter Fair and the Calgary Stampede soooooooooo much!!ttyl g2g COWS RULE!!! Horses Drool!!!

Oct 17 2005
cow crazy
I got a polled Shorthorn heifer calf for my birthday! Isn't that awesome. I already have Holsteins, but now I have my very own beef cow.

Oct 17 2005
Lin the ultimate cow lover<><
I Love Cows! I live on a farm in New Brunswick with dairy cows. i am in 4-h and I love to show cows so much. Most kids think I'm a little weird for lovin' cows but i don't care what those weirdos think! This is my 4th year in 4-h and showing dairy.g2g ttyl by the way COWS ROCK!! Lin the ultimate cow lover&

Oct 13 2005
ASHLEY(cow lover)
Hey, I have a really sad story. My uncle has a cow that is almost 11 years old. As you all know that is really old for a cow. My uncle had her flushed which is when she is bred and then they take out her eggs so they can put them in a different cow so the other cow can have her baby. Now when she was flushed they didn't get all the eggs by accident. So now she is pregnant and remember she is close to 11 and it will take anything short of a miracle to make her live. That is really hard for my uncle because she is really close to my whole family and my whole family is really close to her. I hope that she lives but how likely is that? I just wish there is something I can do but just sitting around and thinking of how much I am going to miss her when she goes. That is a horrible thought.

Oct 13 2005
Hey! Big MOO! to all cow lovers! I used to work on the farm in Poland. I've been working there for 2.5 yrs. and since that time I'm really crazy for those beatiful creatures:) Now I live in London and I miss them so much... I've got lots of pictures with my beauties... and memories... Moo!:)

Oct 11 2005
Kowz Rok The Earth
hey everyone. does anyone know a good website on how to show dairy heifers and calves? i am new at it. the show comes up soon, and i need to know how to make them look good. also, i will try to post a pic on this site so ya'll can tell me whether she needs her throat held. if anyone has tips, please e-mail me at have a good time with cows! mooooooooo!

Oct 9 2005
Kayla (moo)
I love cows! Krista keeps thinking that she loves cows more than me, but that's impossible so don't believe her. I just got a new cow and I named her Mookie (Mook for short). She is so cute! I love her so much. Remember I love cows more than Krista lcl!

Oct 8 2005
I don't have a real cow but I am a cow collector. My fave animal is a cow. I refuse the eat cow because it's cruel. I will do anything for the cow.

Oct 4 2005
hello cows
clipping a heifer or steer for the show is really easy. I'm only 13 and I clip all my heifers that I take to the fair and this year i placed 4th out of 14 people in showmanship.

Oct 4 2005
krista aka lil cow luver
HEY!!!just got back from the cleavland county fair in shelby and i had a ball! i diddnt do good in showmanship but i won all but three classes and got grand and jr. champian!!! i did a little better last year because i won every class but im not unhappy bout it at all,too bad i dont get to show at the dixi classic this teusday but i got to take the cows down there and unload two tralers(lucky me!!!)lol cant wait till the stae fair though i get too see tons of people from school and its like the best place in the world to show besides small county shows and the all amarican show in kentucky! does anybody that looks at the web site go to the show there or to the conventions for the jersey cattle association!?!that would be really cool to know sumbdy on the assosiation! g2g i luv cows more than anybd y in the world!!! bye

Oct 4 2005
Hi I'm Jessi and I am in the Dairy Cow Club in 4-H. This is my second year in the club. I is truly the best thing ever! I have a calf named Pandy. She is about 9 months. She was my fisr calf ever. This year in the club i will be showing her and hopwfully getting another calf! It's so much fun to train them. But no matter how many calves i get Pandy will always be my #1 cause she was my first...and she is such a good girl. At the recent County 4-H fair in August her and I won 4th place in fitting. and at the State 4-H show we won 3rd and at the NJ State show we won 4th. I LOVE PANDY SOOO MUCH!

Oct 3 2005
There are a lot of cow tails. Wow. I like cows. So once, I saw a cow out the window when I was driving. That pretty much sums up my experience with cows. I just thought you should know.

Oct 2 2005
I have a cow friend that the first time I seen him I knew we were best buddys everytime I see him he comes running to the fence. he lets me love on him. other people come to his fence he runs off so I gave him a new name his name is shy guy. and we are the best of buddys............

Sep 29 2005
Cowgirl 7
Hi fellow cow lovers, My parents have just agreed to get me a cow! So do you know what breeds of cows would be suitable?

Sep 22 2005
i like dexeters in fact i raise them i love them i like to train them. i trained one and it became the best cow in town wisconsin barneveld. she is 1 year old her name is tj. and i got another bull named black beaty .he is 8 months old he became famous in town also and we use him to get the cows pregnant. i live in wisconsin and wisconsin is the best and it has the best cows ever bye and moo!

Sep 22 2005
Well i dont really have one cause im a bit scared of cows! once when i was on my horse a cow charged at me i was terrified !!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 21 2005
Cow Dude
Hello everyone i have a holstein steer that i ride and he is my best friend. i hardly eat beef (im trying to stop but it tastes so good!) does any one know how to clip a holstein for a show and do it so that they look good? if you do, e-mail me at thank you all and mooo cows rock! p.s. i am changing all my usernames to Kows Rok The Earth

Sep 18 2005
Why does a milking stool have 3 legs? ... The cow has the utter!

Sep 18 2005
Jessie the cow girl
In a former story that I wrote on May 6 I said that I might wear my cow suit on the last day of school. Well I did and it was so cool I was in a talent show act and I got to dance around in my cow in front of the whole school. I think I represented all cow lovers very well. I also plan to wear my cow suit while holding my cow purse in the home comming parade in 3 weeks in Eldon Missouri on the Ag. float. I will write back soon to tell you how that turned out. Bye for now Jessie the cow girl

Sep 15 2005
krista aka little cow lover
HEY YALL! Just wanted to say hello to everyone in the cow world! i cant wait untill the state fair! i always have the best time in the world showin the jerseys(best of the breeds)! is there anybody else thats gonna be there shown dairy or even the beefs!?! that would be really cool to meet sombody that comes to the same shows and looks at the website!!! i want to remind everybody that i love cows more than anybody in the world and that will never change!!! bie yall -krista aka little cow lover moooooooooo

Sep 6 2005
A farmer brought me a holstein steer when he was just a baby and asked me if i wanted him. I said sure, hes so cute. Babe Moo Do now is over 6ft tall and weighs in at about 3,000 to 4,000 pds. He's a pet and very sweet. Does anyone know what the biggest steer in the world is? thank you.

Sep 4 2005
I love my calves so much that when Tango(then only 7 weeks old) developed bloat, I ended up stomach tubing him in my pj's (as no veterinary help was available). Let me tell you, the gas and goodies exiting from this sweet little lad were quite, how do I say this? um, memorable! We never had this problem again and my friesian/hereford steer is now 10 months old, happy, healthy and an absolute pleasure. Thanks for a great site!!

Sep 2 2005
Josie The Cowgirl
Hey Cow Lovers! I'm 13 and I loved cows since i dont know when. I've lived on a farm my whole life. I have a cow named Rosie that I've showed in the McDonald County Fair (thats in Missouri) and she is such a sweetheart. She loves to rub on you and sometimes she'll rub so hard that she'll knock you over! She's had one calf named Bullseye but it died before it was born. She prefers to be milked by guys but not girls. LOL. When I was little, my dad used to milk cows. After a while he bought a store and has worked in it for quite a while. But now he wants to sell it and start milking again!!! Yea!!! I can't wait!!! I REALLY, TRUELY, HONESTLY, LOVE COWS!!!

Aug 30 2005
CrAzE MoO!!!
Hi! Im from Melbourne Australia and am absoluty craze about moo cows! My nickname is moo and I have so many cow things. My favourite being my cow print ugg boots! Ohh and not forgeting my cow that is dressed in a kimono that hangs off my mobile!!! (cell phone) IM CRAZEEEEEEEEEE MoO!!!!!! Hi to all the cows lovers out there! :P

Aug 26 2005
LiTtTle hEifeRz
i love kowz so much that it's unreal. i have sat on the side of the road to video tape them and moo along with them. i wrote a poem about the picture of litte brown moo cow and submitted it to southern sampler but it didn't qualify. oh well i still LOVE kowz.

Aug 26 2005
cow crazy
I have 2 really big babies. I will be in one's pen and if the other one knows I'm there. She'll start crying (bellowing). Then I'll go see her and the other one will start crying. You can hear her from far away! I love them though!

Aug 11 2005
Cow Dude
Krisi, mooo i feel so sorry for you even though you lost twurpy mooo a long time ago, i know how u feel. my dairy steer is destined to the mooo freezer (if you mooo get my drift) and i dont want to lose him he is my Super Bowl cuz he was born on superbowl sunday-feb the 6th. i dont want to lose him i feel sorry for you plz contact me on runescape my name is rwe2156 i want to talk to you plz talk to me i want to tell you sumthing by for now :'-( boohooo moooo!

Aug 10 2005
I love cows more than all of you and i dont care what you people think!!! Cow is even my nickname!!! P.S. You guys should go to a website that I hate so you can write something against them. It's I looked up cow pictures and there it was. Piece Out!!!

Aug 10 2005
krista aka crazy for cows
hey. . . i was just reading through all of the cow tails and i saw kayla sayin that she loves cows more than me and i just wanted to say that that is not even possible! and that i hope no one beleves her saying that she loves cows more than me because it is sooooooooooo not true!and you know what i think.... she is jelouse!lol no im just kidding but she really may be. everyone needs to remember that i love cows more than anyone in the world!i aint lien ya'll! bye -krista aka LCL little cow lover

Aug 10 2005
krista lutz aka little cow lover
HEY! im back! like i told you before went to the show in Statesville i met a ton of new people! i always have sooo much fun because my entire family on my dads side have cows and they are all there!i only got first place in one of my classes but i did well in fitting and showmanship and got forth place in my other classes but i had a ball with all of my friends and family! i never realized how many HOT guys show cows but lets just say i'll be paying alot more attention now!lol well i'd better go but i just want everyone to know that i am the biggest cow lover in the entire world! especialy for jersey cows! im crazy for cows! -LCL aka little cow lover!

Aug 7 2005
its me again just wanted to say hey and that i just got back from the show! -i had a ball i even met alot of new people well i gotta go but ill be back soon! bye LCL aka little cow lover

Aug 7 2005
Cow lover xoxo
hello hi i am in love with cows they are so so cute. i do not have a cow but my friend does. her name is haley and she is so good at riding them.

Aug 6 2005
cow crazy
Thank You!! P.S. Cows are kool! ~cow crazy

Aug 4 2005
cow lover 220
I have a farm of 15 cows. one of my friends, Bailey, she lives in Alberta and is in 4-H. she is realy injoying it. We had a calf in the early spring last year and it was brown and white. it's name is texas because it's more like texan colors. we have 8 acres of land and they roam around on it. we have it as a hobby farm because we butcher some of them and sell them at markets. it's a well paying job. we sell in the u.s.

Aug 3 2005
I love cows! They are so cute! I don't own one but I wish I could! I often go to my friends house to see her cows, and we herd them on her two horses! It's a blast! I love their little tongues when we feed them apples...They stick their tongues out and lick our hands!!

Aug 2 2005
cows are kool!
Hey Cow crazy. Well usally the judges ask what the dam is, the sire, how old your heifer is and when she was born. They don't usally ask all of them but they ask u one or 2 qustions. So u should be ready to answer all of them cuz u never know which one the judge will ask u!

Jul 28 2005
I have been asked What would you change about your animal? Hope that helps a bit!

Jul 28 2005
cow crazy
To the Senior and Junior class people who show dairy cows: What kind of questions do the judges ask you?

Jul 28 2005
cow crazy
Thank you so much, Kristi! It helped me a great deal! I have Holsteins. What do you have? It is so fun riding my cow, Roxy, now! Thanks Again!!

Jul 25 2005
My sister recently moved to east Texas and was surprised to see all the cows. We were on our way to my house when she yelled out look at that black and white cow. Its so big, when i looked over there were about 200 black and white cows in the field. I asked her which one she was talking about and she turned bright red and said nevermind.

Jul 24 2005
Faleysha(#1 cow lover)
Yo my peps!I think this site is awesome. I like recomende this site to all my cow loving friendz! But for me this site is awesome cuz here i can see tails and things that other cow lovers wrote and this site gives the chance to cow lovers like me, to express how much we love cowz. And i really am crazy for cowz! MOO! Ya'll cow loverz rock!

Jul 23 2005
How to Ride your Cow: I was working on training my cow so that I could ride her. I started sitting on her when she was eating. That is as far as i got. However there were these people from Saskatchewan and they put a saddle on theirs and trained it that way. Good Luck -Kristi

Jul 22 2005
Susan The City Girl
Thanks so much!!!! My mystery has been solved. I really am very uneducated on the propers of farm animals; All I know is that I have loved cows for years, and think they are just too cute! My husband will really think I've lost it when I tell them they're called Oreo Cookie Cows!!!!

Jul 21 2005
Susan the City Girl
I've recently moved to TN, and my husband and I drive past a field of cows....I've never seen this type before. They have a dark head and backend, but in the middle they are white.... It's the most bizarre thing I've ever seen! I've spent a ton of time trying to find out what type they are....I call them them pull-a-part cows! No laughing at my ignorance please!!! It looks like you could just take out the white middle part and stick the front part to the back part and you would have a very stubby little cow.... Please help. Thx! [Editor: They are probably Dutch Belted, but could be Belted Galloways. We call'em Oreo Cookie Cows!]

Jul 18 2005
showing heifers
Hey I waz wondering if anyone here show's dairy heifers???????? If anyone does can u please tell me how to make their tails puffy for the show ring! thanx!!!! P.s e-mail me at

Jul 17 2005
I love cows! they're the best so I go on all sorts of cow sites but this has been the best. I love your photos and stuff I will definitely go on this website again!!!

Jul 11 2005
cow crazy (everyone who rides cows please read this!)
I am 13 and I have a 2 year old heifer I would like to ride. Please send a cow tail (I don't have e-mail yet) on how to teach your cow for riding. Also do ride with a saddle or bareback. Do you use a bit. Please tell me what you do. I really want to ride!

Jul 11 2005
Kristi, Please Read This!
I know how you feel. My baby that I really loved died before she was 2. I miss Teeny.

Jul 7 2005
crazy cow 310
hi i live on a beef farm i have 21 cows and i just srarted showing cows and if u can give me some tips on how to show my feeder calf please e-mail me at

Jul 7 2005
How do you get over the loss of your beloved cow. My parents, classmates, and other people just think, Huh, it is just a cow, get over it! But my dear Twurpy wasn't just a cow, she was my best friend, she listened better than anyone, she stood by my side always. She was the first calr I had ever watched being born. I had her for a whole year and two months. Her birth day is February 1, of 2004. She was my baby, my child. I bottle fed her for over seven months, combed her, trained her. Heck I even rode her. She was always waiting. This is the hardest thing ever. I want to find her but I don't want to find disapointments. I love, and will always love my special little Twurpy, my Twurpness. If anyone has any thing to say or how I should go about finding my cow e-mail me at kristi5932@hotmail.c-om. Thanks

Jul 6 2005
Hi again, When I was at Barton last year with Midori we were in fitting and show and there was about 15 people showing with me. I won first place with Midori. I was so happy then I showed it to my uncle and he said finally it was funny. I love my family and my cows! Catch U L8ter

Jul 6 2005
one day i was at my uncles house on the farm and then the next morning when i woke up the cow was staring me in the face i was like o snap apparently my uncle forgot to close the door on his way in that night we returned the cow to the pastures and then it grazed happily until noon

Jul 5 2005
cow crazy
Jess, Don't worry about petting them if they are cows or calves just beware of bulls, steers, and heifers. Walk up to them really slow and talk to them and you'll have nothing to worry about and don't force them to do anything. Cows aren't bad.

Jul 5 2005
ASHLEY(cow lover)
I have a two year old that just had its first calf. It was a bull of course. The two year old's name is Nicol. The calf hasn't been named yet. They both are Milking Shorthorns. You don't see many milking shorthorns anymore. Nicol is extra special to me not only because she was my second calf, she was a very talented animal. She was a very tall yearling so it was hard for me to show her. That didn't stop me though as you will read about in my other tail. I don't know how my life would be without cows and I never want to know either.

Jul 5 2005
ASHLEY (cow lover)
Last year when I was at Bradford fair with you guessed it Leah I got first place with my yearling. Then I had to go in for junior champion. I won that too. I also won 25$. Then I had to go in for grand champion andd I got another 25$. At first it was hard to believe that my yearling was the best cow at the fair. I had 50$ then and of course I went and spent half of it on the midway, like all kids do. Bradford fair is a great first fair to go to because it is a great learning experience.

Jul 1 2005
Well, at our horse barn we have 2 cows. I named one 'Night Secret' 'cause he is black and white. The other one is brown and white so I named her 'Dream Weaver' cause he/she lookes like a chocolate milkshake. I don't know if they will hurt me so I've never went in 10 feet of them.

Jul 1 2005
Hi I have so many things to tell.One time when I was at my grams they had a picnic,and they brought all the cows home. So we had a small show and it was my first time I had no clue what to do. My spring yearling this year is Midori, and my Fall calf is Aclepse. My uncle has a few cows,but we keep the calves and heifers at the small farm. The cows go to different farms.

Jun 29 2005
My brothers and I have showed cows for 4H since the beginning of our very own 4H lives. I love cows to pieces, but they think I'm crazy! Anyway my brother's cow we named Wrinkles because when he was just a baby he had all sorts of wrinkles all over his neck! There wasn't anything wrong of course we just thought it was pretty funny. Now Wrinkles is a big boy and he is the friendliest cow we have ever seen! He loves attention and LOVES to lick blue jeans! He lets us sit on his back when we have him tied up, he has to be my all-time favorite cow! It's so sad though, we have to sell him at the 4H auction this year! :o( I am going to cry so hard! All of you out there who are privileged enough to even own cows, thank the Lord for your blessing! Cows are truly amazing creatures on this earth! God bless!

Jun 29 2005
cow crazy
I'm 13 years old and have been showing Holstein heifers at the fair for 7 years. (this will be my 8th year) I'm a second year Junior and last year I got 1st place in showmanship and some breed classes. My favorite dairy breeds are all of them! My favorite beef breeds are longhorns and shorthorns. I think everyone should drink milk to support the Dairy Farmers and eat beef to support the Beef Farmers. (I'm not a vegetarian!) I still would like to know how to ride cows and I don't have any horses. P.S. Good Luck at fair everyone!

Jun 29 2005
Last Christmas I went over to my aunt and uncls house. I went down the street to see their neighbor's cows. It was the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! I don't get to see cows in person (or their bovine selves) a lot, so i love it when they licked me and gave a soft moo when i pet them.

Jun 29 2005
one time, i went to a fair, and i saw a beautiful cow. i took a picture, and it licked the camera. that was about 4 yrs ago, and i still have the undeveloped picture. also, im making a cow website called its not done yet, but its gonna have pictures of real cows and other cow stuff. check it out every once and a while

Jun 28 2005
ushii cow
ok so i was on my way to Colorado and we were stopped because of a cattle drive. so some people i know have herd what happens next. well anyway i started crying because i love cows and i opended up our van door ant took a but load of pictures and i touched one. some people thought i was scared and crying but i was crying for joy. and that my friends is my tail.

Jun 25 2005
I love this web-site it's really cool.One time I tried to feed my heifer some toast, but she wouldn't eat. So at another fair I gave her some pepermint candy she wouldn't eat it then i set it down in front of her. I looked away then I looked where I put the pepermint and it was gone. I said why didn't you take it when I gave it to you. I hope it's not to boring.

Jun 23 2005
Hey! A couple yrs. ago my dad bought me and my sisters a couple register edJerseys. Well my cow (who sticks her head in the water tank and blows bubbles out her nose when she's hot at the fair) had a calf about a year ago, she is finally big enough to go out with the rest of my jersey cows, (we lead them to the barn to be milked) after we had took the cows to the barn, she walked right into the water tank and just sat there like she wanted to go swimming or something it was funny, now she started pulling out the hose when were filling the tank up!

Jun 22 2005
Hey waz-up i work on a dairy farm and i like it alot. I really live in buffalo Ny. but i cant stand the city. thats why i live with my grandparents in the summer, so i can milk cows. but n-e wayz i dont belive in vegeterians because the way that i look at it is the cows r going to get kille no matter what (sad but true), and lets say that the meat from the cow is on the store shelf and no body buys the meat cause they dont eat meat and the meat gets old and the through it out. then the cow just got killed for nothing. and not eating meat prooves nothing but the cow just got killed for nothing. LOOK AT IT THAT WAY IT HELPS!

Jun 22 2005
Every one who owns a cow is the luckiest person in the world i want a cow but my mum says i have to wait till i can buy it myself but i cant wait that long!!! Iwas wondering if anyone could tell me a good place to buy cows in western vic aus pleaz tell me if u know! bibi

Jun 21 2005
Ah yes, cows are simply the coolest animals I have ever had the pleasure to come in contact with. Since I was a young boy, cows have just been so amazingly cool, and that feeling continues today. Thank you to all who breed, raise, or just own cows. You make this world a little brighter for us all.

Jun 20 2005
Hi it's me again i think if your friends think you are for loving cows they are crazy. They just don't see great cows are.I'm a junior in showing cattle,this is my second year showing cattle. It's so fun to show cattle. All you out there who don't have cows don't give your hopes up. Hear from you soon!

Jun 20 2005
I love cows!It all started in 4 th grade there was a cow and chicken war and i was the leader of the cows...We were crazy we spent the whole year seing who liked cows and who liked chickens...Of couse cows won!As i got older i got more and more in to them i have tons of cows like mary moo moos. My favorite cow is so old but i still love it. Its name is cowster! I love cows and i hope you enjoy my lil cow story

Jun 19 2005
Moo! If you feel like chating e-mail me on aol its LeopardLover4991,tha-ts not all.I have a heifer her name is Midori i love her so much.One time she head butted me lightly in the stomach -- that's the way she is. she's adoorable. This web-site is great i love going on here. Oh ya She's a red and white.

