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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 4

The folks at AW Brahmans sent these pictures...

Ms Suva 212 and her new born heifer calf. Out at the Ranch.

Tornado and Bob posing for a picture at the Alabama National Fair

AW's Miss Dencie Dos Didor new born calf

Carla out at the barn.......Eating!

Donna emailed the next photo. She writes, "Daisy and Mable -- best friends -- Mable enjoying her retirement after 10 years of milking prison, Daisy, the big one, is a freemartin -- she's unable to have baby moos. She thinks this is the life! Just eat eat eat!! She is work exempt...."


Darren sent more pictures of his cows in addition to the photos below.


"My Bad Side"

Redd -- One day I'll be running this place

Tell'em I'm not home!

If I got my head in here,
I'm sure I can get it out...
I think

Little Jeebus says, "Go ahead, make my day!"

Laura sent the next 5 pictures. She wrote, "The Holstein heifer calf is a twin to a bull calf, but unfortunetly the bull calf died shortly after birth. The last 2 pictures are of a Brown Swiss heifer and steer; the first picture is the heifer and the last one is the steer."

Munchkin Enjoying Her Supper

Munchkin's Sweet Little Face

Help! I'm being attacked by a calf!!

Sunshine's Pretty Face

Mmmmm...the grain is goooood!!!

Ashley emailed some photos of these pet Scottish Highlands taken at her grandparent's place in Kansas:

Bottle Feeding Miss Mina's Babies

Christina, but she's called Fionnlagh (fee-ON-lay), which is Scottish for white fair, warrior calf


Fionnlagh's Mom, Miss Mina


Darren has some pet bovines in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He shares Jeebus with us and a photo of Alfalfa:

I'm a Texas Longhorn Cross and I'm not 'Mad'!

I eat way too much

Our spoiled brat

Little Jeebus

Jeebus all grown up

Alfalfa... Who Dat?

Linda emailed this picture taken in Ireland of a herd of moos standing in a field next to the ruins of an 11th century church and round tower.

We're curious.. and hoping to be fed!

Jim and Carrie emailed some photos from Scotland. They explained, "These two Highland cows both have calves from the same bull (not a Highland bull). The little black one has turned out more Highland, while the brown one is more like the father."

Little Black Calf

Mother, Aunt, and Calf

Mother and Brown Calf

"Lord Basil's Butler" first asked to have Joseph added to the list of cow names, saying, "My favourite of a herd of Friesians bears this name." And here's the picture:


Leah emailed these photos:

Smile for the Picture!
Copyright 2005, Leah Cate

Ashley and her All American Heifer Nichol (Milking Shorthorn)
Copyright 2005, Leah Cate

Kristen took this photo when she was in Holland:

Dutchie the Brown Cow

Connie emailed some pictures taken with her cell phone of her neighbor's bovines in Puyallup, Washington. Everytime her husband starts up the mower to cut the grass, the cows come running to get their favorite treat... grass clippings. They don't stop mooing until they all get their share!

Waiting for the treat

Mooove out of the way so I can get mine!

Yummy grass clippings!!

Marco sent these photos. He says, "Mooooooooy bien! I showed her last fall in the Litle International, Block and Bridle Club show at the Animal Science Department at the University of Florida. She is a replacement 2 years old heifer. She was very scary in the rehearsal before the show, but she did mooooooooy bien."

Barbarita Training

Barbarita the Winner

Laura emailed these pictures of twin heifers who are a Brown Swiss Holstein (mother) cross. Cuties!!

Muffin enjoying an afternoon rest

Sox asking "What's that?"

Connie sent in some pictures of some pet bovines who live in a pasture behind her house. They've inspired her to give up red meat!

Mama and Baby

Cute Baby Face!

Little one stays near mama

Katie emailed this photo:

Liza Jane and I are napping between shows at the Florida State Fair!

Kelly sent these. Her 5 year old son says, "Mooooo! Here are some pictures of me dressed up like 986. And a picture Mommy took of 98 6."


A bit nippy for a swim

Who's the big cow?

Cows don't like this kind of thing!

Mary emailed this photo taken of a friend of hers who as since mooooved away. This was her friend's first show cow -- and this cow had her first baby in February.

First Show Cow -- A Brown Swiss

Joell emailed these fun pictures:

Nothing beats a Dew

Eagles number 1 fans


Herve sent in a couple of urls with links to some interesting pictures...

Don't Mess with Me!

The links point to pictures taken at traditional cow fights in Switzerland. Herve explains, "This is a breed from Valais, in Switzerland, which is called the breed of Herens. The main interesting thing about this breed is that cows will fight to select the leader of the herd. So, while the cows are naturally fighting, Swiss people often organize tournaments to elect their annual Queen." Herve says that the cows do not get hurt because as soon as one establishes her dominance over another cow, they stop fighting.

You can see more pictures at this link and at this one, too.

Jamie emailed a couple of great pictures:

"My name is Fergie and I am a Blonde d'Aquitaine bull"

My name is Beetroot and I am a Hereford cross"

Denise sent a great Holstein oil painting, one of several that she's done. You can see more at her web site.

Cow Face (oil painting)

Cole emailed this cute photo:

Riley and the Cows
Copyright 2005, Cole Packard

Dana emailed 6 pictures (in addition to one further down the page) taken in India.

In the field is from Udaipur, near Lake Palace and their hotel

Bovines bathing is taken from Dana's dad's office in Noida

Coming Home: a whole herd of moos on Dehli's highway

A baby calf just a few hours old, born on the Hindu holiday of Diwali -- named Dwalt

This wonderful bovine taught us a trick
(The trick is hard to see, but the cow is touching her nose with her tongue)

Introducing myself to a free roaming cow (Mukteshwar, India)

Ryan sent this one:

"Hello! My name's Wizard, and I am a 4 year old Limousin bull!!!!"

Cindy wanted to share a photo of her beloved Lucy with all Brown Swiss lovers:


Brian sent this photo:

Go on! Give us a kiss!

Dana emailed this picture:

New Friend in New Delhi, India

From time to time we get sent cow photos. Have a look...

Cow paintings! Betsy, who has her own website, sent these two:

Conversation (chalk pastel)
Copyright 2005, Betsy Masi

Hello (oil)
Copyright 2005, Betsy Masi

Ernest says his wife Sara is a cow lover, and he sent these pictures taken on th eir farm in Venezuela. "Muuu!"

Cow and Little Friend Relaxing

All Together Now

Megan emailed us a whole "herd" of photos, taken in Upstate New York:

Ahhhh!! Don't eat me!

I smell snow

Black and white snake!

It's Jaws! Beware of the shark!

Photogenic Fatty Pie

Two big bug eyes!


Petra talking

Pretty Waako


The Ferguson girls sent some pictures of their Jersey steer Butter.

Butter is soooo lazy!! He used to be really active, but today he was tired

AWWW!!! Aren't I so cute?

Don't ya just love me?

Leslie emailed a picture of Noelle who was born December 26th 2004. She is from Dottie, a first time Mommy!

Precious Little Holstein

Laura sent this photo of her show steer Deuce. She says he lives in the lap of luxury and, "let's just say that he is rather spoiled and expects things to happen when he wants them to."

I'm Not Spoiled

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 4 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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