Jun 19 2005
Hi,My name is Leah i love cows so much. I'm 11 years I started showing cattle last year.My first show was at Bradford fair i won first with my baby Midori twice. Now I have another one her name is Aclepse, she's a roan. Midori's red and white. I show Milking shorthorns they're so pretty. I won a trohpy at Barton fair in Vermot. I want to be a farmer and a cattle judge when i get older. I Love cows And They're a part of us.

Jun 17 2005
cow crazy
My Holstein heifer, Roxy, is so cute! She was in the pasture one day eating grass when I came to visit. I ran out to the fenced and yelled, Roxy. She replied moo back to me. Then she did a buck like PBR (Professional Bull Riding) bulls do, and started running to the fence. True story. Oh, yeah, she's pregnant too.

Jun 14 2005
Hi guys... just off on our vacation and thought you might like to know it is a converted barn, in Mid Wales UK guess the name of it.......yep had to be THE COWSHED!!!!! well I had to stay in that didn't I. Hope you all have a good vacation wherever you go. Big Moos to you.

Jun 13 2005
hey guys!!! i live on a farm with mostly cows and a couple horses. i have 1 cow that i love to pieces his name is mango. one day i decided to ride mango in our field. it was hard to teach him to be calm enough to let me ride him but he came through it now i can ride him with no problem. well anyways one day i thought i would take him out for a ride, well my dog (shorty) came with us but shorty is kinda wild. he thought he would bite at my cows ankle when i was riding him. well my cow went crazy and started bucking and going everywhere. i got bucked off and landed on my shoulder and broke it. when i was at the hospital the next day it was so embarrassing to tell the nurses how it happened. but now me shorty and mango are all good friends!!! i also taught mango to play soccer. i put the ball in between his legs and he kicks it and it actually goes far. : ) well hope you enjoyed my story! _*jen the cow luver*_

Jun 13 2005
hey everybody i live on a really big dairy cow farm i love cows and i always show them in the county fair every year i've shown them for.... 4 years and im only 11 its really fun i show steers but i dont show heifers yet, well have to go take care of the cows

Jun 13 2005
Earlier this year I had posted a letter telling about my cow Twurpy. Since she has been sold, i have wondered where she has gone. I only have about 3 months. If you have any info on what i could do write me at Kristi5932@hotmail.c-om

Jun 13 2005
Rod & Mandy
My wife and I love cows and pigs, all animals really, and we think this website is very, very good - well done! One day it would be great to own a cow or pig as a pet, but it's not very practical when you don't have a lot of land. We are also all vegetarian, my whole family - if you love cows so much, as some of the people on here obviously do, why on Earth kill and eat them? :-(

Jun 13 2005
Paula (cow crazy)
I have Holsteins cows and some pigs on my farm. I've always wanted to ride one of the cows, but I have no idea how to train them or what to use for riding equipment. Anyone who rides a cow, like Kelsey, could you give me suggestions, either on cow tails or the soon to be forums\chat room. (Sorry I don't have an email address yet)

Jun 9 2005
I was just wondering why they dont have Black Angus as a breed under Cow Facts. I raise Black Angus with my family and I did a report on them in school. I really love Black Angus and wish you would have them listed as a breed. [Editor: Email Chief Cow (see the Contact us page) the information -- and a picture if you have one -- and we'll add the info!]

Jun 8 2005
Hey yall guys! My name is Kelsey and I live on a farm with chicken houses,cows,horses, and hundreds of dogs. But I have a cow named Sport and she is trained to ride. So sometimes instead of riding the horses I ride her its so much fun. And I show cows,hogs,and horses but my fave is cows. I have been showing since my sisters started so they led me in the little kid pin. We own Charolais cattle. I love my farm cause it is huge and everyone around has cows that live in Raleigh Mississippi!

Jun 5 2005
I never dreamed that I would own land with farm animals, well here I am today with two Holstein steers and some sheep. City girl gone country! Of course I have become attached to the steers. They have great character and are every much a part of the family. This website has been a great source of info. Thank You.

Jun 5 2005
cow crazy
I think we should have a weekly poll on this website that has to with cows. For example, one question could be which of these dairy breeds are your favorite? It would be cool if people wouldn't abuse it, like they did to the #1 cow fan list. (I really liked it).

May 29 2005
WOW!!!!!!!! this is the best cow website there is on the net. i love cows so much and i will have one soon enough (i hope) i have a cow obsession i love them they are so cute. eveytime i drivee by a farm i have to stop and look at them and all my friends think that its crazy to love cows so much and laugh when i tell but i guess im not the only one after all...

May 25 2005
Harriet [Moo =P]
Once I was being driven home by my friend's mom from school, when I saw this little girl in a really CUTE cow jacket! I screamed at the mom to stop, and ran out to ask the girl where she got it. The girl started crying, and the person walking with her sorta shooed me off. I was so embarassed!

May 25 2005
One extremely quiet, thundery night, with loud thunder, we heard a MOO! It was a moo like no other! So we ran down stairs and called the police officers because an enormous cow was standing right in front of our kitchen window!

May 23 2005
Cows have tails to help get rid of flies. They can hit them with their tails. I raised a cow for a summer, have my grandparent's cows at my house and go to my grandparent's farm all the time so i know alot about them. My calf's name is Lucky. He was a twin and his mom would only take care of his brother. It was sad. I love cows!

May 23 2005
May 23,2005 Cow's Out #1 One night when my dad was working late me and my mom were getting into bed. All of the sudden we heard two thumps. We looked out my mom and dad's bedroom windows to see if my dad was home early or something. [Their window shows into the garage]. But it wasn't dad.So we looked out the front door window and there was a cow in our driveway. We called my grandaddy to come get the cows. [There was more than one cow]. But my grandaddy coudn't come get the cows so we called the cops to come get the cows. And so they came and got all the cows.

May 23 2005
My friend emily was walking her dog sassy by a cow farm and all of a sudden a cow was staring at them. then the other cows came running over and stared at them. emily and sassy ran. the cows ran. they never knew what the cows were doing.

May 22 2005
Paula (cow crazy)
I have an odd cow named Roxy. Believe it or not she doesn't like hand-picked grass (the thick, tall, weedy kind). All my other cows go crazy for it. Anyone have any idea why she doesn't like it? P.S. If any goes to the Kent County Youth Fair, Roxy and I will be there. (She's a Holstein.)

May 19 2005
My brother used to own a hefier. She loved apples! Then one day my dad gave her a pice of pepermint candy. She curled her lip up -- it looked like she couldn't move -- like she had been paralyzed!

May 7 2005
4-H lover
Hey cow fan's out there!!! I'm 13 years old and in grade 7. I also go in 4-h every year. If u like to show cattle and what so handy tips to do great in the show ring just e-mail me at ttyl bye bye hope to hear from ya soon! if ya show cattle PLEASE e-mail me.

May 6 2005
Jessie the cow girl
On time my dad knew i wanted a cow suit and this really cuite pink Moped scooter. So it was my parents anniversary and we don't just get my parents gifts, we get each other gifts. So my mom tells me to step outside and the next thing i know my dad drives up in a cow suit on the pink Moped and it was like the coolest thing ever and the best part is I got a picture of it. sorry but I cant put it on the computer because I dont know how. I still wear that cow suit and I might wear it on the last day of school to make my three pet cows Alfie,Stanly, and Jackoson proud. I will love cows forever.

May 6 2005
Kayla (Moo)
I just wanted to tell Krista (a.k.a. LCL)That she is way wrong about liking cows more than me! I used to have a steer named Beans, but unfortunately he was a butcher steer. :'( So, he's kind of in our freezer right now, but I can't help that. Anyways, I loved him alot and I was really sad that he had to go. Before he left I had tamed him so that I could pet him and I fed him grain. He WAS so cute! I love cows more than anybody in the world! (even more than Krista!)

May 6 2005
My cows have been doing good. My sister Brigi needs help with her school project its about cows help us pick a breed to do it on email me at or im us at crazybaby4cows

May 6 2005
jen and Brig Are sn is ( crazybaby4cows)
Me and my twin sister jenna lived on a ranch all our life . But one day we thought that jenna's cow Brenda was sick and so was mine (tugie). We walked to Sammys (CAt/cow lover) -- she owned a 1,200 cows (we live in texas ). Her favorite one Nang was sicker then a cat on drugs who thinks he a a thug. She makes alot of money by milking cows . Back to my story she told us that the cows had a bad illness .She gave them medicine so they got better. After they were well, Ang gained a few more like 200 pounds so . Me and my twin sister Jenna each hopped on our cows and rode off in to the horizon>~!!!! Cow lovers all the way XOXXOXOXOXOOXOXOOXXO your cow loving friends. Add us to your buddy list to be a cow lover with us remember its CRAZYBABY4COWS

May 6 2005
I go to a farm every 2-3 years and the last two times i went to Pant Glass Farm. The first time i went it was the time of year when they give birth and while i was there a calf was born so they named it after me Danya Elizebeth. that cow is my god. xxxxxxxxx

May 4 2005
me likes cows!!
i want a cow as a pet as it would be cool, i have horses so they could be friends, my room is black and white like cows and i have a toy called cow. my friend is a dariy farmer but her dad doesnt look after them properly and they are very smelly. it is sad to see them so smelly......i like cows though. xxxx

May 3 2005
My son came home from school today and wanted to know why cows have tails? I didn't know what to say?? any cow experts out there know? Thank-you! :)

May 3 2005
heyhey y'alls! it is steerjock again! i am home sick and could think of nothing better than getting on this website! we just had a new baby calf born one week ago. it was a bull and i named him Archie. we just moved my steer into the cooler room on sunday so it seems like it is already summer because we are already started working like it is. the steers get rinsed at least 2 times a day and when it gets really warm we will start rinsing them more...sometimes even 6 times a day! well got to go! i will be writing again soon! i love steers!!!

May 2 2005
o my gosh i didnt know any one else liked cows my walls have cow print and i have a stool thing and i have two other cows mrs.moomoo and mr.moomoo. mr.moomoo is anerexic or at leaste he looks like and those two cows are stuffed animals then i have a two cow pillows one squishy and ones not and i cant get any real live cows because i live in the city but when im older im gonna have at leaste for cows and there gonna be pets not food but really i never knew any one else liked cows my family thinks its weird but o well. thats really all i wanted to say well i hope ya like my little story.

Apr 29 2005
Read this part softly! It was a brilliant day.... We were riding in the car, my mom and I. We were driving to my aunt's house and ya know it was on FARMLAND. Read this part loudly!!! THEN WE PAST A 5 or 6 COWS!!! I Screamed sooooooo loud!!! Read Softly again!! THE END *appluse*

Apr 28 2005
Mary a.k.a. moomoo
hey on the cow facts you are missing a dairy breed there are 7 diffrent dairy cow breeds and you only have 6. you are missing the Red and White -- they are their own breed now they used to be red and white holstein but now they are not. so i think you need to put some info on the on this web page.

Apr 28 2005
Mary a.k.a. moomoo
the story on the truth about cow tipping it says that cows dont slep standing up well that a lie I know this 2month old calf who you rarely see lying down she love to stand up and sleep i've seen her do so many times there also a couple of other cows at the farm I go to that sleep standing up.

Apr 27 2005
Mary a.k.a moomoo
Hi im 15 and I know alot about cows I do quiz bowl every year and if anyone wants to learn some things about dairy cattle just email me my email addi is moomoo902004@yahoo.c om so plz email me if you want to learn more about dairy cows or me.ttyl bye.

Apr 21 2005
hey y'alls!!!! i am 13 years old and in the seventh grade.i am soooo glad i found this website!!! People at school make fun of me because of me cows!!!they tease me and call me steerchick, (i actually like that name) i have won grand champion steer at the county fair two years in a row!!! my steer's name this year is Rocky. i just got in mrom cleaning his pen. i love steers!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 20 2005
HI guys!! As you can tell, i LOVE LOVE LOVE cows!!!! They are the best!! Sadly, there is very little chance that i'm ever going to get one 'cause i live in the city. but my cousins are lucky!!! They live in vermont and they have probally 500 cows!!! i made a special calf friend that i called Lollypop. i envy anyone who actually has a cow of their own! I think that cows are so great! I write i love cows so much my frinds think i'm crazy!!!

Apr 20 2005
Cow-lovers, as I await your response and ponder my misfortune I leave you with words of rhyme to meditate on. Cows are pretty, They say moo. I love cows, And you should too! Cow-lovers, another concern for you. Am I the only one who thinks we ought to have a theme song? I mean, Old MacDonald gets tiresome after a while.

Apr 20 2005
Cow-lovers, I need your help! I am on a quest for cow-knowledge, as you should know and shame on you if you don't, but I don't know if I shall be able to attend the county fair! What should I do? Where should I go? And is there a support group for this kind of thing?

Apr 20 2005
Mary, but most people call me moomoo
Hi im 15 and I looove cows I work on I dairy cow farm in NH that has Holsteins and Brown Swiss im also in 4-H I've been in it for 6 years now I show cows at the Cheshire Fair and state show im hoping to make it to the Big E this year.I also do quiz bowl its really fun doing all this and Sunday im going to pick out my show cows for this year well I already have them pic kout i just have to fill out a paper and send it to the 4h office then I get to train them on of them is one I showed last year she a brown swiss im also showing a holstein.well I g2g so if any1 wants to talk to me about cows and what not just email me at moomoo902004@yahoo.c-om talk to you later bye.

Apr 17 2005
Sup3r D3r3k
once i was a cow for halloween. i had alot of fun. me and my friends were crazy and alot of people liked my costume. every body at my school knows i'm crazy about cows. my friends randomly give me cow gifts. I don't have a cow yet. But i'm going to get one and name it Fayt A.K.A. Mini-moo. It'll be so cool. I LOVE COWS!!!!

Apr 16 2005
hi i lov cows so much i dont eat them cause they taste bad also my friend jessica loves cows 2 its sooo mooeriffic stcaemc (save the cows and eat more chickin!!:) )

Apr 15 2005
hello i luv cows so much! me and my friends went shopping and went into this generic restraunt that serves hamburgers and we pretended that we were cow savers and then we decided this is pretty cool lets 'save the cows!' so we did now we have a club called S.T.C.

Apr 13 2005
Hiya! I ABSOLUTLY love cows. I have a Cow Corner (on top of my bookshelf) which is totally covered with cows....This is my fav website and i come on it as often as possable. PPS I have a web site too at: Its not finished yet but theres going to be quite a bit on cows!

Apr 13 2005
Hey Allllllllll u cow fans out there! My name is Iris and I live on a dairy farm with about 200 dairy cattle. Every year I go in 4-H and show dairy cattle. My calves name's are Daisy and Flower. Those are the calves that I took over the past two years. My calf this year is Jasmine. I'v luved showing since I was 6 years old! I always invite My best friend Corinne over too barn chores.S he also has her owen calves every year. But she doesn't bring them to the big fairs as I do. Her calf this year is Lucy. I'm 13 and in grade 7. If u show cattle ,are about my age and what awesome cow pics u can write to me at well g2g bye luv the # 1 cow fan!

Apr 13 2005
i love cows! they are what i live by! i don't own any cows, but my great aunt geane does. they are so nice and cute! everyone keeps asking me, why cows? but i don't just like cows for reasons... i am also just drawn to them. i think your site is really cool, and you could even have like a section for newbie's, cuz if i didn't know cows as well as i do, i would be a bit confused. i have been a faithful vegetarian for.. like ever, since i was ... 6 maybe. not so long, i'm only 10, 11 in like 2 months, but it seems like i've never even had meat. anyway, your site is really cool, keep up the good work! :D

Apr 13 2005
Well, after hearing the April fools joke played on the cow sisters, I feel it is my duty to say that I am sorry cow sisters. That could not have been a fun experience. On to better things though, as I have said it is my quest to gain cow knowledge. My next stop in this noble journey? The County Fair! Fabulous idea, no? County Fair, here I come! Applaud me cow-lovers, I go to learn!

Apr 12 2005
hey ya'll i may love cows more than anyone! I dont work on a cow farm but my brother does. but in a way i do because i'm always there helping out. one time we got a bull and named him cupcake because he was so nice. if you put your hand on his nose he would wrap his tongue around your hand. he was the cutest

Apr 11 2005
the cow sisters
hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!-LISTEN TO THIS!! me and my sis one day had our friends over from overseas and it was april fools day. that night we were sitting down at the table and everyone had started eating. just then dad stood up and announced to everyone that he had organised that our friend Bob (a butcher) to serve us our cows because we live on a farm. and me and my sister had eaten it! it was the worst day and the worst experience in our lives!

Apr 11 2005
Patty (a.k.a missy mooo)
Hi! My name is Patrice and Im from Australia. I am a huge fan of cows and I wish I had my own. Although I unfortunately don't own any yet, I see cows every day. The guy who owns the paddock behind the houses on my side of the street has them. When I get my own cows, their names will include Norman, Violet and Butter. By the way, no-one in Australia talks like Steve Irwin; except for Steve Irwin, ofcoarse. My favourite type of cow is Holstein Fresian. I just started High School 3 months ago and everyone keeps asking me: What's so good about cows? And I end up giving them a ten minute lecture on cows. Suckers! Anyway, I'll write back when I get my own cows! Bye! P.S. Hi! Jo-Anne.

Apr 9 2005
Hey guys guess what? I am going on holiday soon and I am going to be staying in a cottage which is a converted cowshed how cool is that!!!! it looks very nice....wish me luck hope I see lots of cows....guess they would have to bunk in with me.

Apr 5 2005
One time me and my friend stood at the side of the road dressed as cows and we had giant bellys because we stuffed our costume with those big excercize balls and we would wave to people as they drove past us. that was totally awsome!

Apr 4 2005
I have a dairy cow who had twin heifers, Lily and Tily!! Those of you who have dairy cows should know why they are such a blessing. One or both are going to the fair this year. I also have a heifer, Roxy, I went to visit her (at different part of the farm) and it had been only a week since she last saw me. I called her name and she came running with a joyous\sad moo. She loves her mommy moo!

Apr 2 2005
Ashley B.
HEY Cowgirl 700. I don't know you but I read your last tail and laughed because I was a cow last year for Halloween too!!

Mar 31 2005
Cows are special Cows are cool I wish we had cows at our school I love cows I hope they love me and they don't have to take a pee (just kidding) I love cows!!!!!!

Mar 30 2005
I have written this to deliver the bad news that Twurpy has been shipped. I can only hope she gets a home. Love you always Twurp. You will always be close to my heart, love you lots.

Mar 28 2005
Cowgirl 700
I am madly obbsessed with cows. Last halloween I was a cow! Cow are so ultra cute i wish i had my own!

Mar 27 2005
One day last year, I got chased by a baby bull. I was running around the hay feeder when my sister said Hop in Shane!. So I did and it hurt my arm. The End

Mar 26 2005
Hi,I love Black Angus Cows! I am 13 years old and have been showing cows since i was 4 years old. My first cow was Sweetie, she was born 1-11-96 and has had 7 calves. she had her 7th calf this morning i need help thinking of a name. It's a girl and the daddy's name is Baby i want the name to start with the letter R. I am also in 4-H and have sold 8 steers in 3 years, I am working w/a angus cross steer so i can take him to the fair on the weekend after Mother's Day in May. He sadly still dosen't have a name. He's all black w/a white streak on his head. [We have lots of names on the Cow Names (vote) page]

Mar 26 2005
I have a cow named Twurpy. She was born on Feb.1 2004. She was the first calf i had ever seen born. Her number is five. She has always been there for me and i have always been there for her. She was suppose to go to the auction in Nov. I cried alot that day. However there wasn't enough room for her to go, so she stayed! Since then we have spent alot more time together. She has been halter trained and I am trying to train her to be a riding cow. She is my best friend and I hope to have many more days with her.

Mar 24 2005
Suzanne (AKA Mad Cow)
Howdy! I very sad to say that my beloved cow betsy is dying. Now dont worry betsy isn't a live bovine she is a stuff animal keychain that moos when pressed. But sadly her mooing has become sickly and sometimes she doesnt moo at all. But betsy lives on with every paper I turn in at school, for she appears drawn at the top of my paper to keep my name company!

Mar 21 2005
Hello! My name is Nolan and I turned two in January. I am one cow crazy kid. I like to look at cow pictures on the internet with my mommy and say Cow-moo! I also like to see the cows that are in the Elmo, Wiggles, and Blue's Clues movies. Have a nice day!

Mar 19 2005
i wish i can have a cow like all u guys. but i live in Manahawkin,N.J. and no body has cows here! if i got a cow then i wouldn't want anything else! i would b the happest grl in the world!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE COWS!!!!!!!im cow crazzzzy!

Mar 16 2005
mattie-ryan's friend
Hey you guys! My friend, Ryan, introduced me to this site. He is the lover of cows, but this site is pretty cool.... Well, any way, I love horses, and I'm going to go on a real cattle drive. (Dunno when...)Well, I was wondering if you guys could give me any suggestions...Like how cows brains work. And how they get scared. Also, what do they take as a threat?.... Thanks a lot!!! lol

Mar 14 2005
to all holsteins and swiss. I was at my great granpas house and I went to his neighbors gate and his neighbor has alot of cows and they were grazing and sleeping and thats my story.

Mar 14 2005
Marisa name is marisa and im in 4-h and i have a cow...if u think that u all love cows well listen to this my room is painted like a farm and has cows gracing all over it...cows eat beat-pulp...and grain...and i have a cow named sable and she is over a year old! I LOVE SABLE!!!!

Mar 11 2005
This is the most amazing website like ever cause I love cows so much that I well actually I have my own cow and her name is daisy and I love her to pieces!!!

Mar 10 2005
well... when I was about three... my mom put me on a cow for a picture. I fell down and licked the cow on the head.... I was all like I dont wanna get off the cow mama! she's good! but...I was little back then so...

Mar 9 2005
Okay so i am an 11 year old girl OBSESSED with cows. That's why i'm on this website!!! i go to a camp with my friend Jacqueline called Farm Camp and we basically just stay with the cows all day!!! It's so much FUN!!!

Mar 9 2005
Just a note to all Canadians that read this: Please eat Canadian beef and help support the Canadian farmers in this time of great need. We need your support during this hard time, so come on out and take part in a local rally and get involved. It would mean a lot to me along with many other farmers out there. Agriculture is my future, and I hope it will still be around when I take over my family's farm. Remember: no farms=no food=no future.

Mar 8 2005
My twin sister and I have this awesome cow wallet that we named moo-cow. he started falling apart, and he had to have surgery. But, we still love him! He is like a god.. so special and protective of our money! All hail moo-cow!

Mar 8 2005
Krista:aka,L.C.L (Little cow lover)
Hey!Its me again!I just wanted to tell Kayla (in a nice way) that you are all wrong about lovin cows more than i do! LOL,I perty much live for cows and dont know what id do withought them!I always have the best time of my life when i go to the many shows/fairs each year! The part that is so cool about the shows(besides the cows) is that almost my entire family has a farm of their own! I get to be with my cousins all the time and that really ROCKS!!! I LOVE COWS MORE THAN ANYONE IN THE WORLD!!!AND DONT YOU FORGET IT!LOL!BYE!LCL(litte cow lover).

Mar 6 2005
Want to thank our coach Trent Sliker...for coaching our 4-H Diary Cattle Judging team in the 1970's. Apparently we raised eyebrows back then....could it be that we were a team of girls? Or that two of us lived on non-working farms? The brave soul stuck with us...thank gooodness. Many years later (30 ) I am still grateful!!!! P.S. the lessons I learned have transferred to my life today......GOD BLESS HIM

Mar 6 2005
Cows are the most amazing creatures on the earth! Once, I saw a cow! I am 3 years old and I'm telling this to my mommy. I think everyone should get together and have a giant cow festival! We could all drink milk, think about our bovine friends, and celebrate these cud-chewing saints! Bye-bye! I have to go think about what cows mean to me!

Mar 5 2005
I am such a cow fan ,me and my friends made this club called c.a.l.f. and it rocks! calf stands for cow association a loving foundation. i also have so many cows i cant help it.

Mar 4 2005
Okay so the last time I wrote was Jan. 31st, and I must say that I am making progress on the quest for cow knowledge. Mostly all that I know are random facts but, Cow-Lovers, I will not let you down. I think that I am improving and shall soon be the sagest cow-lover of all!

Mar 4 2005
I love cows. They're my favorite animal, I even have a cow corner in my room. Well today at school a herd of 25 big black cows got out and were grazing in the ditch right next to the school. I'm in journalism and while we were sitting in class Eric, a kid in my class, thought it was a big photo oppertunity and we decided to go take pictures, but to make a long story short animal control had already rounded up the cows with a little help from our assistant principle. We didn't get our picture but it's still a funny story.

Mar 2 2005
I am in the 5th grade and one of my best friends Kelsey is obsessed with cows.(in a good way) In her romm she has a closet with a small room in the back that she calls the cow club. When I first when into the cow club I thought it was werid but then I grew to love it. Kelsey has been right next to a cow! She is really lucky! I have not even seen a pig. Cows rock my socks!

Feb 28 2005
i had a calf in year 7 and his name was Moonay. i loved Moonay heaps but he had to go back after calf club and group day. we won two ribbons and it was cool. i miss Moonay. he has been gone for almost two years as i am in year 9 now

Feb 27 2005
Hi! I'm 11 and I love cows. One time I went to the county fair, and I was looking at cows. I reached in to pet one and stepped in a cow pie.

Feb 24 2005
I have been showing beef cattle for 9 years i love beef cattle. my calf lived in an air conditioned room were it is best for her to grow hair. Jaisy my calf was my life during the summer. I worked with her every day. She got a bath and her hair worked and combed three times a day. when it came time to take her to the state fair it is a sad time because i had to put her on a truck and say good bye. because i would never get to see her ever again. for all the sadness that i went through i just have to look on to next year where i will have a new calf to work with.

Feb 24 2005
jordan s tale is completley untrue i think purple cows are perfectly fine and i'd want to see one and if i had the chance i would love to be a purple cow

Feb 24 2005
I love crazy for cows, my dad lets me look at it evry night before bed, My favorite cows are Holstiens at the moment I say moo moo when I see them. Thank you for all the loverly cows.I can' wait to show my little bro George when he is older. Jamie aged 18 months

Feb 22 2005
** Darra **
I have a cow here name is leann. she is about 4 months old. i will show her in the 4-H Fair. This is my 3rd year showing cows -- i like it a lot!! if it was not for B.E.P farms i would not have gotten into showing cows. Thank you B.E.P. Farms. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad and Matt and Chashen Farms . Thank you so much!! Aaron i am a city slicker!!!

Feb 22 2005
My friend Jennna has cows. So does the rest of her family. She owns a farm. I pet them sometimes and I like it ;-)

Feb 21 2005
Kayla Crazy for Cows!
Hey Krista a.k.a. LCL I like cows way more than you do. I have cow everything. and I have a lot of cows. I am the biggest cow fan!

Feb 20 2005
Alan B.
My Grandpa used to raise cows. He let me feed them and take care of them. Once he let me ride on a Brahman. That cow had a huge hump. I sat very close to its head{a major mistake!}. I bent over right when it did, fell off and landed {unfortunatly}in ... none other than a fresh cow pie! Now I never go near cows before I know they've done their buisness.

Feb 20 2005
Jordan S.
I never saw a purple cow, I never hopee to see one, But i can tell you anyhow, I'd rather see one then be one.

Feb 20 2005
About two years ago I was showing my holstein Glitter at the county fair and she had stepped a small tad on my shoe and we started to move and I couldn't get her to move then all. of a sudden a kid hit her with a bouncy ball and she took of on me and stepped even harder on my foot and i tripped and got under her and she stepped on me on each leg, and the ring man pulled me so fast so I wouldn't get hurt again and the judge had caught my cow and putched her and gave me first place because of all the hardship i had gone through. he said I had earned it for not trying to cry from the pain and also because I didn't quit I stuck it out till the end. I don't show her now but I still love her as much as i did before she is my baby.

Feb 20 2005
One day I was walking my sister's calf Rojo, and we were going through the feed room and all of a sudden a rat about nine inches long runs past us, and scares Rojo. she takes of on me and i trip and fall on the concrete slop and got under her. she stepped on me twice and almost a third time if i wouldn't have rolled away, but she is still a wonderful heifer so I just don't take her around rats or mice anymore.

Feb 18 2005
cows are constantly belittled because they are vulnerable. cow feet are made into glue cows are killed for beef. cows are our friends. cow turds are being made into fuel for our cars. cows give us milk and fertilizer. respect and support our cows.

Feb 18 2005
I grew up with cows in Wisconsin. My grandfather started a co-op which was bought out by Land-O-Lakes. I'm used to small, family owned farms. Then I found out about factory farms and what happens to these charming, lovable creatures in order for us to eat their meat. I am now a vegetarian and on my way to becoming vegan. Please consider limiting your meat intake if not totally cutting it out. If you truely love these animals, why would you consume them?

Feb 18 2005
cows are very interesting characters. without them, we would be nothing, so my family stives to keep them breed. We were artificially inseminating one of my linebacks, and it took three of us to hold her while another bred her. It was interesting.

Feb 16 2005
When I was in 4-H I had a red heifer called Kimmie. She was the tamest heifer at the fair she would follow me everywhere. When I showed her she did everything by herself, she set herself up and repositioned herself when the judge moved from one side to the other. In the evenings when we were all dead on our feet she would give us a foot massage with her tongue. I cried when I sold her at the sale. I still see her and call Kimmie, Kimmie, Kimmie and she comes running to be petted. Everyone is still talking about her after 5 years.

Feb 16 2005
Krista:a.k.a, LCL(little cow lover)
HEY,it's me again! i have gone through all of the articals and not one person has shown that they love cows more than i do! I am 12 and live on a dairy farm in NC! We have jerseys and i show them all over the place at fairs! My uncles on my dad's side all have dairy farms also, and me and my cousins have the greatest time ever! I don't think i could live without my cows! For all the people who don't eat beef GET OVER YOURSELFS farmers dont just go and kill the cow they wait untill they are eather sick(as long as it isnt harmfull to humans), dont give milk anymore or are in pain and nothing can be done about it. I LOVE COWS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!!-KRISTA L.aka, little cow lover! Oh, besides the meat is really,really good!

Feb 16 2005
Last year in March I took an AI course to learn how to breed a cow. Anyways to make a long story short my very first HEIFER calf was born a couple of weeks ago!!! She's the cutest, smartest, prettiest thing I've ever seen and I have a bunch more on the way as well!!! Anyone that gets a chance to take an AI course DO IT. Nine months later, you won't regret it when there's a cute, brand new addition to your herd!!!

Feb 14 2005
at one time my son worked on a farm and had to feed the cows and bulls i went with him one day i asked if i could help he let me feed the calfs. being the first time doing that i didnt know them little calfs had so much strength while feeding them their bottle some how they managed to push me into the corner. i was stuck. i had to give a yell for my son to come help me get lose and we stood there laughing but it was fun.

Feb 11 2005
My dad told me this story of when he was younger & he and his dad(my grandpa) had to go to someone else's field a get a bull that had crossed the fence. Any way, my grandpa decided to lure the bull across with grain. The bull cornered him against a tree and my dad shot him in the behind with a bb gun.

Feb 10 2005
One time I was out in the field and I was ear tagging calves and and this cow started charging me so I ran to the truck. Then the next day I was out there again and it charged me. I didn't know what to do ,then the cow stopped in front of me. Turned out that she just wanted to be petted. That is the reason I LOVE COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 10 2005
Sara Pulido Foldats
I Have collected cow artickles for some years here in Caracas Venezuela. I have about 500 diferent items like towels, Cow forks, Glases, pottery sets, you name it I have it... until last year 2004, my husband Ernest gave me a real baby cow for my birthday and we just love it. her name is also Sara and she about one year old today in February 2005.... I love your cow page and I all ready sent my cow picture. I'm Venezuelan -- Muuuuuuuuuuu

Feb 10 2005
I love cows so much !!! They are the best animal ever. I live on farm with about 64 milking cows and a bunch of heifers. I am going to show a December heifer.

Feb 9 2005
krista:AKA:little cow lover
OMG!I love cows so much!I live on a dairy farm and show jersey cows i have shown cows ever sence i was 3. cows have been my favorat animal 44ever. i have the best time ever being with my cows, and nothing can ever replace that feeling of loving a cow. the most comfy place ever at a fair or even a small county fair is laying on your fav cow! i will always love cows no matter what! OH, AND FOR ALL U PEOPLE WHO THINK U LUV COWS MORE THAN ME, UR WAAAAY WRONG!people at school even call me L.C.L(little cow lover!!!) #1fan(of cows).

Feb 8 2005
I started collecting cows about 10 years ago. I have managed to con one of my friends into collecting too. I have all sorts of things: stuffed animals, pot planters, toothbrush holder, handbag, mugs, ornaments, pens, toilet set, salt and pepper shakers, milkshake maker, keyrings, moneyboxes -- I am always sniffing them out in the shops. My partner is a farmer and says all he ever sees since he has been living with me is COWS COWS COWS! We bought a big wall unit to accomodate them. I have my son, Toby, and daughter, Kyla, well trained; they both look for cow stuff now, too and let me know that particular one or not. I grew up on a farm. My dad was a herd tester after he gave up farming, so I've always had a lot to do with them. I would dearly love a cow mailbox -- "One day," says hubby. Cow you later

Feb 8 2005
Kelsy k.
Hi i'am a dairy farmer and i think cows are awesome!!! We milk 45 cows in the barn. Ilove cows!! I like little baby calves too. my favorite cow is sandy. i bring cows to the fair too. milk!!!

Feb 6 2005
Did you know that Uruguay's (South America's only First World Country--sometimes referred to as the Switzerland of South America) coat-of-arms depicts an image of a horse and COW. Uruguayan Passports (which until 2003 could be used to enter the U.S. without Visas) depict a bull with huge horns on the lower portion of the back inside cover. Lastly, Uruguay has only three million people, but more than FORTY MILLION COWS, most of which wind up as steaks in the United States and Europe. Now, if the cows of Uruguay ever got smart and decided to overthrow the human government, can you imagine how much trouble Uruguay's three million people would be in the face of forty million angry cows?????

Feb 4 2005
Catie K
My friend loves cows. She got a cowgirl hat for her birthday!! She has a baby calf and her name is Fancy!!!! She is the greatest friend anyone can have!!

Feb 3 2005
i went to this ice cream place and there was a cow having a baby and i got to see it have babies and then it mooed and i went CRAZY!! i got this ice cream and it was all swirly and it tasted like heavenly goodness it was the best freshly cow made ice cream i have ever in my whole life

Feb 3 2005
My name is cj and i would like to know why my cows tail has not been put in it was one about a cow named princess and she had a horrible day thank u [Editor: We don't have room for all the tails, and sometimes tails do get lost due to a glitch in the system.]

Feb 2 2005
i know everything about cows!!!!!!! i've been with cows for 8 months. one cow BLACKY hugs me. she sticks her nose against my neck and rubs around. i don't know why but i love her. holsteines are just sensitive i guess.

Feb 2 2005
Ashley B.
Hey, it's me again. The last time I wrote it was August 9, 2004. There was this cow parade in Brattleboro, VT (all for cows) and there were over 250 cows! One cow went to the bathroom and, everybody that was near it had to move because it was TRICKLING! There were also people handing out UTTER CREAM (hand cream)! Well thats all for now.

Feb 2 2005
hey im mandy i am absolutley mad about cows ever since my friends started calling me mandy moo. I have cow print seats in my car(my daughters dont like this and refuse to be picked up in my car now lol:P) cow handbags. I even have magnetic cow splats that stick onto the side of my car cows are fab. Woo hoo all hail the cows i am a mad cow as my youngest daughter would say but there you go what can i say i love cows oh and i have a cd with cow noises on omg its so funny lmao

Feb 2 2005
As a child I always had a facination for animals. As a college student I got the opportunity show a Black Angus Heifer at the university's annual Little I Show. I spend lots of time working with my girl, Carne Asada (I know horrible name but believe it or not she responded to it well). Well Carnie and I bonded well and on the day of our show just before entering the show ring she stepped on my foot I fell over and let go of her lead. Needless to say we had to catch her (that was fun). In the end she and I pulled it off and our hard work paid off and we got first place! In the beef cow division. Since then my girl has had her first calf, a little boy, and both are doing great.

Feb 1 2005
At my school there is a kid who supposedly loves cows but he doesn't and i do. I have everything cows.... They are so awesome i even made a cow poem: Cows are not just animals We see every day But cows are beautiful creatures That love to come and play They have dark black and white spots We have come to love and know Go ahead and hug a cow And let them see your love show. Thank you thank you very much.

Jan 31 2005
Wow, so there I was, searching the vast internet when I found this site. In all it's magnificence! YES! Finally I can learn about cows, dream of them and view them until my obession kills me. TO YOU SHMOO-SHMOO! Thank you fellow cow-lovers!

Jan 28 2005
One of my best friends, Jermima, has cows. Her cousins, Eliza and Ally, also have cows. They are really cool. Jermima is even naming one of her cows Eliose which kind of sounds like my name. I never knew cows were so interesting!

Jan 28 2005
Ever since I worked on the experiment station down the road two summers ago I've loved cows. While there I helped to empregnate them and help them birth. I love cows.

Jan 28 2005
lu lu
Yo wassup! I don't live on a farm or anything but there are cows in the field behind my house. When I was younger me and my sister would go out there and pick apples from our tree to feed to them. After a while they would run to us when they saw us and and then follow us around the field wherever we went. We got really close to one cow and we could lie down next to her and sit on her back and she would moo when she saw us. Looking back it's strange how they knew who we were - who can call a cow stupid?

Jan 27 2005
One time one of my friends, Alyssa, wanted me to walk my calf in the field. As soon as she got in the field she started running and alyssa decided to yell, since she doesn't know much about cows. As soon as she screamed my cow trampled me and i was laying on the ground laughing it was real funny. the end.

Jan 26 2005
I raise a show steer for FFA and i can't think of a better way to spend my time even if I go to class smelling of bovine. I must admit I will probobly cry when he has to go to the big cow pasture in the sky, but for now I love my steer.

Jan 25 2005
My favorite cow is Leigh Roie. She's the best part of my day. I raised her from a new born calf and now she is our family milk cow. She's great with all the farm cats and dogs. When it's milking time everyone is in the barn to catch a squirt of milk or just be with her, rubbing on her legs or playing with her tail.

Jan 24 2005
Lauren Marie
i've known nothing but cows all my life- we have ahd a dairy farm in our family for four generations- top that- ha! i milk the cows every day for two hours & i host the local dairy club & my favorite bovine is Lenny, unfortunatly we had to send him off and i think i saw him in the grocery store last week :(

Jan 24 2005
Hello I am a big cow fan. I haven't ate beef since I was 5 years old. I always figured since I was a young age that beef or any meat isn't a good thing. I think if you really love cows you wouldn't consume them. I hope someday everyone will stop eating beef and meat period. Cows will always have a special place in my heart and I will continue to stand up for their welfare!!

Jan 23 2005
Hey! I lived on a dairy farm all my life with almost 300 cows and steers living on my farm. I've shown my cows in 4-H since I was eight and I wouldn't change it for the world! I love being on my farm on working with my family!It is a great expericence for every one. Bye!

Jan 20 2005
Kelsy k.
hi my cow won best udder at the glenwwod city county fair. she has spots all over her. thats why we call her pebbles. her mom is the best milker in the herd

Jan 19 2005
I raised dairy cows for 3 years and feel in love with them. they're better than showing all of my other animals. I have alot of cow things... mostly I love jersey and brahman cows.

Jan 19 2005
Elizabeth (#1Cow Fan)
I love cows so much I stopped eating burgers!!!I have huge cow posters all over my room!!!I also love milk!!!My nana lives near an ice-cream place where they make their own ice-cream from their own cows. When I went there one of the cows licked me!!! Not only do I love cows, but they love me!!!

Jan 19 2005
change of heart
when I first came to the country from the city i saw cows as smelly animals. Then my friend Becky took me to her farm and showed me her COOL COWS!! Now I see them as gentle, sweet loving animals! I used to shut the windows and conplain about the smell when i passed a farm. Know I roll down the windows and say hello!!!! COWS ROK MI SOX!!

Jan 19 2005
Cow gal
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE COWSSSSS!!!! I used to live on a farm, but i don't anymore, and i loved seeing my cow(angel) everynight! i never really liked the winters, cause it was REALLY cold feeding the calves! but in the summers i used to LOVE helping out with the hay and the cows, ya know hearding the cows into the barn and all. If i had a handful of wishes, one of them would be to own a farm again! Anyone who has cows out there........never take for granted what ya got, ya never know when your gonna lose it. and when you do lose it, your heart is left with an empty hole. I LOVE COWS!!!!!!

Jan 19 2005
Dear Daisy. So sad to read aboat your precious Angus. It can't be easy but you have to remember that he is in cow heaven now were everyting is good. I lost one of my babies the other day, he was sick and I couldn't save him. It's so sad every time that happends. Love Rosa

Jan 17 2005
Hey all you cow lovers. You are all amazing but I am the true cow lover I have 100 cows and 400 calfs. I love them all my favorit is Kirby. He is amazing he one 1st prize in my towns fair. So I love cows and am there number 1 fan!!!!

Jan 15 2005
Wow I thought I was the only one with a pet steer. 4 years ago a cattle truck crashed right by the farm where I keep my 3 horses; they were shooting the injured cattle (Charolais) so when I asked to take one they agreed. Moo was sick with shipping fever and had ringworm and a huge chunk out of his right fetlock. We had to load him by hauling him on a piece of plywood. He spent 2 weeks in the barn and it took 2 years for his fetlock to fully heal but he is a huge healthy handsome man now! I've never met such a gentle, sweet creature. Moo lets kids ride him, understands vocal cues and seems grateful to have his chance at life. He will be my baby forever!!!

Jan 15 2005
Abigail (im the biggest cow fan ever even though im only 11
Cows, cows a wonderful thing, With a long whoosy tail and a nose with a ring, Cows, cows make your cheese, Cows, cows do what they please, Cows, cows are born and bred, Cows, cows have a beautiful head, So when you think of cows don't think of the meat we get, Think of their lives and give them respect!

Jan 14 2005
HOLY COW! Who doesn't love cows!?! I am the ultimate cow lover! I reign over all other Bovineans (aka, YOU!) I dream of becoming a cow breeder when I grow up. When I am in heaven I will be the cattle savior and reign over all ... FUZZZY, WUZZY, GUZZY LITTLE COWY POOS!

Jan 14 2005
Cow lover
I raised 2 adorable cows with our friends. they are soooooo cool!!! it is totally awesome being able to raise your own cows and see how loving they are. When they were little they slept in our laps. They were rescued from becoming veal and given to our friends. they wanted us to help raise them so we did. the cows were soooooo cute and people in cars always looked at them. the cows are really sweet and even hug us. their tounges are really rough. its so fun raising cows!!!

Jan 13 2005
Hey There I am lovin cows they r so interesting. my favourite one is dutch belted and I did a project on them for science. I want to have a farm when I grow up with heaps of cows .Still lovin cows Susy:-)

Jan 12 2005
nathan collins
I am doing a project inside of Tech im my school, about being a dairy farmer. So I was wondering if someone who is a dairy farmer, or has a lot of dairy farming experience, could give me there e-mail address so I can ask some questions. E-mail me at da_happycow

Jan 12 2005
Hi again, just like to say a huge thank you to the web master for putting up my tail bout my cow called Angus. I regret to tell you that in the big storms we had the other week, Angus sadly passed away. I am still getting to terms with his death, and I would like the support of other cow friends who have lost their cows. Does anybody know of a good cow support group which I could join? However, I have recently bought another Aberdeen-Angus cow, and I have named him Angus II. He is no replacement to Angus I, but I am slowly growing the same love for him that I had for Angus I. Thank-you for your time, if there are any cow berevement support groups out their, please let me know. Daisy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxx

Jan 11 2005
Loryn (Foxchic03)
Dairy Cattle, Dairy Products, and Ag. Teachers...What's not to like about them?!?!?! They are all awesome, and differently unique in there own ways. I decided to write about one of my Ag. Teachers, Mr. Coleman. He is my dairy cattle instructor, and I think that he deserves some type of award, or some type of recognization. He just got back from Louisville, Ken. with his state winning, Dairy Cattle Judging team. He has put so much time and effort into his students and teaching as he does into his family. I would just like to say thank you to Mr.Coleman for all the time and effort that he has put into his career as an Ag. Instructor!!! So, THANK YOU Mr.Coleman for everything!!!

Jan 10 2005
I absolutely love cows!!! I live on a farm in New Brunswick, Canada. I am in 4-h in dairy and cooking. I am going to have a December heifer. I am at school. I am in french emersion.I am in the computer lab beside my friend Emily. Talk to yall' later.

Jan 9 2005
i am 8 and live in a farm in cornwall. i love to help my dad got at the wekends with the animals. i like the cows. i called a baby cow betty the baby. we milk our cows but i dont drink it. it probably goes to tescos. they claen the milk as the cow is dirty inside, my dad told me that.

Jan 5 2005
This is a song about cows I am cow here me moo I way five times more than you milk cheese yogurt butter comes directly from my utter i am cow i am cow i am cow so here me moo. mooooooo

Jan 5 2005
Milk is an emulsion of butterfat suspended in a solution of water (roughly 80%), lactose, proteins and salts. Cows milk has a specific gravity around 1.03. It's pasteurised by heating it to 63 degrees C for 30 mins. It's the rapidly cooled and stored below 10 degrees C. Louis Pasteur began his experiments into pasteurisation in 1856. By 1946 the vacuum pasteurisation method had been perfected and in 1948 UHT (ultra heat treated) pasteurisation was introduced. Cow Grass = Fat Cow Fat Cow Milking Machine = Milk

Jan 5 2005
There once was a cow called Angus, Who liked to eat asparagus, He ate it all day, Fell asleep on the hay, Oh, my dear cow called Angus!

Jan 5 2005
My name is Daisy! I love cows! I especially take a keen interest in Aberdeen-Angus cows. I've been looking into taking a degree in cows (Agriculture) at Aberdeen University. I am from Aberdeen. The cow is of the bovine ilk, One end is moo, the other, milk! I have an Aberdeen-Angus cow. He is called Angus and I bought him from Aberdeen cow market. He likes Haggis! Thank you for your time, Lots of Love, Daisy Angus xxxxxxxx

Jan 4 2005
Hola, me llamo es jojo. Me gusta escuchar musica y montar en monopatin. Tambien, me gusta mucho vacas. vacas tango grande nariz. Adios amigos!

Jan 2 2005
I love Brown Swiss cows. They are my favorite breed. I like other breeds too but brown swiss are my favorite. I live on a dairy farm and we have 84 cows that are mostly swiss but we have a few holsteins too. we have about 10 calves on the bottle now and I feed them every mornig at 4:30 and every night at 4:30. In the summer I milk the cows for my dad when he's in the field. I want to get some Jersey's but they are too small for our milking parlor. when I get older I'm going to be a vet. I love taking care of the cows and calves when they are sick like giving them shots and medicine. On our farm we also have a lot of steers that we raise. They are sooo cute and furry. I have a cow and her name is Melanie she is dark brown in the winter and medium brown in the summer. she is really cute.

Dec 30 2004
my name is Agath. i'v lived on a farm my whole life and have 8 of my very own cows. in all my family has 24 cows. one of my cows, Linda, loves to stick out her tongue. she is soooo cute. my other cow, Maddie, pretends she is a human she loves to wear hats and eat cake. and guess what our newest cow, jaine, was born yesterday. she is a doll and i love her so much!

Dec 25 2004
Once i went to my uncle Luis' farm. He didn't have very many cows,in fact, only 5 cows. One was named Milly. She had won a blue ribbon at a fair in Nebraska. Then my uncle let me milk Milly. I had to grab some milk in the udder and pull. I didn't get much in the pail, but my uncle got a lot. Then he told me about this website. That's why I am here right now.

Dec 20 2004
Santa Cow
I deliver gifts to all the little cows in the world. Exept for Bessy from denmark who didn't graze w/ her mother and ran off w/ her friend, Philup (who's getting cow manure for christmas.) The kind of gifts they want is voodoo kits that they can use on the meat eaters in the world. (Cows are very vengeful creatures, but can you blame them) So all you cows out there remember i'm watching!!! Will you be naughty or nice? we'll see.

Dec 20 2004
Angela and Phil
COWS COWS COWS COWS COWS im just mad about the moo's. I really really really want a really really big pet cow but i live in London so it doesnt have much room to graze. COWS COWS COWS COWS you just have to love the cows did you know??? hehe thta they can walk upstairs but they cant walk back down cos they have special knee joints. Anywayz off cows spotting down the local dairy. Still loving the cows Angela and Phil

Dec 19 2004
I've loved cows all of my life... if you ask my friends they would say i'm obsessed. anyways, i have a friend who got a cow farm just for me and one of the bulls are mine his name is sparky. hes SO cute, he's black and white and he's got little pieces of hair that stick up on top of his head. xoxo Lindsay xoxo

Dec 19 2004
i love cowssss toooo much when i was younger i grew up on a farm in colebrook ct it was great we would play with the cows all summer then during the winter we would go down to the barn turn up the heat and just sit down there me and 2 of my sisters really cared about our cows soo for my sisters 12th bday we bought her a cow and from then on my family has gotten me and 2 of my sisters cows for our birthdays.we take our cows to fairs and other types of contests since the day i got my cow shes had 3 kids 1 set of twins and then just one 2 of my brothers have cows now bc of my cows babys. i guess we're just a cow loving family alex

Dec 18 2004
You know, my whole life I never thought that I would be writing in the guestbook for a COW website. I have trained horses for over 20 years of my life, and I have been horse-crazy for as long as I have known what they were. But I must say: I have developed this strong affinity for cows through the years, and after working on farms, I have discovered that they have much more personality than most people realize. I am now (yes, I'm saying it) officially........ COW CRAZY!!!!!!! MMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-O!!!! :P Thanks for the site! It's wonderful!

Dec 18 2004

Dec 16 2004
hay hay and moo
im haley me and my best friend moo always spend time on the farm my dad works on we spend the day playing with all types of animals and riding tractors but our favorite time of the day is when we get to see the cows whether it's feeding them the sticky malassos or just plain grain. we have a great time xoxo haley and moo moo &

Dec 13 2004
I love cows they rok! I hav been mad about cows for the last 3 years! I have some steers they are all black angus. When i am older i wan't to be a cattle farmer. I know you don't make much money but i love them so much. gtta go cya l8er

Dec 12 2004
hay and brig
Haley and like going to work with her dad we get to help feed all the animals and ride on tractor.We get to feed all the cows and put sticky molasses on the hay. There is alot of cows. Haley has a cow named milkshake there are other cows like pinky, oreo, 49.

Dec 12 2004
Born to be a cowgirl
i my name is andy i have over a 100 cows and guess what ? over the summer i get to take care of them i feed them and i give each one a bath my friend sammy who is also like me a born cowgirl comes over helps we spend hour after cleaning them taking picuters of them and drawing pics of them.Sammy and i favorite is playing with them.

Dec 12 2004
my name is sammy.I always was a cowgirl in at my ranch in texas. But then my mom got a new job in boston. But my dad decided to stay in texas. i wasn't really sure what to do i love being a cogirl but i live where there is no place to eat out or go shopping. So i decided to go with my mom. when i was there to make me feel better she bought all the stuffed cows that she could find. was still happy that we were moving back to texas in two months and i could play with all my cows and see my Dad

Dec 11 2004
i love your website! it's radical! i live on a dairy farm and my dad raises brown swiss! i show cows with some of my friends! i'm also in a 4-h club and i love it! i'll definately come back to this website and learn more about cows! love ya'

Dec 11 2004
tera a.k.a. SittingCow
I love cows and so does my friend Stephanie! Her nickname is Dances w/Squirrels- She's always on Cowpie game and check the high score list 4 us! My nickname is SittingCow or just Cow. Long Live Cows!

Dec 10 2004
hey my name is ashley. before i was a city person now i'm a farm girl. very time i work with my cow before scott county fair i think of how fun i had the first time i showed and the last time i show. so my counting down the months the days to the next fair. COWS ARE THE #1 THING ON MY LIST FOR ANIMALS and i have 2 cows that i lesese for a windbreak jeseys. peace to all that are reading this. BYE!

Dec 10 2004
I live on a 200 head dairy farm and I have two cows of my own floppy and taffy. Taffy has long horns and floppy has floppy ears she was born like that.

Dec 8 2004
I am a cow lover my nick name is moo. I use to like cheese burgers until i was six then my mom told me they're made of cow i never ate them since. I think its mean i don't eat any cow products or drink any of them. I am not sure if a am going to go vegetarian yet. Cow lover xoxoxo

Dec 6 2004
i love cows especially their tails and ears -- they're so cute!. my friend owns a farm in devon, and they rent their farm out to people including the barn and there are loads of cows (they really smell). and once one of the cows escaped and got into the pig pen and got chased round and round. it took ages to catch and it backed my dad into lots of mud and water he was soaked.

Dec 5 2004
Hi, well i live on an 80 cow dairy farm we are planning on expanding to a 200 cow barn. I have been passioned for cows ever since i could walk and talk. I have cows that i absolutly love and the rest i love them. I am in a 4-H club and i love it! i have been in it for 5 years. I LOVE COWS!!!!

Dec 4 2004
I love cows, and i havent eaten them for at least 6 months. I LOVE YOU COW! ***HUGS***

Dec 3 2004
Starting last month I am CRAZY for cows! I luv em my dad used to live behind a cow farm and he said they smell but they are still the cutest thing on earth!Their spots are awesome! They may smell but the stench doesn't bother me!

Dec 1 2004
I'm sandy. I live on a beef farm with 300 cows, 4 horses, 3 cats, 2 dogs.I take steers, heifers, and calves to county fairs and i went to state with my heifer in 2004. i'm in 4-h and it's fun. well have a cow crazy time!

Dec 1 2004
hi i am sherry i luv cows hey want to hear a joke? where did the cows go on a the moooooooooooooovies

Nov 30 2004
hi i am mad about cows i live on a farme with 2000 milkers, 150 beef.

Nov 29 2004
hey, cows are the coolest animals ever! my friends have a cow farm and once i was over there at their house and i got to feed a baby calf! My friend promised me she'd give me a cow for christmas! I love cows!! COWS ROCK!!!!

Nov 27 2004
I am as yaou know katie and well i wouldn't post if i didn't love cows. I always go up t colorado to visit and i love to watch the cows as we drive by them.and i am always annoying my parents because when i see the cows i shout out COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well you know why...........

Nov 25 2004
ashley lynn
We have a calf and her name is Cutie Pie. We ride her around . She is very friendly.We love her lots!

Nov 24 2004
Yah i love cows i have 26 black angus steers and my cow Hunn i ask her to give me a kiss and she puts her nose up to my mouth and gives me a kiss! Shes really well trained and she takes apples out of my mouth its really kewl! Im also im 4-H so yeah well im out bye!

Nov 22 2004
Once there was 2 little girls there names were Krysten and Shennon.They both loved cows! Shennon went to her friends Krysten's house to spend the night. Krysten's mom let them go to the farm. So they went to the farm and when the got there they saw something sooooo beautiful -- COWS!!! The girls got to feed the cows. But they could never find the perfect cow. So they went to see the calves they went through all the calves and when they to see the last calf, they stuck their hands inside the cage to see if it would lick there hands. IT DID!!!! it licked their hand for hours! but then.... they had to leave they had cow slobber ALLLLLL over their hands.

Nov 22 2004
It was funny. My little cousin, Alissa, saw a cow give birth at the county fair. For some strange reason, she mixed up a cow and chicken and went around for the next week telling everyone, I saw a cow lay an egg! I saw a cow lay an egg!

Nov 22 2004
City to milking cows
Well hi I am going to tell you about how I went from a city person to a farmboy. I know it sounds weird but it is possible I did it. Well one day I was at my grandparents and that is out in the country in catteragust county, and cows got out and were on my front lawn. So we went down and got the farmer and me and jan ( the farmer ) got the cows back in. I was never afraid of cows, well a little bit but not realy only when i was right next to them. well so any way,Jan asked me if I wanted to help out and I said ya!!! And two years later now I am getting paid to go there and I love it. We milk cows in the mornig and at night. But I am still living in the city and I go to the farms on the weekends, as for the summer I live with my grandparents. so it is ok! Now I work at a cattle auction in sherman ny, I work on two dairy farms one of them I told you about, and a horse ranch. Cool huh

Nov 21 2004
I LOVE COWS! they are my favorite animal in the whole world! i have 4 cows named Mooie,sprinkels,Comet, and Lucky. well i took Mooie to one of my friends house to get ready for 4-h and all the cows went wild! it was crazy tryin to catch them! then i won 2nd place in showmanship!!!!

Nov 20 2004
When my grandpa sold his cows i was realy sad. When I was walking in the seemingly empty barn, I heard a moo! It was 4 of the older cows were there. My Uncle,(the buyer of the farm) was keeping them!

Nov 20 2004
i have a cow named sall and she is the best friend I can ever have. I saw her yesturday grazing in the fields and I could not stop wondering why I had not thought of a costume for her on holloween so I decided naxt year I would make a costume of Zoro for her. Dosn't that sound like fun? Thank you for reading my story, COWLOVERS!

Nov 19 2004
Hey, my name is Loryn and i've been showing Dairy Cattle for 3 years now, in FFA. I recomend that everyone join either 4-H or FFA, or even go independent so that you could show that one special species that you love! Showing Dairy Cattle has taught me soo much...I have learned responsibility, leadership and i have met soo many new people.. Its sad that i only have 2 years left to show in the Junior shows!! But there is always the Open Shows!!!

Nov 17 2004
i got in trouble today because my teacher said for his sanity if said cow one more time i'd get in trouble then my friend asked me what aws my favorite animal i had no choice but to say cow so for all you cow lovers out there i took a dive for the good of the cows COWS RULE!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 16 2004
Well hi. As you know I am mike,and i work on a dairy farm, milk cows at 4:30 am. and at night if thats counts for any thing PS: stay away from the bull they can be real mean. LOL Trust me they were mean to me more than once (and it was not to fun!! well c yall

Nov 14 2004
One time i was walking down the asil of my friends grandmas farm and i was walkin twords one side and a cow pied on me! i will never do that again.

Nov 12 2004
Cows are #1. Over the world they roam together. We all love cows. Seeing cows makes me happy Really, cows aren't stupid. Old cows,young cows, they all rock. Cow tipping is mean,don't do it. Kill cows? I hate you.

Nov 12 2004
I had a pet cow called sally.We all loved her so much. But one day i went to feed her and i found her dead. I tell you now that was the worst day of my life. Good luck to all.

Nov 10 2004
C.A.S( a.k.a Cows Are Super!)
I went out to my grandparents house a while ago, and I asked if we could go see the cows that lived in a barn nearby. My grandfather said yes, so we went. There was this huge cow, but she was so adorable. I have started loving cows and I want to own cows when I grow up!

Nov 10 2004
I am almost 2 years old and there is nothing I love more than COWS!! It is my favorite word and I love when people ask me what cows say! MOOOOOOOO!!

Nov 10 2004
i watched a cow being born and it was so facinating. i think they are so cute!

Nov 9 2004
it was just a week ago when i was at my uncles farm he owns 80 cows and 2 of them are mine i got them as a birthday present from my great grandmother. anyway i was out to find jess, one of my moos, when i walked down to the creek and there was jess giving birth. i ran back up to the house to tell my mum. in the end jess ended up having a little girl i called her MOONLIGHT. i now have 3 moos

Nov 8 2004
One time i went fishing just pretend fishing though for leaves, my shoes are untied,i caught a big leaf, then a cow named unicorn, ate my morning glories and sang a song about crows.

Nov 5 2004
my parents owned a farm, due to drought and other bad luck we had to move from cropping into stock, my dad went out and decided to by some cows, he was going to build up a breeding herd for himself, to start his wonderful herd he bought 4 old dairy cows in calf to god knows what...there my love for cows began, i fell in love with an old cow with a dicky hip we decided to name old girl, we had her for over 14 years...her last donation to our herd being a wonderful set of twins... my dear old girl passed away about six years ago now, the day she passed I cried untill I felt ill. My dad now has a herd of prize winning brangus cattle, of which old girl helped us to obtain.

Nov 1 2004
I worked on a dairy farm about 7yrs ago, and still tell cow stories to this day. After finding out that I worked with cows, many people would remark on the seeming lack of intelligence, exhibited by bovines. I always had to say: Cows think more than you think they do. One afternoon, we were milking, as usual, but there was a bit of a backup in the parlor. A young cow, unused to the routine had turned the wrong way, and was facing the line being milked. I climbed out of the pit, and tried to get in front of her, so she'd back up, turn around and go safely back to the holding pen. She got upset, and looked at me, looked at the cows in front of her and....looked into the pit, apparently gauging her best escape route. She decided that jumping into the pit was her best option, knocked over a bucket of milk on the way down and slipped and fell. I was horrified, because I was afraid she'd broken a leg. But then she scrambled up and was OK.

Oct 30 2004
for halloween i carved a cow into my pumpkin. on of the notches fell of so it is now a two legged was my first time carving my own dedsign so it doesnt look very good.COWS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 29 2004
A couple years ago we deciced to go out in to the pasture to see the new calves. Well in order to get there you have to go under a fence we all got under except my sister who was taking forever! We all walked off leavivg my sister behind. When we finnaly looked back to see if she was coming the oldest calf was chasing her around and around. My sister was screaming like crazy!

Oct 29 2004
nathan a.k.a. happycow
One time I went to the Puyallup in Seattle, and I saw this guy hosing down a cow, every time the water would get to the cow's udders, it would moo. But once the owner stopped spraying the udders, it would stop mooing. So I could hear all of these random moos that randomly stopped, this lasted for a few minutes.

Oct 28 2004
this one time i was at my cousin's 4-H fair, and i went with her to see the cows, and this one black cow on show, consumed my hand. i was scared

Oct 27 2004
My name is Dolly. I live in a small town by the Canadian border. In the summer I stay at my grandmother's farm during the day. School had just started. When we got home from school,we went out to the barn and our grandmother had told us that one of the cows had had triplets! My grandparent's farm was all over the news and papers. My grandmother named them Amy, Jo, and Meg after the little women. Oh! Did I mention that they were all heifers and born on Friday the thirteenth! When the reporters came to interview them, the black cat named Arnie jumped out at the triplets. But my grandparents aren't superstitious. Last year my cousin and freinds led the triplets in our FFA school fair and they won second prize.

Oct 22 2004
One time I went to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania and they had the Cows on Parade series on tour there, they had a Hershey cow, a recess cow, and a couple other cows. And when I went to Gettiesburg, PA, the Cows on parade were there too, in the boyde's bear town, the cows there were so cute too, they had cows with boyde's bears prited all over them. I'll never forget that visit to Pennsylvania!

Oct 22 2004
ODE TO A COW one cow equals one perfect animal. you walk across the ground so gentley. you eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep. some call it lazy i call it a profession. even when your stench is a little bit wrong, your deoderant smells like roses. I LOVE COWS!!!!!

Oct 21 2004
I was always a cow lover! One time when I was really little, I lived on a farm, but we didnt have a cow. I was in me grandma's truck, and we drove by a farm with a cow who only had three legs. My grandma bought the cow from the owner, and we had her for a long time. Her name was Lacy, and when she died, I was so sad that I became a vegitarian. I love cows, but I hate eating them.

Oct 21 2004
i used to work on a farm and i had my own favorite cow -- used to give her extra feed when the farmer wasnt around. her name was daisy

Oct 20 2004
Hay! Im currently raising a beef heifer and just sold my first steer last february. I work taking care of galloway cattle aroudn the corner of my house. Ive known ive wanted cattle since i was five and went on a field trip to a dairy. im planning on buyin a galloway/santa gertutis cross heifer calf but not sure if she'd be good enough for shows. My favorite breed is the Maine Anjou.

Oct 20 2004
I got a cow and i took it to a fair and one first place.

Oct 20 2004
I just got my first cow 3 months. I got her and her 6 month old calf. We are expecting again at the end of the year...she is so FAT. I just love it. I always wanted a cow and now I will have three. The calf is so funny. She is totally amazed by everything. She plays with the dogs, goats and loves to chase the donkey. She even plays with a ball when the dogs do. COWS ROCK!!!!

Oct 18 2004
Hello cow fans!!! I am definitley one of'em!! I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE COWS!!! I have 5 cows. 4 cows and a bull. I live in the mountains and there is no better place than here that a cow would want to live!! The cows names are Pansy, Daffodil, Midnight, and Princess. The bulls name is Curly Bill!! Because he has curls of course!! All of the cows are fixing to have babies and I am so excited!! I had two calves that I had to sell and I am soooo sad!!! Their names were Blossom and Nemo. One heifer and one bull!!! Well I lovvve cowzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 17 2004
last summer i went to a show and i fell in love with cows even though i had to pick up the crap. this year i am showing at a few shows.

Oct 17 2004
I have owned cattle for over twenty years,and it was one of the saddest days of my life,when I had to sell them, but I got to keep Peggy (who is twenty three years old ! and Anya, and in May this year Peggy gave birth to a dear little calf,whom my niece Kerry and I named Star, because she is a superstar

Oct 16 2004
When I was young, my nickname by my family was moo. When I started kindy I'd sign all my work MOO so my parents got told off by the teacher for not teaching me my REAL name.Ive got thousands of cows in my room and in my house

Oct 16 2004
Dear I was so happy when i first met a cow. It was my B-day last year, and i was having a surprise birthday party. They took me to a farm, and that totaly wasn't expected! I was so happy!! I even kissed the cow on the nose!! Her name was Daisy. She was extremly cute, so I hugged it. Next we went to the baby cows. If you tried to pet one, it would suck on your hand. They were all so cute. I didn't want to leave! iT was the best day of mi life!!

Oct 14 2004
I LOVE COWS!!!!! one time at my uncles old house in utah they lived next to a farmer so one of the cows got loose. i started chasing it down the road for about a block eventually the farmer got the situation under control IT WAS REALLY COOL !!!!! THIS SITE ROCKS!!!!

Oct 13 2004
when i went to the fair my favorite thing was the cows!!! one cow i went up to licked my face it didnt feel very good but it was still really funny!! my friend was laughing at me!!

Oct 13 2004
today me and my friend sky made a story about cows!! its called the cow empire its a story about a mean farmer who ships off a cow to a beef industry so the cows take him out with their horrible cowpatty stench!!!! then they send him to yhe beef industry!!!

Oct 13 2004
IM CRAZY FOR COWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for christmas im getting a cow makeover on my room. im getting cow walls,cow blankets,cow sheets, a cow beanbag,a 28in stuffed cow,and so much more cowtastic cow related items!!! IM SO EXITED!!!!!!!

Oct 12 2004
I'd like a cow, Cows are great, I want a cow now, She'd be a good mate. She could be brown, or could be white, Id take her to town, Id love her, I might! Even If I never get, My cool little cow, A cow will always be a cool pet, And now I'll take a bow. I Wuv Cowies!!

Oct 9 2004
Hi my name is alex and I LOVE COWS!!!!!! and my mom and dad and i have a farm. one time i saved a calf by helping the cow it was so so so cute and i named it kada i love it and i milk her to!!!!

Oct 9 2004
In 'Cow Facts' you could add the fact that cows are sacred to Hindus.

Oct 8 2004
I am 19 and love cows, as does everyone else who is writing on here :-). I don't know how long I have loved them for, its been that long!!! My old room used to be bright pink with cow print bedding and cow accessories. I now just have the bedding and the accessories. I am going to have a cow print wedding cake, which should be cool! I can't wait. Just want to say that I love your website and I will visit again soon

Oct 8 2004
4 stiff standers 4 dilly danders 2 lookers 2 crookers and a wigwag, what am I? answer:a cow

Oct 7 2004
Hi im 11 years old and i love cows! i never really knew how big cows were until i went on a bus trip, they are huge. i like your website too! bye

Oct 6 2004
Redneck woman
Hi. I'm 15 years-old and from Cummington,MA. I love cows and go to every fair I can just to see them. Though I dont have any of my own and wish I did very much.I want to be a farmer too.I LOVE COWS!!

Oct 3 2004
one time me and my grandpa took me to a fair and we came across a cow outside a barn. it was yellow and when we came out there was a different cow -- it was brown. and my grandpa went up, patted its head and said look sam! the cow changed colors! it was very funny!

Oct 1 2004
I am 13 and in 4-H.I have two calves (a dairy and a beef calf) that I showed this summer! My beef calf's name is hershey and my Dairy calf's name is clover. If you look on guest cows you'll be able to see them! I was so sad cause I had to sell Hershey at the aution after the fair. He was the best calf, i miss him so much! I love to show cattle and I want to show in all the big fairs! If you like to show cattle and want to talk to me you can e-mail me at kljhlpl at!

Sep 29 2004
hey! i live on a dairy farm and i have all my life! i show animals every year, and this year i won grand champion!!! =) my cow alexis* is the sweetest cutest thing EVER! shes mostly black and she is really big! she was born in october last year and it's almost her birthday! anyways, i plan to live on a farm for the rest of my life and to show cows for the rest of my life and i wish to marry a farm boy! ahahaha* cows are the sweetest things that are alive in the world and i hope that EVEryBODY is with me on that Love Meg xoxox

Sep 29 2004
We have a cattle farm in New Zealand, and we have this bull caled Nookie ... the neighbours are fairly sick of Nookie these days, because every morning my dad stands on our deck yelling 'Nook nook nook nookie!!!' It is the funniest thing in the world to see this huge half a tonne bull come screaming up the paddock like someone's lit his tail on fire. Priceless.

Sep 28 2004
cow crazy
I am mad about cows! I also believe they get a lot of bad publicity eg people calling friends cows! when any of my friends call any one a cow i get so mad. I have never owned a cow but one day I will and hopefully acomplish my dream of becoming a Jillaroo! I've showed cattle and no one can see what I like about them, I don't really care though, people call me crazy but I don't care nothing will get in the way of my love for cows.

Sep 23 2004
I love cows. Simple as that. Never owned one, but i plan too. I live in Germany and there are so many cows. I have cows out behind my house, and I go out on a regular basis to simply watch them. They are magnificint animals. I also recently saw one give birth to a beautiful young calf. It was amazing. Wish everyone could come here to see all the cows.

Sep 21 2004
Hi there, I have a request. I am writing a report on Canadienne Cattle and I'm having a hard time coming up with pics. If any of you have some pics that i could use please send them to me ASAP thank you.

Sep 14 2004
Hi I have wrote to you before and I just want to say I'm cow mad I love cows and I'm willing to protect them because they have a life of their own I know we have to eat meat but isn't it slightly cruel to kill them for their meat that's all I'm saying.

Sep 14 2004
I used to live on a dairy farm then we got rid of all of our 60 cows cause my dad wasn't make'n any money. So then we had to leave our farm and I miss my cowsss soooooo much!!!!!!! wat i wouldn't give for one more day with my jersey named angel.

Sep 14 2004
Hey Cowgirl, I'm Hannah. My nickname is also Cowgirl. I also have some Angus steers. I used to have some Murray Greys. I breed beef cattle and cows r my favourite things in the universe to!!!! Freaky!!!

Sep 12 2004
Cow Lover
dear all cow fans, I was really happy and sad at the same time when one of my cows got paralysed. I was happy cos it means i got my first pet cow called daisy. I was really sad when she died cos of weakness cos she couldnt get up and that was really sad for me GO AUSTRALIA

Sep 12 2004
I agree with Joycelyn about PETA. Its the claims that PETA makes about dairy farms and the cows on them, that makes me most upset. They make false acusations and claims, that effect the dairy industry in a negative way. So, I am with Joycelyn and will be writing letters to PETA telling them the TRUTH about the dairy industry. My family has owned a dairy farm for over 200 years, and i dont plan on letting an organization like PETA ruin one of America's Oldest and Dearest Traditions. . .Dairy Farming.

Sep 12 2004
I would like to know the % of fat in the Jersey milk. If you have the % of fat in the Holstein milk I would like to have it to I am writing the story of my grandmother and she only drank Jersey milk Thank you

Sep 9 2004
I have two cows and there both girls. I am 12 years old and I am crazy for cows. I started liking them when my 6th grade teacher started calling me that as a joke. Oh ya my cow is having a baby and she is due in a couple of months. Can't wait. That is all I have to say about cows. I would like to shout out to my cow Else. I love you.

Sep 9 2004
I've never had a cow in my life but my parents are thinking about mooving to Texas. they are thinking about geting 2 horses and a short legged Dexter! I don't really care about getting the horses i just want the cow. Moooooooooooooooooooooooo

Sep 7 2004
I grew up on a dairy farm, and I had a Jersey named Dear. When she got older, I let her raise her calf out in the field instead of milking her. One day, I heard her bawling out behind the barn. I didn't know why, for I had already fed her that morning. I went out to investigate, and I saw that her calf was not with her. I got in the field with her and looked around. She started getting close to me, and then, she started walking in front of me. I followed, and when she saw that I was following, she started jogging. I followed her to a briar patch, and, lo and behold, her calf was trapped inside! After a struggle with the briars, I got him free. My cow, Dear, had saved her calf by coming to get me and leading me to him. It was so cool. Who says animals are dumb? P.S. - Love the site!

Sep 6 2004
i live on a ranch that has about 600 cows!! i am afraid of anything bigger than a dog though. so i am scared if cows. but they are still very cool. I LOVE COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 6 2004
I've been showing Milking Shorthorn heifers for as long as I can remember. My calf Dream has done very well in all shows she's gone to, she had never been beat until the last fair we were went to. Now as you all know all cows have different personalities, you could say my Dream is stuck up, and in love with herself.. Dream wasn't choosen for champion that day, and she got mad, she side stepped and knocked the next heifer out of line snorting the whole way.. She wasn't pleasent to work with for the rest of the day... U may think I'm nuts, but it is soo true, they sense things, and have fits if they don't get what they want.

Sep 4 2004
ok, for all of those who wrote back to me, the good and the bad.. You have to understand one thing... PETA has different views than those who say PETA loves cows think they do.. PETA wants cows to be set free, takin off all farms all together. I know that not all cows are well taken care of, but most are, I've raise Jersey and Milking Shorthorn cattle, and I can't tell you how many PETA members have come up to me @ shows.. They're CRAZY! I hope all of you understand how much I love my cattle, I spend almost all of my time with them, they are my family, but PETA members need 2 get educated about what is really going on in the dairy industry. Jocelyn

Sep 4 2004
I have 3 cows. Their names are Midget,Brownie,and Chum-Chum. Chum-Chum is 2 years old, but she's tiny. All my cows are preemies.

Sep 2 2004
I am a sixth grader at new century middle shool in cameron nc my friend joe an i are trying to get every one to stop eating beef because we are crazy about cows and we don`t want them to get killed but we cant stop all the killing very easily

Sep 1 2004
Dear Jocelyn, I do also agree with you that cows are treated well on farms. Obvioulsy some cows aren't always going to survive on farms but really, who can help that??? I have 5 black Angus steers and they must be the most spoilt little steers on this universe!!! They have Hay and carrots and molasses nearly every day. One of our little steers died in the first week we got them but he died from grass tetany (tetnass). I think that if you own a cow, you should know how to look after it and i think that most pepole with cows KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!!! Don't you???? I LOVE COWS!!!!!

Sep 1 2004
Hey I'm Cowgirl, I love cows so much and i have some Angus steers and some Murrey Greys. I breed Beef cattle not Dairy Cattle. I find cattle so funny and they are my favorite thing in the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

Aug 29 2004
my cow songs.......... C is for COW O is another letter in COW W is the last letter in COW COWS ROCK!!!! I pledge aleigance to the COW, for wich i love, with black spots, and flappy tails cows are in my yard and my neighbor's ya i love cows, COWS ROCK!!!!

Aug 28 2004
Hi,I am a five year old boy in the Blue Mountains, Australia. Cows are my favuorite animals. I have a collection of over 20 cows that live in my bedroom on shelves above my bed. I like this website because cows are often under-rated and I like looking at the photos.

Aug 25 2004
I've owned a manufactured home in Puyallup Washington for over 3 years now with my home in a fairly new park. Behind my house is a cow pasture with the sweetest cows you've ever seen and to my amazement they are the owner's pets! I was sooo thrilled to learn this that I started naming my favorites. Baby Girl, Little Girl and the list goes on....... When we start up the lawn mower the cows come a running and mooing because they know their going to get the fresh cut grass from the mower. I have taken several photos of my cows (as I call them even though they belong to the neighbors) and have seen many calfs was born on my last birthday March 15th 2004, that made it all the more special for me. Am I a nut or what.........over cows?? I used to collect cat collectibles but now everyone I know gives me cow collectibles because they they know I'm crazy for cows!

Aug 24 2004
I am SOOOOOOOOOOO CRAZY abot cows that it is not funny!!!! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH. I HAVE 5 LITTLE BLACK ANGUS STEERS AND I HAD ANOTHER ONE BUT IT DIED! I actually bought my own steer called Hank! I love him soooo much. he is so cute and he has the cutest face. I LOVE COWS!!!!!

Aug 21 2004
dear jocelyn...all cows on dairy farms are NoT treated well. we arent writing peta because peta loves cows. it is mean factory farms who are mean to cows and peta will stop it! I hope some one will help save the poor cows. They need our help. They are smart and know when they are going to die.

Aug 21 2004
I agree with you jocelyn about cows they are well taken care of on farms I mean they are better off there. Farmers don't hurt the cows. You can't excactly keep a cow in your Back Yard it would be alright if you bought a cow and kept it on a field near by or if you actually lived on a farm so what PETA are talking about I don't know Cows deserve to stay where they are coz Farmers ain't hurting em. P.S I love Cows.

Aug 20 2004
to the dairy farmer
Im sorry but dairy farmers are evil and milk is one of the worst poisons you can pump into your body. The mother cow cries for days after the dairy farmer rips her calf away from her and steals the milk made for the calf and give it to humans to make the human population FAT and create heart disease. Then the farmer slaughters the calf after torturing it in a house of darkness in a cage so small it cannot turn around. Im sorry but I see nothing humane about dairy. The spent cows only live a pitiful 2-3 years before being sent off to hamburger. Cows should live a life of 20 years. Im not even going to get into the unnatural growth sorry to say we wont be writing nasty letters to Peta.

Aug 20 2004
Becky G.
My Brown Swiss, Janie, is pregnant with twins. I'll keep everyone updated. She's due in October.

Aug 19 2004
This is the story of how a cow kept me from sitting for three weeks!!! I was in 4-H from the time I was 6 years old until I was 16 years old and during that time I had 10 dairy cows. Of all the cows I would show every year at the state fairs, only one of them would give anyone trouble... Piglet. Her mother's name was Kanga and all of her aunts, cousins and sisters were named after the Winnie the Pooh Show. Well, one day as I was out walking her we stopped because she had heard something, so I tried to see what she had heard. The next thing I knew, she had hit me square in the rear end with her head and broke my tailbone! Of course it was one of those injuries you don't feel for a while so I continued to walk around for an hour until my mom came to pick me up. By the time I got home I was in pain!!! Piglet had completely smashed my tailbone with her boney head! I couldn't sit down for almost a month later! But she still won Grand Champion two weeks later at our next fair!

Aug 19 2004
hi! This past summer me and my brother haltered a steer to show in the county fair for 4-H at the end of july. Well when he and i were leading them and placing their feet at my grandpa's farm in the show ring in his pasture, my steer was doing everything it was supposed to. When i would start walking it would also. I would basically just make sure that the halter wasnt dragging the ground. I was so happy and excited because i knew there was a possibility that i could win senior showmanship. But when we got to the fair, my steer obviously did not want to be there because in the show ring it would not cooperate at all but during the show i kept it under pretty good control considering that all of the steers for some odd reason were acting up during the entire fair. Well my steer got last in its class ...

Aug 17 2004
When ever I'm washing my steer I try get his tail wet last. This is because his tail hair holds alot of water so he waits untill I get to the right spot then Splashes water on me.

Aug 14 2004
I don't have a story to tell all of you cow fans, but i do have something very Important that I think you can help me with.. I am a dairy farmer from NYS and for as long a can remember a group called PETA has thought that what dairy farmers do is bad for the animals, and since all of you know that MOST farms are good to their cowsthat I want you to FLOOD PETA with emails about how cows are well taken care of, show facts of you can, and that milk is good for the human body. Thank you fro your support, and if you want 2 send me a message about PETA I'll be visiting the site every few days.. Jocelyn

Aug 13 2004
I have a two month old calf named Lola, Lola likes her bottles, she is being bottle fed, she sleeps on my patio because I had no other place to put her where I could keep an eye on her. She doesn't know if she is a dog or a person. My dog tried to teach Lola how to drink, well we all know cows don't lap like dogs, that was a sight to see her tring to lap water. Water went everywhere. Now Lola is in a pen with one of my horses and she is learning that the green stuff she thought you laid on actually tastes pretty good.

Aug 12 2004
My little sister came to me one day with a screenplay about cows who protest thier station in life. My Friends and even co-workers have decided to try to make this screenplay into a film. We are looking for costumes and/ or witty but clean and respectful jokes and facts we can include in our production. It would be absolutly awesome if this institution were to give us some support (not monetary) in our endevor. We aren't looking for money but crazy even silly stuff we can add to make our story more appealing to our audiance. We'll monitor the website for any suggestions unless we are able to give you, the people, our e-mail address. Thank you.

Aug 10 2004
i always wave at cows wen i c them. they r soooo cool. one time i was driving to wales and i waved at a cow, and i swear it waved back!!!!!

Aug 9 2004
once i was at the fair and there 5 cows just standing there so i mooed at 1 of them and all of sudden they all start mooing at me.

Aug 8 2004
I have worked on my uncle's farm now for almost 2 years and I still love working there. He owns a dairy farm and has about 350 cows. I feed and take care of all the calves and it's so much fun because they are so cute! It's amazing to see how each one has its own character and different markings. Right now there are about 25 calves I'm taking care of and I enjoy each and every one of them. They are all holsteins, but pretty soon I'm going to buy a jersey calf and take care of it there, too.

Aug 8 2004
nic nac
one i was on a house boat with my friend and we love cows! And the good thing was that when the boat was parked there was a field next to us and cows just kept coming and coming! It was so cool!

Aug 6 2004
i had 4 cowz be4. they r soooooo cute. one time i helped bessie ( one of my cows) have a baby. i wuz home alone and she had it. i named it baily.

Aug 4 2004
once i saw a cow so i walked up to it and then it licked my face!!!!!

Jul 30 2004
Heather (moofan511)
I used to live on a farm, and i had 7 cows. My brother and I were feeding them when the baby cow ducked between his legs and lifted her head up, then he was on her back (which she hated) and started kicking around. Then my brother fell off the back of her and fell right into a huge cow pie.

Jul 30 2004
I went to my friends farm once and he had like 15 cows. I got to sit on one of them. She was a real nice cow. COWS ROCK.

Jul 26 2004
one time as i was going to the del mar fair i saw a cow who was looking at me in the sweetest little way when then all of a sudden it was beging untied i saw that it was being taken to someplace, i do not know where, but it was boarding a bus and i was freaked out of my mind that it was going somewhere to be killed. after that i would just burst into tears wishing i could buy him .he was not like any other cow , he stared right into my eyes saying i do not want to die, help me help me!

Jul 21 2004
i have 10 cowz there the nicest cowz in the world. i spend all day with them there names are, Sugerbabe-nicest, spice-sweetest, rosey-alpha, betsy-omega, mango-smelly, shurbert-shortest, clover-bossy, boot-shy, brandon-fluffy, star-retarted those are my cowz there all black angus. there all really smart they open gates, turn on water hoses, and all have halters. cowz are the coolest!!

Jul 21 2004
We have a cattle ranch in Florida and we have the nicest cows in the county. just a couple week s ago i stole one of my moms horse halters and halter trained five of our cows. only two of them hesitated but we still got them on. Now Sugar Babe has a blue halter, brandon has a red, spice has a green and betsy and star have black. They are black angus and there so cute. now i show off with them because there so nice. I luv cowz there definatly the best animals.

Jul 20 2004
I am from Northern California, but my wife and I live in a predominantly residential neighborhood. One day I was at a work dinner sharing stories about my affection for cows and experience in the Great Plains. Believe it or not, when I came home that night a cow was grazing in our front yard. She was a beautiful South Devon (I think), but I couldn't understand why a cow would be on my lawn in this major metropolitan area. I corralled the heffer back to my back yard where I could keep a good eye on her and began calling the local 4H and police stations. Even though I felt an instantaneous outporing of affection for her, I knew that I could not realistically give her everything she needed. Shortly the local authorities came and took her away. As it turns out, she had escaped from a neighbors yard after living there for over 4 years - WITHOUT ANYONE KNOWING! I often think about that casual encounter with the cow in my yard, and wish I could see her again. I love cows.

Jul 20 2004
hi! its me again! i just saw my story and i got totaly excited! i also saw that i made a HUGE typo! i meant 2 say that the cow that i petted licked me not liked me! sorrry!

Jul 16 2004
Living in Wisconsin has been great! I love to be surrounded by loads of cow herds!! I've lived in Colorado and also in Thailand (for study abroad) and I missed seeing the wonderful dairy cows I'm used to seeing! Yay for being home! Yay for cows!!!

Jul 11 2004
Cowtails are to swat flies and for me and my head. When I was 5 my grandmother had me milking our only cow, but the door to the cow shed milking stall would not shut and we had a large, mean Bore pig which chased me every chance he had. Of course, when I teased him and ran, he ran after me, but I always made it to the fence or gate. However, when I went to milk the cow, he knew the door woulld not lock and he would push it open and start after me. I would jump up, the cow would knock over the pail and by the time I got the pig out of the shed, it was time to start milking. Unfortunately, my grandmother never believed that the small amount of milk I brought was because I was afraid of a little ole pig.

Jul 8 2004
when i was younger i lived in india for a while and while i was there i found out that if you kill a person driving down the street no biggi but if you kill a cow then you have a serious issue. i have three cows they are just gorgous. i love them all so much.

Jul 7 2004
Someone once said: Listening to John Linclon's synthony is like staring at a cow for 40 minutes. Personally, I'd like to get tickets.

Jul 7 2004
One day when I was in the 5th grade, our scout troop decided to go to COW Fun Day. I was so excited! I'm a big cow fan and couldn't wait to see what they had planned. It turned out that COW really stood for Canoe Our Waters. I was really disapointed. I'm a big cow fan and was ready for a day devoted to holstine hugging and Bovine boggling. I guess it was still pretty fun, but I was still pretty bummed. But, right before we started a certain canoe activity, I met Cow Man. She called herself the biggest cow fan in the world. This enraged me. We postphoned the activity to take a cow trivia challange to see who was the biggest cow fan. The score was tied, and I won with a final question: what is the most populer dairy cow? Duh!! Holstine!! I felt very proud of myself and so did my troop. In honor of my victory they stopped at a pasture on the way home, and let me see the infamous Oreo Cows. I was very happy. So COW Fun Day had to do more with cows than I had thought.

Jun 30 2004
Melinda and Nick
Hey we live on a dairy farm in NC!! I moved here from CT when i was about 4 years old!! Nick moved here from RI. He moved here a coupple years after us. My dad is the manager of the farm and his is the Herdsman! I have always loved cows and always bugged my dad about showing, because he always showed when he was little. Finnaly this year when i turned 13 my dad decided to show. So he bought me 2 heiffers! My first show is comming up in a few days.... I asked if Nick waned to come over and help me halter break them some more. He had never thought about showing or any thing but amazingly he jumped in there never leading a cow before and got them to lead almost perfectly!! I aksed him if he wanted to come to the show this comming weekend and help out since im showing lambs too!! He said he did and excitedly we are waiting for our first show!! When we show we will be sure to share how we do!! Melinda and Nick

Jun 29 2004
I love cows, in my neighborhood there is a big field were every school day my friend and i would watch a herd of cows!!!. I have gone to previouse web sightes were i have goten information on cows to my cow document a short comp. slide show on cows called Walking With Cows i have been collecting cow merchendice for a while. So far i have been counting at least 50 .!! also a while back collected Cows ON Parade. My dad lived on a farm when he was young and was licked by a bovine. When we whent to the fair i was able to milk a cow. A mother bovine and baby have licked and ate from my hands before. One cow i hold very nere and dear to me is a cow toy i call MOOCOW!,:) Moo and i have gone every were together.Maimi, Virginia, Georga, orlando,Summer Camp. We live in Florida so some times we take plane rides together to go were were needed. I love cows whether it's petting one or collecting hundreds even making one my best friend i love 'em.

Jun 29 2004
one day me and mum went to a milking parlour. one cow while it was being milked decided to poo for us and another wee on us!!! by the end of it we were covered in cow poo!! we really reaked and had to hosepipe ourselves down before we got into the car i really love cows but that experince was a very very smelly one. I love cows more than ever since that though!!

Jun 29 2004
A few years ago I lived on a farm and often milked the cows so that the farmer could have the weekends off. One paticular cold morning I slept in and ended up going to get the cows at 5am instead of 4am.I rode the four wheel drive up to the paddock to get the herd in only to find that the gate was open and the cows had gone. I was worried, I followed the trail left by the cows. Can you believe it there they were lined up at the cow shed waitng for me. I was greeted with some very glaring eyes. Full of apologies I thanked them and carried on with the milking. I told the farmer when he got back and he laughed and said it won't be long and you will have them putting the cups on as well. I do not milk cows anymore so I collect them instead. I have even painted my car black and white number plate IMACOW because they are the best friends a girl can have. Happy moooing.

Jun 27 2004
one day when i went to the market there was one cow there how had loppy ear so none of the farmers would buy it. i felt so sorry for it that i bought it myself its called loppy and shes the best cow ever!no one could replace her!

Jun 24 2004
I have neighbors that live right across the street from me, and they own cows. I personally love cows, so I can relate to the cows and their owners. Anyway one day I went over my neighbors house and asked if I could see the cows. Of course I had a crush on a boy who owns the cows and I just had to look my best, so I wore my new sneakers. They said sure and led me out to the barn. As soon as I got in the barn my favorite cow came up to me and just pooped on my new sneakers! It smelled sooooooooooo badly. And as for my Mom... lets just say I didn't see those cows for a very very long time.

Jun 21 2004
Just wanted to pass along a link to a really funny cow commercial -- think telepathy. It's one of Discovery Channel's ads. You can vote for your favorite one. Cast your ballot for the cattle and may the best cow win.

Jun 19 2004
Waz up?! Well I have a friend who is obbssessd with cows!,and she was out walking one day on a trail on a private ranch and saw a loose cow walk by about 15 feet away,and this was on a horse ranch,so she ran after it,then it started to run. She chased it all the way to the end of the 3 mile trail and when she final caught up with it,she realized that this particular cow was the cow that her parents had told her about that ran away from their friends farm 15 miles away!!!

Jun 15 2004
I don't know why but I absolutely love cows. Everyone at my school thinks I'm insane because of it, but thats fine. Another one of my friends is also obsessed with cows and we made up a moo language made completely of m's and o's. Lolz.

Jun 10 2004
hey i luv cows! i have my own website about cows! they are awesome and I'm crazy about them! Their like the best thing ever! LOL! anyway well if ya luv cows as much as me go to xanga and look for crazycow247! ill be there! ITS ME! mi background is cow print! im a gymnast and a cow fan! i have two cow stuffed animals! TTYL! BYE! MOO! LOL!

Jun 8 2004
Carrie Marie
One day, i went 2 the petting zoo and i saw a cow there! i really don't think cows should be in a petting zoo, but i pet him any way! Then it said Moo to me so i said moo back! then it walked away! the end

Jun 8 2004
One day, in the wild plains of North Dakota, my friends and I were riding in our covered wagon. I was driving (I just got my license!) We decided to take a break at the side of the old rutted dirt road, right next to a cow field. Most of the cows were taking their afternoon siesta, so we decided to have some fun! We played baseball in the clover, and used cowpies for bases. Some of the cows were uneasy, but since they had no calves this time of year, they let us be. It was Sunday, so I was wearing my best chamoile dress with beautiful yellow flowers all over it. When I was running to home base, I tripped and slid through the base. My dress was soiled and torn, and I was so ashamed to face my folks. Never again will I play cowpie baseball!

Jun 7 2004
I loveeeeeee cows! Im in a club called C.A.L.F. and it is soooooo fun to do. weeeeeeeeeeee! I have cows their names are Mookie, BW, Violet, Louesie, Beth, Fez, Judy, and Duke.

Jun 7 2004
Me and my mates love cows sooooo much, we set up a cravendale club, because of the Cravendale milk advert. THE COWS WANT IT BACK!!!

Jun 6 2004
I love cows. Well most people who visit this web site do. I was surfing the web one day at school to do a brochure on cows and I came apun this web site. I GOT SOOO EXCITED!! All of my friends at school think I'm soo weird because I love cows. When I showed them this web site they were overwhelmed to see so many people like me. I'm not sure if this will get into the cow Tails because I have no cows, nor have I been around cows all of my life. But does that stop me from loving these cute little dudes as much as the next person. NO WAY!!

Jun 5 2004
arely mOo! smith
Hi there! I'm from Sinaloa,Mexico and im the biggest Cow lover (I think so!). I love Cows since I was born because we used to go to the farm where my dad was born, so there is where my love to cows began. Nowadays I have a lot of Cow stuff in all my room, it's the biggest collection I've ever had. My parents and think I'm crazy, and yes, i do, but crazy for cows..hehe..and my friends call me moOo! in honor to my favorite animal. I'm really happy to know that are a lot of people who loves cows too, because i started thinking that I'm a kind of strange girl =S hahaha...I just have one thing else to say: ...Cows are the best animals in the whole world

Jun 5 2004
About last year in cincinati a cow going to the butcher ( EEK!) Escaped, there was a huge cow chase for awhile, the cow was all over the news, and then it got caught. I think it went to an animal santurary, for so many people fell in love with that cow.

Jun 4 2004
I love cows alot because they are great my dad has a farm and i play with the cows. i hope to one day own 1

Jun 4 2004
Mandy K
I love cows so much that I decided to form the Kaiserslautern Kow Klub. I live in germany and one time I went to Bavaria. When we got there we saw the Beautiful Alpine Cows with their cow bells and blue ribbions. YEAH!!

Jun 4 2004
one day i was walking past this farmm and i heard this MOOOOOO i walked to the fense and i saw that a cow had fallen down a ditch. i quicly went up and got it and then the farmer came he saw what i did and he said that i could keep the cow for free because he was going to sell it anyway~~!!!!! i named him Jack I LOVE JACK SO MUCH I HOPE HE LOVES ME !!!!!!!!!

Jun 3 2004
I have herd of 120-130 cows. My fave is named flower. sheis funny. she cleans the sides of her mouth with her tongue all the time! it is funny to watch. she also licks you when she just took a drink. We also have a calf named Star who is cute but smelly! I love cows!

Jun 2 2004
Hi everybody One day my friend Ali and I drove by cows in a field.(Ali and I LOVE cows) We both got out of the car to see the cows. They were soooooo cute! We called to the cows come here little cowes. The cows came over to us and and let us pat them. We tried to make them lick our hands but they wouln't. It was a great experience!

Jun 2 2004
One day I was driving through farms.....and more farms. And eventually I came to a special farm. I took out my camera, and started snaping pictures of cows. I tried to get closer, but an electric fence shocked me. Oh it hurt. So it turned out to be a nice day because later on, I stopped at an Ice Cream parlor, and there was cow benches, ice cream makers, cow stuufed animals, and a sign that said cow corner. Thats cool right. There was so many cow stuff there.That was on the 27th of May. The End!

May 29 2004
Jessica (Cow Maiden)
Hey, cow lovers! It's me again. On Wednesday a dairy farmer brought two cows to my school! One was an adult, but one was a calf! There was a bottle of water with a rubber spout. I got to nurse the calf with it! I got cow spit all over my pants, but who cares 'cause it washed right off! Several people called me the cow goddess! That ruled! Well, cya and as always...MOO! ~Jessica, a.k.a. Cow Maiden

May 25 2004
One time, I went to a County Fair and there were lots of cows. We saw one of my dad's friends, and we went over to her. She had a Brown Swiss breed. After the show was over my dad's friend(Linda) was loading her cow into the trailer, but the cow wouldn't go in and it got out of her hands! Everybody chased it but it got away. While that was happening a longhorn broke free too! We chased that to, but there were a few minor injuries.They told everybody to leave the fair immediately!

May 23 2004
I'm 12 years old , and i've been around cows all my life . But I love cows , so me and my sister got involved in 4-H and it's really fun too , because we learn how to judge calves and other animals . I'm happy I joined 4-H cause I'm alway around my favourite animal the cow . COWS ROCK !!!!!!!!!

May 22 2004
cowluver (meg)
I love cows so much that i started the MCC (mad Cow Club) we visit farms all the time and hope to have our own one day. Last year i raised two calves Jack and Jill on my cousin's farm. At first they were shy but then they came around and now were best friends i visit them almost everyday and they always come to greet me here's a poem i found: Just grazing on the grass, or lying on the field, a cow is quite a lass, yet eating; they don't yield. They may seem pretty big, when coming around that bend, but i sure do hope you realize, that cow is my best friend.

May 21 2004

May 21 2004
here is a little and phenomenal site about cows in the west (of France):

May 21 2004
When I was in kindergarden, I got to feed a cow while on a field trip to a farm. I walked around saying,Eww, I have cow spit on my hand! But now I love cows!!

May 21 2004
We went to France and got stuck because of passport problems. And we have a farmer friend and we saw some cows, and bulls! And bulls aren't mean, like the cartoons say! But all of them were scared. But the calves weren't. Moo!

May 21 2004
I first knew that I loved cows when I saw one be born at my Dad's ranch. I was 4. Then I met Shadow,many years later,she was ruthless. She was sweet, but the mean folks were charged by her. A girl after my own heart!Shadow has passed into the cow Heavens. I hope someday to have a cow friend again. They're wonderful!

May 18 2004
cow am i cow crazy
My dad said i could get a cow if i could write why i wanted it .Guess what i did i wrote that essey and i get to pick out my own cow on june 13 i can't wait

May 18 2004
When i was only a small lad my dear old dad used to take me for walks in the countryside. one of these walks ended up with me in a cow field with no one near me. i had heard that cows could charge when provoked so i hid in a corner. when my dad came back though he shouted. i shouted back then reallized this could provoke the cows. it did not and they seemed to nuzzle up to me. this is when i started loving cows!

May 16 2004
Leeanne Yeoman
I'm from New Zealand, we have 1000 cows on our farm and I have spent weeks naming them all. I love cows and when I grow up I'm going to have some cows of my own, I prefer Jersey Freiesion cross cows, they are beautiful...

May 16 2004
When we went to Fishes Farm we saw lots of cows which are called Bluebell,Daisy and I can't remember what the calf was calle they were all Jersey Cows.

May 16 2004
Well I saw this cow and the cow was a cute baby cow so the cute baby cow Looked at me and i looked at it and it looked like it was saying I want to go live with her. but since i live in the city i can't have a cow so all i can ever do is beg for a cow but it sucks . so i beg my aunt and she lives in the country so i beg for her to get a cow for me but she says she does not live on a farm with animals so i wil never get a cow until i'm old enough to go live on a farm with a friend and we can get a cow.

May 15 2004
I live on this farm and i have 6 cows the other day white star (my female cow) was groaning i thoght she was just having pains because she was pregnant but then she fell on the ground i wanted to get my dad but he was out the front i could see the baby coming throgh so i put my hands in and got the baby out. since i was the first one black bella (the calf) saw she loves me she licks me all the time and lets me feed her I love black bella!!!!!

May 15 2004
i love cows and i always will i live on a farm and i see cows every day well, have to go feed the cows ...*laughing*

May 14 2004
Hey, I live in Georgia, and cows kick tushie! My Aunt and Uncle have cows in Kentucky, and I love visiting them. One time, my younger cousin and I were scared of this really big dog that came out from nowhere, and it was barking at us and it looked like it was about to bite us! All of a sudden, one of my Uncle's cows moo'd really loud, and the dog ran away! We named the cow Hero! I looove cows! I also have a stuffed cow collection.

May 14 2004
Cow's are the coolest animals in the world. One of my favorite cow's is red poll. I have 85 of them and I have 300 acers of land

May 13 2004
Hi! My name is meg and i love cows. I started drawing cows when i was 10 and now i'm just crazy about them. I'm a proud member of MCC(Mad Cow Club) and cows will always be a part of my life. i love them!!

May 13 2004
Mrs. Cow
Cows are the best animals! My favorite out of them all! One time, I went to New Hampshiere with my two best pals, and one of them had an aunt that owned cows. She has three big fields for them so we looked to see which one they were in. When we got there, a cute calf came up and licked us. It's dad was furious! It chased us to the house. I was sooooooooo freaked out!

May 12 2004
Hi me and my friend karen always go into the feild with the cows.One day i thought i would get on one like you get on a horse but it kicked me off and i broke my arm! Alicia Kearns

May 12 2004
There's something that I don't understand. People say that they love cows yet they don't eat beef......if you don't eat beef, all of us farmers are going to go well, udders up. If things continus as they are now, there will be no cows like anywhere. The whole BSE thing has made it so hard for farmers to stay afloat, so support us and EAT BEEF!(add me to MSN Sincerely, hopefully a future farmer. [Editor: but hey -- if you raise cows for beef they go udders up anyway... poor cows!]

May 12 2004
My 3 year old son just wanted to look at some cows and we only have llamas and horses across the street so we looked some up real quick! We raised cows when I was a kid and my Dad used to rub their neck, back, and throat with a metal rake. It may sound harsh but think about their thick hides. They Loved it! From Washington State

May 10 2004
Hi! My name is Holly. I love cows!!!!!!! I've been a cow fan forever. I have a million stuffed cows but my favorite is Mr. Moo. He is so sweet! I got him at my baby shower. He turned 11 in January. I am a proud member of CALf (cow association a loving foundation) a cow fan club that my sister is president of. The members are Nina, Gabbi, Kate, Katie, Pia and Nacho. I don't have a cow. I want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 9 2004
I am 11 years old and I love cows! I started loving cows when I was 9 and I have a whole cow collection in my room.I think cows are so cute. When I was little I put my fingers in a calfs mouth and the calf sucked on the finger like it was an udder. My dream is to one day own a cow of my own.

May 9 2004
Hello! My name is Riley. I live in Wyoming, Ny. There are more cows than people that live in our county. My family and I farm on a aprox. 1000 cow jersey farm. We have more cows on just our farm than people in our whole town. I LOVE cows! I've lived on a farm my whole life and never get tired of it. I've lived and farmed in 3 different states. I have 23 registered jerseys and 1 holstein. Well, at least she looks like a Holstein but she is a pure bred Jersey. she sticks out like a sore thumb in our herd. When I go visit her shes always the easiest to find. I enjoy 4-H and Dairy Bowl. Thx 4 listening! Bye!

May 9 2004
I wrote another cow tail on April 13, now I'm gonna let everyone know that i absolutely LOVE cows! Ever since Chesney had to be put down, i was afraid of going down to the barn where he stayed. but i finally got over myself, now i go down there all the time! I also watch this other cow, her name is Nineteen, because she has a tag in her ear that's nineteen. so i named her that. She's supposed to have a baby soon, i can't wait. she is my avorite cow at the farm, cause this one day she just was stalking me now i have loved her ever since! i hope i can have the baby and show it in 4-H! that's my dream! i'll fill you guys in when i hear abouy her baby!!!!

May 9 2004
rumer (pronounced roo-mer)
I went to a cow farm in costa rica(I went on vacation)and got to milk a cow , but here's the catch the farmer was speaking spanish and I don't know how to. I had thought he said do you want to ride the cow, but actually said do you want to milk the cow? My grandparents,sister,and the farmer started to laugh at me. I was so embarrased. P.S. I luv cows too! Moooo!

May 7 2004
I just love cows. My Uncle Chris has a dairy farm and that is my favorite place to go in the summer. One time I was feeding a calf milk through a bottle and it knocked me over. That is how bad it wanted the milk. I love to milk cows also. That is so fun. Except, when I was milking one it used the bathroom and it splashed on my face. Yuck. MOOOOOO!

May 6 2004
Thank you for having such great pictures of cows. I am a 3rd grader at Orchard Elementary in Jackson, MO. I love cows! I live on a farm and we have several Charlois. This is my favorite web site to visit during free time. I look at it at least twice a week! Thanks!!

May 6 2004
no beef
a couple of weeks ago i started not to eat cow. I thought to myself -- why eat a animal that's my favorite. I love cows, so no beef

May 5 2004
mary and margaret
Once I was at the local dairy farm and I made a new friend....I was inside the barn with my two best friends, and an annoying boy named Chris. He was complaining about the barn, but then as if the cow we were by understood what he said she took his shirt in her mouth and yanked it! Then one of my friends named the cow Coolio, since she freaked Chis out. i love cows and she was no exception.

May 4 2004
hey i loveeeee COWZ soooo sooo much. COWZ RULE! But a long time ago my friend and I were walking in her pasture where the cows were, and we were by a creek making a fort. and then all of the sudden a cow comes and rams our fort down and chases us. We were scared to death....but i still love cows!! they are awsome, especially the black and white ones!!!!!!

May 4 2004
we have not many cows like 12 or sumthing but they are soooooooo cool! When the car drives in to the paddock they lick the windows and rub against the mirror ????????? how weird??????????? They also play with each other, suck on our shirts and lick your hand I LOVE COWS MOOOOOOOOOOOO

May 3 2004
Jessica (a.k.a. Cow Maiden)
Hi! My cow obsesion started when I was about 9, I think. (I'm 12 now.) In my 6th-Grade class, we all loooooove cows! We've even created our own Cow Shrine! In it, there's tons of cow stuff, like organic milk cartons with pictures of cows, cow stickers, cow writing tools...we even have a plastic cow which we put wings and a halo on and called it, Godess Cow!. Also, December 10th was Cow Day at our school and I wore this great cow mask. Even the teachers dressed up as cows! Here are some great books for all you cow lovers out there: Click, Clack, Moo:Cows that Type, How to be a Cow, The Cow that Fell in the Canal, How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World, Two Cool Cows. There are prbably TONS more cow books, and if I think of any more, I'll list them again on this awesome site!!! C ya! ~Cow Queen Jessica P.S.On December 10th, yell, MOO!.

May 3 2004
miss moo and walter
I just wanted to say i live on a big farm and with alot of cows .The british white is one of my many favorites. I once got to walk my cow ginger in a parade. Ginger is the first cow i ever owned she's my favorite, but i could really say that all of them are. I think you should have a favorite cow because all of them need love. From Miss.Moo and Walter

May 2 2004
i have so many cows about 130 and i love them all the same. one day we did'nt know but my favorite cow curtsy had a baby. she was the most beautiful baby and she always loved baths, so when we gave her a bath one day she was kissing my face and she almost bit me, but it didn't matter because i loved her (and i hoped my dad didnt find out)

May 2 2004
Gotta Love 'Em
Keep what you love in your sight. I live in central washington, and was very much a city girl, until I met a bullrider. We moved in together and I was going out of my mind. Fortunately, I was able to start bottle feeding some calfs on his family's farm. Charlie was my favorite, and Barney his momma (I didn't realize it was a girl until after I named it). I went to work one day and someone had stolen both of them, 3 other calves and a bull. I was very upset, you could only imagine, and then I found out later that Barny and Big Foot (the bull) were slaughtered. Love them while you can, because one day you may just come home and your babies may be gone. I Miss them alot!

May 2 2004
me and my fiende love cows, and to day we found this side, and now we are very happy. a lot of kiss from NORWAY!!!

Apr 26 2004
Leenie the Cow Luvr
okay, im sorry, but i have NO experince with cows, and ive only been to a farm once, and the cow came up to my friend and licked her hat. I think that made me start liking them. they're so funny! But, i live in NY, so the only cows i've really seen (besides petting zoos!) were the painted ones in NYC, but they got rid of 'em! I got all mad. Im glad to see there is more than 1 person who is CrAzY 4 CoWz!

Apr 26 2004
HEY!! I live in wisconsin, and I live on a farm! We own about 105 cows!! I take cows to the fair at the Outagamie County Fair!! We own Holsteins, which is my FAVORITE breed OF ALL!! I am only 13 and I enjoy living on a farm, and spending my time with the cows/heifers/heifer-calve-s!! BBYE!!

Apr 25 2004
I absolutely LOVE cows. I have a herd of cows in my back yard. They are smelly but cute. They all want to say hi to you, MOOOOOOOOOO! They want me to feed them now. I have to go but, remember the oldest saying in the cow book, Mooove over or I'll milk your brains out.

Apr 24 2004
crazy cow qween
about 2 years ago i used 2 be afraid of cows. i would scream everytime someone would go moo. i was so freaked out, but a few months after that i saw a real live cow and he licked my hand. ever since then i love cows, they are my obsession (whenever im not thinking about my crush Jeffrey). i remember this 1 time on my the way 2 my family vacation everytime i went past a cow farm i would put the window down and yell moo.(that means i have bovilexia which means i would have the uncontrolable urge 2 lean out tha window and yell moo when i saw a cow.)

Apr 24 2004
i luv cowzzz!!!!! they r great! 1 time i went 2 the fair and i went up 2 pet this awsome cow!!! and guess what... he liked me!!! it wuz sooooooooo cute

Apr 23 2004
My grandson loves cows so I have been putting your pictures on my desktop. We live in Boston so he does not often get to see these wonderful animals. Thank you for these special pictures.

Apr 21 2004
one time my brother went for a walk. all of the sudden wild cows came charging at him. he was really scared and ran away.

Apr 15 2004
I am from switzerland i have 0ver 90 cows mooooo!!!!!!!! he he he ya....

Apr 14 2004
Cowhead Jane
I love bovines, Yes indeed, Bovines, bovines, bovines, bovines. Cows... obsessions... cows cows cows. When I was at my grandmother's house (she owns a horse farm) I convinced her to get a cow, and she did after weeks of nagging. The calf was the cutest thing ever and she has been great company for the horses. Janey, the calf, is especially fond of Goldenrod, my grandmother's wildest horse. Janey seems to calm him down really well!

Apr 14 2004
AW Brahmans
We are a Brahman Ranch in the middle of Florida.We have had a lot of ups and downs at our ranch. Like for example We have Brahmans ( which everybody thinks are the meanest cow of them all which isn't true NOT 1 bit.) But we had a cow that we now show. She WAS the most dangerous cow that we had to be around. It was alfull. But she was one of the most best looking cows that we had .So we wanted to shpw her.But in order to do that we had to halter break her. Which was NOT easy. We tried so many methods to halter break her and not 1 of them worked. So i just thought of the most simplest things that we could do! Pin her up in a corner. So we did ! NOT A GOOD IDEA! RIGHT! But we finally had her where we needed her! Now to tell you the truth she is the sweetest cow that we have on our ranch today. And to add something --the best showcow that we have. Our daughter won showmanship in many places with her.

Apr 13 2004
hey! i live on a dairy farm in North Carolina. Our farm will soon be going out of business and it really sucks!! The Randleman dam will be goin through our land and we wont have enough to have a dairy farm anymore! but i think we will be raising beef cows next, so thats all good!

Apr 13 2004
i once knew a cow named Chesney, he was only around 1 and he was the sweetest thing. well when he was born, his nerves in his legs were pinched, so he couldn't walk very good. well one day he slipped and fell and couldn't get back up. so i took care of him, soon you could tell he trusted me, by his eyes. but about a month later he had to be put down because something was wrong with him, inside. he was very special to me and i miss him severely. i never even got to say good-bye.

Apr 13 2004
mook (mike)
Well I help out on a dairy farm in the summer, and a lot of calves are born. And one day we went to see if this cow named bridgit had her baby. So when we felt her stomach thier was no calf. So we started to search the pasture. It took three hours to find the calf but it was fun. And ever since that I loved cows. And now I plan on working with cows my whole life.

Apr 4 2004
My cousins live on a farm. One day I went to go see them along with my two brothers. My cousins are part of the Four H program and were raising cows. One of their cows had won some prize, so we went to go see it. It was hilarious cause the cow nearly plowed over my cousin!!!

Apr 4 2004
crAzy cOw loVer
I waz walking down the street when I passed a farm. There's this cow,Izzy, who loves me. She licks my face and most of all lets me hug her. I love her too!

Mar 31 2004
kate the kowgirl
i love cows. i live on a farm, so i seet hem every day. my family and i show cows at the washington county fair. some of my friends also show cows there too! so i have a great time there.

Mar 29 2004
Kayla- Crazy for Cows Freak
What's up all of you cow fans? I have loved cows for a long time. We have a lot of cows at my farm and I get to name them. They are sooo friendly. My room has cow pictures and stuffed animals all over. It is so awesome! Cows are so soft and they have curly hair with the prettiest eyelashes. I have a cow named Midnight and her calf is named Milkdud. If you haven't guessed already I named her. Bye ya'll. P.S. I really love cows and I am a huge cow fan! Cows=cute!

Mar 29 2004
we're driving around in a little town in germany when my dad slams the breaks!some guy was herding like one-thousand cows across the road! It took half an hour to get his cattle across the road , did i mention it was a very narrow rooad???!!!

Mar 26 2004
ive lived on a farm in the USA for 11 yaers and now i live in Russia on a farm for the last yaer. it is very interesting here. I Love Cows, and i want to move back to the states (my Home) and have a farm.

Mar 25 2004
Greetings from North Wales UK. I adore cows always have! This year for a charity we all dressed up at Christmas. You guessed it I was a Holstien cow!! boy did I look cute!! I have worn this outfit once more this year to raise funds for charity. My friend Linda dressed as an old farmer and lead me through the store. We had a guess the weight of the udder competition, I made an udder out of felt and people guessed the weight of it to win a prize. We made 100 and were very pleased with ourselves. Mooverlous I thought. In May this year we will be pushing prams with adults dressed as babies in, to raise some more cash. I will be daisy the cow as usual and Linda will be my calf. Wish us luck!!!

Mar 25 2004
i once went 2 the barnstable county fair i saw a cow beeing milked so i kmew i had 2 try it so i got in line . so i went up and milked it ever since ive been in looove with cows

Mar 24 2004
miss moo
I went on holiday to ireland (lovely place by the way) and we were next to a field of cows i petted them and even fed them grass i got photos of them lol an i've had an obsession with them ever since :)

Mar 23 2004
My best friend ever is a cow called daisy. She is one of my only friends. She keeps me company and comforts me when i am lonely and upset. My dad owns a large area of farming land, he has ever since i was born, So all of my life i have grown up around chickens cows and sheep. I absolutely love cows and i am a vegetarian as i cannot stand the thought of cows being killed. aaah! The chikens go gobble gobble! The sheep go Baa baa and BEST OF ALL - *D*A*I*S*Y* goes Mooooooo I love yooooo!

Mar 21 2004
X-Treme Cow Lover
I love cows so much! Last year I raised a bottle calf named Mustache, because it looked like he had a mustache. He was so cute! I loved it when he would suck on my fingers, it felt awesome. He always let me pet him. We were so much like best friends.

Mar 20 2004
Kayla: Crazy Cow Lover
I have a lot of cows. One year I had two bottle calves. It was so awesome, because they sucked your finger after they were done drinking out of the bottle and it felt really cool! His name was Razmataz, because he was spotted. Remember, I love cows A lot!

Mar 20 2004
I'm 12 years old and I have three calfs. They where abanden by their moms, so my dad whanted to know if I wanted them and I said yes of course becoulse I love animals

Mar 19 2004
i grew up on a beef farm and raised many calves. my cow Thunder is now ten years old and i still love her to death. we have about 50 cows at home and they are the sweetest cows. i don't eat beef but i don't think people shouldn't eat it. if they want to eat beef it is fine by me, they are supporting my dad's business. my family thinks i am nuts for loving cows.

Mar 16 2004
I live in texas, and boy r there a lot of cows. the only reason i love going out of town is to see all those cute cows (don't u want to just hug them in ur arms) my fav. kind of cow is the dairy cow, they're just so cute. i've loved cows for 5 years now.i've got a huge collection.

Mar 16 2004
The website is awesome! I like cows! They are really cool. When I went to my uncle's beach house, I saw one! It's nice because, even though no one owns them, the people who live there don't try to harm them at all. The cows are small, (well, not tiny, but they are not big cows) and brown! They are cute. Cows Rock!

Mar 15 2004
I've got a fresian and have had it since it was young i also have a black and white pony that pulls a cart. hillariously the fresian is in love with the little pony and when ever i go round the village on my cart within minutes i'll have a fresian following. its a hillarious thing to see but i don't think the cars agree to much o well

Mar 12 2004
Hi! I'm 14 and i live in a city, so i cant have my own cow :( I went to Wisconsin 5 years ago, my mom somehow managed to get lost. We stopped at a dairy farm to get directions. When my mom was talking to the owner, i saw the cutest little calf. it walked up to me and i looked it in the eye and ever since then i have wanted a cow of my own. But, as i said, i live in a city and have no place for a cow, and my parents wont move to the country just so i can be happy and have a cow. Oh well guess i'll have to wait till im older!

Mar 11 2004
I live in the city and really want a cow. So I asked my grandpa if he would house a cow for me. He said he didn't have the money for his cows plus mine. So I told him I would pay for it. He said yes and I got a beautiful heffer. He is a reddish brown cow with a grewat pesonality! I have never regretted my decision so if you are thinking about getting a cow, Go for it! They are so much fun!!

Mar 8 2004
Cow Crazy
Ever sence I stayed in P.E.I for the whole summer on my Papa's farm I have been crazy about Cows!When I came back I started volenteering at a dairy farm, and fell in love with the calves after I starting feeding them by a bottle! I am a vegetarian and will not eat beef!! No way it's my fav. animal!! I am now in 4-H and have a beef calf that is so adorable!And am waiting for my dairy calf to be born!!I can't wait! I'm just crazy over the cute animals!!

Mar 6 2004
I LOVE COWS!!!!!!I have a book called the field guide to cows and it is full of cow info.I started 4-h 2 years ago and I love it.The day of my very first show at my very first 4-h fair my 4-h calf got sick.I was horrified.My friend's dad(he owns the cows)picked another calf for me to train for the shows later in the day.There was only 1 problem.The calf had a history of going nuts and trying to kill me.I went into the pen rope halter in hand and tried to put it on the calf.As I had predicted she went nuts and attacked me.She was big about 9 months old and weighed alot.She pinned me against the wall and started ramming against me.I yelled for help but nobody else was in the barn.My normal 4-h calf which was sick and in the same pen charged Denise(the calf that attacked me) and almost knocked her over.She kept between Denise and me.Hitting her everytime she tried to get at me,until I was safely out of the pen.

Mar 4 2004
When my daughter was two or three, she was given a toy cow on wheels which she used to pull around the house endlessly. The toy cow had a gear resonator made of plastic and wood and made a perfect mooaaaww with each turn of the wheel. We used to know exactly where she was at all times, because she always was pushing this cow around. Her nick-name became moo-moo. She began collecting all things bovine and received many cow-related gifts. Now, whenever I see my daughter, currently aged 33 with a daughter of her own, I can still hear that little toy cow in my head and I smile. : ) Moooawww!

Mar 3 2004
let me tell you a story. i live in a huge city. that is why when my dad said do you want to go down to your grandfather's house? i didnt want to because it was on a farm.then he said there will be cows and i got in the car then woosh we left as we got there i went straight to the cows -- i loved it! that is why this summer i am going down there for a week just to see the cows.

Mar 3 2004
i have went to my uncles house and just touched a cow on the top of her nose. plus i got to see a baby cow stand up then fall back down.

Mar 2 2004
we have 20 scottish highland cows. Our bull is broadstone the 4th. which is a very popular breeding bull.

Feb 29 2004
Crazycowlover Nikki 99
Hey I am 11 years old. My story is that one day when we were driving through Kansas there was a cow in the middle of the road. It came up to us and and started mooing. I was so scared i hid under my blanket. I was only 5. After that I loved cows forever! Everthing is cows for me!

Feb 28 2004
Hi my name is kelsi,i am 11 years old and i love cows!One day in first grade we had our field trip at a dairy farm. The cows were so adorable so since then i love cows!moo!

Feb 27 2004
I love cows! there great animals! My great aunt owns a dairy farm up in Michigan. Every 4 months we go to see her and feed the baby calves. I think its very fun.Last winter a cow died due to it utters freezing i thought it was very odd? My friend dosen't like to eat beef too! I try not to eat it as little as i can. TTYL

Feb 27 2004
Hi. I have 4 calves well there actually cows but to me their calves. They're adorable. They realy enjoy eating my gumboots and eating my ears and they like getting brushed on the back of their legs bum. They like to eat cereal and one of my cows beth she's orange likes chasing grasshopers. They are all currently pregnant. But we're selling the calves and i'm going to get a Jersey and rear it of Beth because she would make a wicked mother. The bull is grey so the calves might turn out a funny colour. Sometimes when theres good weather i go into their paddock when theyre all sitting down and go to sleep whilst lying on beth's gorgeous tummy. COWS RULE!!!

Feb 25 2004
Hi, I am 100% cow mad i show my very own herd of Dexter cattle and non-of my family does except me i am only 14yrs. My dad owns a 300 Holstien dairy herd we live on our farm. Any way dexters are the smallest breed any body i know has herd of standing averagely 2ft9in. I ony have 2 dexters but they are having calves soon.

Feb 24 2004
This Christmas I went to a cow farm for the first time. They are fun especially when you have to chase them down to give one out of 50 a shot. The best story would be when we went to the pens one day to do chores and there was the youngest calf out in the driving lane. A post had broken in the feeding trough and she fit right through. We were cornering her to guide her back into the pen when all of a sudden she just jumped over the fence right back into the pen. We were shocked! We had never seen a cow jump like that a matter of fact personally I have never seen a beef cow jump like that.

Feb 20 2004
hi my name is rebecca and i absolutly love cows!when i was little i lived in the city but i still loved cows i didnt know anything about cows and i still loved them.these days i live on a farm and i have 250 cows and they are so kool.nearly all the cows know me and let me pat them cause i go oout and see them everyday and they jsut get use to me and they let me pat them i love my cows. i go out and see them everyday and i milk them too.i dont eat steak and rooom is just filll of cow stuff.i love cows and i always will.i will never ever live in the city i will always live on a farm.when i grow up i wanna be a farmer.i love cows!every project we do at school it is always about cows.i love cows!!byebye

Feb 20 2004

Feb 19 2004
my name is tony and i would like to share with you how cows helped save my life . i was getting into a lot of trouble with drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd . i was sent to a work program on a dairy farm , and at first i hated it but to make a long story short i slowly learned to enjoy my new suroundings . you dont realize how much work it is to get that milk to the store untill you've done it. and now instead of drugs im into cows and im working on a dairy farm.

Feb 19 2004
love your web page i have 9 cows my self and there the best ive been looking for a cow web site to go to and i found the best one!! i also have horses goats chicks rabbits and dogs cats a dove tutrle and a guine pig. im in 4-h and have been showing cows 8 years great web site !!

Feb 19 2004
My name is kate and i lived on a farm in Tasmania. i mooooooooooved 3 years ago. we lived on a farm and owned herifords as pets i loved them. i still do but i don't see them i'm 15 and a BIG cow fan!!! you should see my room.

Feb 18 2004
this is a quote from george orwell, author of the book 'Animal Farm': Man is the only creature that consumes without producing.he does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, yet he is the lord of all animals that quote is awesome!

Feb 18 2004
Hey my name is Briana Dillman and i have to say, cows are the best animals in the world. i live on a dairy farm in Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia. we milk about 40 cows. We have Holsteins and Ayrshires. My favourite breed of cows are Ayrshires, they are the best ever!!! Well gotta go milking time!!! bye

Feb 17 2004
Well i don't have one story in particular to tell but i wanted to tell everybody about one cow that was at my uncle's farm. She was such a sweetie. She didn't have a name but she was the best! Sadly about a year ago she got sick and died from a stomach ulcer. I didn't really get to say bye while she was alive. So i just want everybody to know how awesome this cow was. She loved everybody. **R.I.P**

Feb 17 2004
Hey y'all!! I live on a farm in Georgia and we have so many cows! I don't even know how many! For my friends birthdays, I give them a cow, it stays at our farm of course, but they can come and visit it as often as they want! It's so cool! My friends love it!

Feb 17 2004
When i was 12 i went to visit a farm in N.H. When i was out in the night my friend and i got this great idea to cut across this field for a short cut. when we were in the middle of it we herd grunting and stomping. it turned out to be the bull!!! so we slowly exited and never did that again!! But I still love all cows, even bulls. I like the huge ones best!

Feb 17 2004
My heifer's name is Ritz Bits. She is a Guernsey. She is very cute. I show her in 4-H. I am 13 years old and live in Everson, Washington. I live on a farm with 1,400 Dairy Cattle. Ritz Bits is the only Guernsey, the rest are Holstein. I bought Ritz Bits at the Monroe Calf Sale in Washington in 2003. She is going to have a baby in September! I can't wait! What should I name the baby?

Feb 16 2004
I love cows, and when I went to Maine, they have Belted Galloways. I loved them so much. I wanted to take one home and have it as my own pet, but of course I live in the city. So the next day I woke up and on the bedside table, there was a stuffed cow, and a Belted Galloway cow! I named her Caroline after the cow from the musical Gypsy, Caroline!

Feb 15 2004
I am 13 years old and i live on a farm. The first word i said was Cow!Cow! Since then i have spent numerous times with the cows. And its my job to milk them. They make the best companians. My birthday is june 15, and a cow was born on my b-day, so i got to name it. I though for a while then said,Bessy Bessie is now 2 and loves to lay around and eat. I LOVE COWS!! MOO!!!

Feb 11 2004
Im just a normal kid.I was born and rased in Carson, CA. My aunt Fran used to live on a farm, but I didn't want anything to do with cows. I started to like them when I was ten years old. I absolutely HATE beef. My friends think Im retarded because I like cows, but there's nothing wrong with it. I even wrote a few comic strips with my character SuperCow. And since I found this site, I've been happy knowing that someone else cares.

Feb 9 2004
I have a cow, her name is Reddy. Actually registered as Lane-O-Maple Reddy. I taught her to shake her front hooves like they are paws of a dog. She's a cow now and when i go home from college to see her, I always shake her paws and give her a hug. I miss my cow. She also ate Oreo's. What a cow!

Feb 7 2004
My teacher always told us stories about cows she owned a small farm, but anyway she told us one time about her cows getting loose and her son who was my gym teacher fell in cow poo... also she told us about her cow Betsy dying she said she had something wrong with her having calves and one night she gave birth to one and it killed her she also said that the weird thing was the calf looked like a goat more than a calf but she said it survived and it seems like ever since them I've loved cows... when i see them wondering around in the fields it kind of makes me sad because they just look so miserable ...

Feb 6 2004
When I was 5 years old me and my family went to the fair. As I petted a cow I soon realized that my dress was in the cow's mouth. And I love cows ever since!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 2 2004
I used to show Brown Swiss cattle at our county Fair when I was young in 4-H club. My Cow, Wendy, used to show off in the Ring when the judge was watching her and I was leading her around the ring! It was never any problem showing her, she seemed to know when she was before a judge. One time I remember she recieved a grand champion in best of Breed category. It was like she could not contain her joy! I walked her over to the Judge and he gave us the Purple Ribbon and she took off on a full run, Bucking like a wild Bronco, with me hanging unto the halter rope! She drug me around the ring and I remember My Dad ran into the ring and stopped her and picked me up off the ground, my hands still on her rope! We had to show in white clothes...You can imagine what I looked like getting dragged through the dirt and a couple cow pies! I can laugh about it now but at the time I was crying! LOL! Judith from northern Minnesota

Jan 31 2004
poem for the cow
cows are like the morning sun i love them more than you do, hun beef is scary... for cOws are MOOre than a meal! Spots and dots all black and white they are my friends and in the night they moo over the moon and they say QUOTE we(moo) are (moo) MOOre than a Meal(moo moo moo) UN QUOTE End~

Jan 31 2004
i've posted a tail a little while ago, but since then i've been back to my cousins dairy farm. somehow a calf got out of her pen, and started walking around the farm. it came right up to me, and started acting like a dog! it was licking me, and practically begging me to pet her. she was SO cute. i eventually had to lead her back to her pen but i could tell she wanted to stay outside.

Jan 29 2004
Howdy! I'm from Canada and my uncle used to run a dairy farm so I grew up around cows and my special moment with cows was seeing the birth of the one that my uncle gave me (or at least said was mine) and I named her Tiny cause she was small as a baby but is now really big! Well that's my story about Tiny!

Jan 28 2004
Hi! my name is scott I Live in Maine and have a small farm with 10 cows 2 Horses 2 Pigs and 6 Chickens. My wife Michele and I love the farm life. I was looking for some cow information on the NET and found your sight. Great site!!

Jan 28 2004
Hi, my name is Slate.I am almost 2 yrs old, and my favorite thing in the world is cows. I love going to my PawPaw's house to see all of his cows. The only thing I talk about all day is cows and bulls. My mommy's said for my 2nd birthday she will do my room all in cow stuff.Isn't that GREAT!!!!!!!!

Jan 27 2004
My family has a milking parlor in New York and there is one strange cow there! This cow, I named her Mapleleaf, would eat almost anything you gave her. She ate popcorn, candy and many other things too!!! She's ony example of a crazy cow!!!!!!

Jan 27 2004
one day a calf was born in a field and me and my brother had to help the farmer find it it took a long time to find it but sure enough we found it. ron the farmer had to lead all the cows in another way so they dont charge at us but we found the calf and named it wild thing.

Jan 27 2004
I have another cow named taylor. he's the late kohll's little brother. i miss my cow. i had to sell him. i want my baby back!!!! but now i have an identical cow to kohll because he's his little brother!!!!! ps. My other cow, devon, is pregnant and she's gonna be a mommy! hehe i'm happy!!!

Jan 24 2004
my cow has won every show. her name is zoey . she is a beutiful cow

Jan 23 2004
My fiancee Bebe is cow-mad, and since meeting her I have become infected too! We live near the New Forest National Park, England, so often she makes me drive her through the forest hunting for the wild cows that roam there. I'm glad she's found this site. She now knows she is not the only person in the world who is so in love with cows! I mean, what can a man do? How do I compete with a warm fluffy bovine delight? I'm sure the only thing she loves more than me is cows! What do I do to rid myself of this competition, or do I just have do settle for second best? Any advice please!!!

Jan 23 2004
One day we were riding in the car and i told my Uncle that I wanted to see a Cow walking down the side of the road. The next day I was on my way to the doctors with my boyfriend, and all of a sudden a cow appeared out of nowhere. It was walking down the side of the road. I almost made him crash beacuse I was so giddy. My friends say I am obsessed. I even had a cow halloween costume that had a fan in it to blow it up. Oh...and I don't eat meat.!!!!

Jan 22 2004
about 2 years ago i went on vacation on this farm-like camp site. there was one cow on this farm...i petted it and talked to it almost all vacation. ever since then i loved cows...i'm so surprised to see that alot of other people love cows too...because evervbody in my class thinks im totally weird...i love this website!!!

Jan 22 2004
i had a pair of dexter cattle and there where nasty at the age of two so we sold them. that day that we sold them they where as sweet as can be and they didnt really like to get onto the trailer. But that day they jumped right on there and started licking my face when i was trying to tie they and hershey only kissed my once and it was so sweet and i will never for get them.

Jan 17 2004
im from a small country town of switzerland, yet live in australia, everytime i went back home i would see such lovely animals ! i love cows, their so cute and 2 years ago became my favorite animals ! i cant stand to eat beef, my friends think im a bit odd coz of this obsession but i thyink its normal, my favorite cows would have to be the black and white ones and the swiss brown...... i was looking for cow pics wen i came across this site and was amazed at how many people share my same feeling ! its so great to see that im not the odd one out and am deffinetly not the only girl who loves cows ! thanks so much ! ( a true cow fan) xxx ooo xxx

Jan 10 2004
I live by this grassture. But one day, the cows decided to break out. As I was playing basketball in my yard I witnessed the polled heifers break out of the grassture! They did not do to much, just walked around. Eventually the farmer got the cows rounded up, but this was the experience that caused me to lose it one day. This experience made me into a die-hard cow fanatic!

Jan 9 2004
my cousins have a dairy farm in Vermont and i always go to visit. once, my little cousin took me to see the calf barn. they were soo cute! one of the really small calfs came up to the gate and let me pet him. ever since then i have LOVED classmates think i'm obsessed but hey, thats their problem. 3 days ago i stopped eating meat. i cant stand beef!

Jan 8 2004
We use to own six Jerseys. All were family pets and all were shown in 4H and at the County Fairs. They were all hand raised and each had individual personalitys. Two of them were very special. Anyone who ever said a cow is dumb, never spent any time with a cow. They are actually quite smart.

Jan 8 2004
I'm 13 and recently purchase a newborn dairy calf.Her favorite activity is chasing cats,but loves dogs.I get to take her on long walks.

Jan 1 2004
I just totally luv cows! One time I wuz at the fair and i saw a calf being born. I watched it get up on it's wobbly legs and watched its mom clean it off.Ever since,I've been crazy for cows.I got my friend into it too. Moo!

Dec 30 2003
I'm 13 and I just ADORE cows. I want a cow sooooo badley. My parents think that I wouldn't take care of it because (I have to feed our cats... icky wet catfood!) I don't like to feed our kitties and I whine about it all the time. But I don't like the cats and I'm allergic to them! another bad thing is I'm Allergic to cows, too! Well since we live out in the counry I thought just 1 cow, no big deal. But since we don't actually own the property, it would have to be up to our landlord. I guess I will just have to keep on wanting till I'm old enough and have my OWN property, until then it's just a big NO. And until then I'll just keep on lovin' them!

Dec 29 2003
Sophie R.
Hey all! I'm 10 years old and I have grown up with cows. I live in Snoqualmie,Washington. My dad owns a farm of 50 cows and it all started when I was 7 months old. My dad went to an auction. He came back with 4 little calves! They were so cute!!! But in 4 years one died. After that two got really sick. It's been 9 years and 4 months and we still have one of those calves and shes the biggest cow on our farm.

Dec 28 2003
my best friend lizzie lives next to a cow farm and whenever we go 2 her house we get to visit the cows....she names them...But my fave cowi is Frap....he rocks And if u live in the pioneer valley u should go 2 Flayvor's u can look at the calfs when u eat ur ice cream!.....please do not endorse the killing of cowies to eat....First of all the human body is not evolved enough 4 us to digest meat and secondly can u eat something that cute? be kind to cows eat tofu!h frappity! ^.^

Dec 28 2003
I used to live on a dairy farm when our first cow had its first baby and boy was it just adorable

Dec 27 2003
I live on a farm with beef cows. Beef cows are so much cooler than dairy cows.I show my cows at different state shows and countys.

Dec 26 2003
Chenelle-A Cow Lover
Hi yall, I'm from Pennsylvania and live on a farm. On my farm I have 14 cows 3 of which are expecting in May. I Have Holsteins, Herefords, Angus, and a Braham. They are the biggest babies in the world. I have a huge obsession with them. I have over 500 cow themed items in my room and have these really cute cow slippers that moo. I am looking for a new breed to experince with. If you have any suggestions email me at Moocow01003 at Thanks, Chenelle

Dec 26 2003
One time I was out on a farm call with one of my family's closest friend (he's a vet) So anywayz we were seeing a HUGE Angus Bull about a case of foot rot. So I was sitting on the top rail of his corral and all of a sudden, the bull go CRAZY! And I'm not kidding, I mean he went plum-crazy. He ran the vet out!Then started knockin against the fence. Well I fell off and I was running around the pen trying to get away. It scared me to death, but I'm still a bovine lover!

Dec 23 2003
Melinda and Nick
We live on a dairy farm in NC. They milk a little over 700 holsteins. Our dads are the manager and herdsman. We love to come over and help out and hang out together. We love comeing to this sight and looking at all the cute cows, just like we have at our farm!

Dec 22 2003
A cow went out, out to plow on Christmas day, Chriatmas day. The cow went out ,out to plow on Christmas day Christmas day in the morning.

Dec 22 2003
Hi, I posted a tail on here not too long ago, but I have to tell you all that a real live Dumbo has been born! Yes that's right a heifer calf that has no bones in her ears! She has the floppiest ears that just lay flat against her head and make her look sooo cute. I can't wait to see what she looks like when she's a cow and has her own baby!

Dec 21 2003
I luv cows so much. I had no idea there were so many people that loved cows! I luv horses and birds too. When I was 9 we went to a pumpin patch and there was a baby calf and i loved cows ever since. There was a thin sick cow at this farm and i told them i was going to call the humane society if they didn't improve its condition. it was all better when i went there 2 weeks later. omg everytime i see a tryck headed towards the slaughter house i cry. i tried being a vegeterian this summer when i went to the del mar fair in san diego but i couldn't. i do eat meat but i pray each time i eat it and i dont eat very much. i want to be an animal rights activist!

Dec 17 2003
hi! my name is daisy, and I am a 12 yr. old human. I have a story to tell. one day I was walking along and I saw a sign in the window of a dairy place. it said cow lovers wanted. so i walked right in. inside, i told the person i loved cows. she said okay and that i should put on the cow costume and go outside and shout COW LOVERS ARE ME! I LOVE COWS WEE WEE WEE!. and I said okay. I put it on and walked out side and started saying the chant. I thought it was just a thing to make people come to the store. them the person in the store started to laugh. they told me they told hundreds to say that. but I was the only one to do it! but i wasn't embarrased because I love cows.

Dec 15 2003
One time i was on a field trip and i saw a buffalo calf that looked like a cow. It surprised me to see that the day after i actually saw a cow calf that looked like a buffalo calf its weird i think they got switched at birth.After that day i've loved cows.

Dec 15 2003
Mrs. Berry
Well I have a lot of stories to tell and not much space in this box... maybe they'll give me more room, I dont know, I'm 78 and not very updated with these crazy computers the youngins use. I was searching the web for some tips on introuducing cows to chickens in a natural habitat when i stumbled opon this site. Funny, how fate works. Let me tell you a story... the other day one of the most sensitive cows, Berthy was scared by a raging bull. My daughter had come over for dinner that day and brought my son-in-law with her. Now, not to be mean or anything, but I think half of the chickens in my pen are quite finer looking than this man that my daughter fell in love with. When the raging bull ran after Berthy, my son-in-law Jake got in the way. I shut my eyes, thinking that the next time I'd see Jake he'd be lying on the ground, with the raging bull tearing him apart. When I didn't hear Jake screaming I opened my eyes. To my amusement and amazement the bull was running away from Jake!!! ...

Dec 15 2003
hi my names amy and im a jsut like to say that i really appreciate your site and i think taht its great the cows are finally getting recognized for there great integrety and smartness...cows deserve to be treated like humans...sure we poo like 20 times a day..but otherwise....were alright....i really enjoy your site and i hope that others do to MOOEDY MOO MOO MOO!!!!

Dec 14 2003
Cowz are sooo... kewl!!! ONe time when I was on my way out to my grandparents house we saw some cowz far back in a feild. They stopped to look at them. My gradmother started yelling Here cowy,cowy,cowy! We've got food!!!. As soon as the cowz heard that they started running tward them as fast as they could. My grandma thought the cowz were going to knock the fence down. My grandparents and I ran to the car and got in it. When the cowz came to the fence they stopped. My grandma looked behind us and saw a car stopped behind us laughing. My grandma felt so stupid that we drove off and never stopped there again.

Dec 14 2003
Hey! i went to Kentucky one time and my cousin had a herd of cattle that would only come to him if they were called but no one had ever hand fed them. So i went up there to try to get them to come to me and hand feed them. After a miniute or two they came up to my and started eating. Since then i haven't eaten cow since and i am only 12.

Dec 13 2003
Hey guys, what r yall up too? neways, i absolutly positively love cows i mean LOVE cows. Ever since i was a baby, whenever i saw a cow i would jump up and down and scream MOO-COWS!!!! I even stopped eating meat, because i can't even imagine eating a cow anymore, they are just so cute and friendly. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, but i'm in love with them. We have a fair that comes to Tennesse every summer, and they have a dairy show, thas the first thing i went too. I just sat there an petted them all day and took pictures. They are so beautiful. I thank God for making such a fine creature. I can't get enough of them!! I LOVE MOO-COWS!!

Dec 12 2003
I show Cows and Im like totally in love with them.Holsteins are my favorite but then its Jersey.I can Just look out my window and see Annabelle,Katie,Buttercup-,Noel,Wilbert and Lucy!!Well I just thought I'd let you know I'm head over heals for cows!

Dec 12 2003
Once me and my friend James were playing and these herd of cows wondered out into his front lawn! James went up to them but they turned to run,then his dog,Haley was our real savior!! She came out of nowwhere and chased those cows to their heals! So we had to call and call for Haley to come back,she finally came and I was praising God that she was ok.. But ever since then I haved loved cows!

Dec 12 2003
I work on my uncle's farm and there's this cow i call Beautiful (my uncle doesn't really name cows and i call them whatever pops into my head at the time) Anyway, one night i was there and i was wearing my hat and i put it on her head. She shook her head and the hat flew off and i casually asked her to pick it up and guess what. She did! She picked it up and set it in front of me. I was so proud of her. I also have a calf named Angel Deann that i'm training to show in 4-H. Cows rule!!!!!

Dec 12 2003
I once had a cow called Maggie Moo. At first she was the most kind sweet natured little thing then it happened! She was transformed into a raging beast who constantly bullied all the other cows. One time she even attacked me. I was preparing stuff for her and she saw red and charged at me - I was horrified! Not only was I left bloody and bruised but my faith in cows had gone forever. But thanks to your site I have found my love once more and next week Im buying a new calf. I cant wait!!! Thanx all you moo lovers!!

Dec 10 2003
Let's just say that COWS ARE SO COOL!They are extra smart(at least smarter than me)and they always seem to enjoy people taking pictures of them.I LOVE COWS!

Dec 10 2003
I'VE LOVED COWS FOR LIKE THE LAST 7 YEARS OF MY LIFE. It all started when my best friends cows got out at 3 o'clock in the morning and we had to go chasing them and get them back in the fence then i feel in love. It was such a fun experience. I HEART COWS

Dec 9 2003
i have loved cows for like ever. i live near a farm and from my bedroom window i can see into thier field. the farmer is an old friend of the family and he named one of the calfs that was born on the spring after me!! it is like my pet now. it knows me and always comes up to me when i go to visit her. she has got the loveliest mooo!! p.s havent cows got the curliest eyelashes. and the best patches and the swishiest tail cows sre soooo the best

Dec 8 2003
one time at my grandparents house, i went across the street to look at the cows. well i got over there and started to talk to the cows. they turned around (backside to me) pooped and/or peed and walked away. i love cows but i didnt know they were so rude!

Dec 7 2003
I LOVE cows! They are soooooo awsome! Last year I got a certificate from my friend who thought I was the most helpful kid in class and made it out to Laura the Moo Moo Cow! And my teacher read it aloud to the entire class! Anyone else would have been embaressed but I'm not because I LOVE cows!

Dec 7 2003
Granny T
I have milked so many cows that my hands get sore every time i even look at a cow!! but that doesnt stop me from loving them ever since!

Dec 6 2003
katie cowlover
My grandpa used to live in Ireland and there were cows everywhere! anyway I used to have a favorite, her name was bessy.I came out every day to give her a treat. because im in love with cows! She was the only friendly cow there so my grandpa even let me sit on her.(I was only 5 at hte time). every time I went I had loads of fun! Ireland realy has some moooovalis cows!

Dec 2 2003
Hey my cow name is Calvin and he is a baby!she was born on July 23,2003! she is the best cow in the world! He is Brown and White, he is beautiful!I am the worlds most greatest cow lover in the whole universe!well got ot go and feed Calvin! see ya!

Dec 1 2003
Hi, I live on a farm that runs about 100 cows, and I also work on a dairy farm and milk 150 cows. I live in Canada, and am absoulutely addicted to cows. I'm 17 and next year I plan to attend college and further my bovine education! I do have a story to tell. Last year for Christmas my mom bought me a Jersey heifer calf named Jolene. She fit well into my herd which I share with my dad. Jolene spent the summer growing up in a field with other young heifers-and a Dexter bull. To make a long story short Jolene was bred and nine months later gave birth to a gorgous baby boy, Joey. He is now 10 months old and doing well. All you other cow addacts add me to MSN , we can chat and compare notes on cows

Nov 30 2003
aShLeY aNd I'm CrAzY fOr CoWs!
My tail takes place at school in the city. Where my teacher(Ms. Lockhart) told us to do a journal entry on Your Choice, now in my case that's a 100% bad idea, because I'm CrAzY fOr CoWs! Luckly Ms.Lockhart put a 10 page max. on the assiment. The jourenal ended up being a 9 full pade entry on COWS!I think if Ms Lockhart weren't a teacher, and didn't have a choice to read my journal, she would have domped in the trash. And thanks to this web site I got 5 of the 9 pages of INTERSTING cow facts. But truely I have soooo many cow facts stuffed in my brain that's all I think acout! But one question Why do we all have this HUGE (some bigger thsn others) passion for cows? Oh and Miss Carmichal keep up with that love for cows! Visit this wed site on the cow fact page and learn something about that animal you love so much! The wonderful magnisficint COW! KEEP MILKIN' ON FOLKS! P.S. This was written by A TRUE COW LOVER!!

Nov 29 2003
I LOVE COWS i have a cow name choc-o-let he is friends call me a cow lover or cowgirl.ever thing is done in cows my desk to my room!

Nov 25 2003
we have a herd of simmental up here outside of denver in. i have been showing them in 4 h for eight years. all of them have names like rosie grandma star hondini moonbeam and many more. they are a blast!!!

Nov 25 2003

Nov 25 2003
Ive been showing cattle for 4 years now and i absoloutly love it. Im from country NSW Australia and cattle are my life. I have a cow who i raised from calf she is more like a pet now and she thinks of me as her mother. She knows my bus off by heart and wether i am on it or not. If shes lying in the paddck i go up to her and we cuddle up and have a snooze in the sun togeather. When she had her calf i was so excited aswell as worried that she would be like her own mother and reject it but to tell you the truth ive never seen a better mother.

Nov 22 2003
hello,im 14 years old and i have been showing cattle now for about 5 years.I love cows there so awsome,and since i love cows so much im going to go to college and study Agriculture. I am now starting my own herd.All my friends think im nuts or something since all i do is talk about cattle but iam so glad to know that there are others out there also!!! Thanks for this website~~

Nov 22 2003
lozzie mooooomour
i don't have much 2 say but....3 guesses! i love cows!! Once i went to a party on a farm and my friend katie got chased by a cow, i have loved them ever since! (i do like katie! i didnt set the cow on her on purpose! well, i didnt set it on her at all, i saved her!) after that, we realised that all the cow was doing, was trying to sniff us and lick us! stupid us! luv ya all whoever comes on this site...ROCKS!!!

Nov 21 2003
I am 11 and I already want a cow!I love cows and I just can't help it.Me and my friends make jokes like,u know how they hav those tags on their ears,well we r all like-they got their ears pierced.But,it's really not that funny.When I was 2 I asked my parents what hamburgers were made of and she said cows and ever since I have never eayen a hamburger again.

Nov 21 2003
I LOVE COWS! In fact my nickname is Moonica or Moo for short! Last year for Halloween I was a cow and I had a cow themed B-day party! When I get older I hope to someday have a cow of my own! I'm not sure I how got started being so obsessed w/them and I don't really have an exciting story but I LOVE COWS! MOO MOO MOO!

Nov 20 2003
My teacher went to Kentukey and saw a sign that said Used Cows For Sale and whenever we go to watch a power point presentation it shows on her desktop.

Nov 19 2003
Hi my name is melissa and i love cows! my parents think i'm crazy because i have pictures of them all over my room. I am 13 and work on my uncles dariy farm.

Nov 19 2003
Kayla (cowgirl # 1)
I love cows . I grew up on a farm so i am attached to them . Cows are the best pets in the world. I live on a farm and hope to live on a huge ranch in Montana when I graduate. I love this web site .

Nov 18 2003
I have a mini zebu bull I had two but she dei from cooled wather.I'm selling him if you live in maine and wan't a mini bull please call.P.S. he is frendly.

Nov 18 2003
Clare Cow-way
I am obbessed with cows and I cannot handle not seeing or being away from them! I use to have a cow. I loved my cow with all my heart. Her name was Moory and was a beautiful cow. Then one day my Dad came home from work and he said that we had to move to Michigan. The first words that came out of my mouth were, What about about my cow, can I take it with me? My Dad didnt respond very quickly, and so I was getting very nervous. He finally told me that I had to sell my cow because it would be to much of a hassle to take it all of the way from Oklahoma to Michigan. I was a heart broken young girl at the time and I still am! Tear, tear! :( My cow was my best friend ... I am so sorry on account that I had to tell you this.

Nov 15 2003
prety cow
I love cows. I am 15 years old and I work all over our town taking care of cows. It is fun because you can talk to them when you have a bad day and they won't make fun of you or tell anyone like a human would.when I was 11 I started to get intrested in cows. Then when I was 13 I started helping out with the cows.

Nov 13 2003
hey i am from bergman arkansas! its a very small town. i have been showing cattle for 2 years and i am in the 10th grade i am 15 years old and want to be and agri teacher i was doing a report when i came across your website it is great you did a wonderful job and keep up the good work

Nov 11 2003
Every summer, my family and I travel to Brimley, Michigan to visit my great aunt and uncle. My uncle raises cows over the summer, then sells them. In doing this, he must perform the shots that kill any bad desieses that may linger in the cow. I must say, before this, I didn't know much about cows, but now I do. We learned to live like a cow(not like a pig) and have a wonderful time. After a good hand washing, we left. I told all of my friends about my grand adventure. They all said that I must have been pretty stupid to have hung around those stupid barfing mammals for two weeks. Well, now I know who my true friends are. Cows are really smart animals

Nov 11 2003
I have been working with Holstiens for about 8 years. I work on a dairy farm milking between 50 to 60 cows a day from a drop station. i had won my first cow last year. her name is lucky her name actually fits her well. she had namonia when she was about 3 weeks old and when she was 9 months old. shes is a little short but i have been told i have a curse that all the cows that i have shown in the past never grow. and shes inherited that as well. she is a big mush spoiled as can be shes my only cow and my first cow. i love her to death. she is one of the best cows i have had for showmanship i have gotten good placing with her at shows.

Nov 9 2003
hey i'm Lea i started loving cows when i was 4! (in swizerland!)

Nov 8 2003
i am 13 and love cows!!! i have my own pet cows called Mavis, ida, betty,suzie, qwe-n, panda and ug. My favourite is Mavis and har favourite food is jam doughnuts. they are all really friendly and on two occasions i have had to stop Mavis from suffocating when she got her head stuck in the gate!!!

Nov 7 2003
I was out walking one day and we found about 5 cows that looked abandoned. So we went to the nearest farm and borrowed one of thier trucks. We took them to the farm outside our house and they've been there ever since. We found out theres 3 girls and two boys. And there called Danielle, Ruth, Kelly, Tomas and Martin. I really love cows some people think im cow mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Which is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 6 2003
Hi! i just want to say that i love cows! they are just so cute!i love their spots and their faces and little ears! i love them! i wanted to decorate my room with cow stuff but i never found a cow bedspread i felt sad... so if anyone knows where i can find a cow bedspread near houston, texas...please email me at thank you all! ps. i love cows! ps2. its a cow thang

Nov 6 2003
hello!! i was with my friends at her nans farm and we were walking and then we saw 2 cows nextdoor and my friend was scared of them so i stared mooing to freak her out and it did it was so funny. then we went to feed the same grass but they wre on the ather side of the yard so we held out the grass and they ran over my friend freaked and ran a way. it wa so funny a i wont let her live i down.

Nov 5 2003
pearce !!
ok well we have like about 37 scottish highland cows and there soooooo cute they look like teddy bears there so furry well i thought id tell you that!

Nov 3 2003
O man!! I love cows to death!! There my favorite animal in this world!! I live in the country on a nice farm! We have owned cows as long as I can remember. I name all the baby calves that are born here. I name some of my babie's after my friends. They all told me that they wanted a cow named after them! So every year who ever asks me if they can have a cow named after them I tell them yes I think it is quite funny!! Well, anyways, my whole room is decked out with cow stuff!! I ever have cow wallpaper, cow bedding, flying cows, stuffed animals~ When I get my new car, it will be all decked out in cow stuff! Since I want everyone to know I'm obsessed with cows!!!!!

Nov 3 2003
Hmm.. Not a lot of Cows from Jersey in the Channel islands are there!? Surely Jersey cows are worth a mention and photo as there milk is really tasty and they are very pretty. moo

Nov 3 2003
Bea Wilson
I love your site so much! I didnt know anyone respected cows as much as I did! I have my own website all about cows too!! It's ok well im adding this to my favrites! bye!!

Nov 3 2003
My uncle raises cows and then riases the babies in the spring so he's like a nursery cow farmer. Anyways i love his cows! Especially when you roll down your window and moo at them! They stare at you really weird. I have so much cow stuff it's not even funny! I'm so obsessed with cows my friends call my mooer!

Nov 2 2003
i have a 4-h calf named cassie and whan i toke her to a fair and when i showed her i got 4 and 5 now shes in are barn and is still very friendly after i showed i would have slober all over my whites Farmer Mieka

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