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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 6

Judy sent two pictures of Longhorn steers in Arizona:

longhorn steer
At Empire Ranch...

longhorn steer
... near Sonoita

Denise emailed a photo of one of her great cow paintings. This one was commissioned from the American Jersey Association to use for fundraising, and it was shown at the World Dairy Expo, October 3-6. These three Jerseys, who live in California, are quite lovely!

Wide Load Ahead (16"x20", oil on canvas)
Copyright 2006, Denise Rich

Jim sent in a picture of Moocoon, who is very tolerant of the photographer:

Brown Swiss

From Eva: "This is Nuria, or Sunset Acres Norma, my 4-H project from last year. Pics are from the county fair. I no longer own Nuria :("


Holstein heifer

Looking Good!

Almost Time...

in the ring
In the Ring

Ann emailed and said she wanted to share some pictures of her son Jake. "He has been showing dairy cows in 4-H since he was 10, and loves each one he shows..."

jake and jersey
Hey, what are you looking at?

cow kissing
Gimme a kiss!

nap buddies
Two buddies

Larry emailed a picture of one of his paintings. He writes, "I go to the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin every year with my art booth. One day a guy brought me a photo of his cow doing what you see. There are kiosks with the face of the Holstein all over the park. The cow he was showing did this twice. The farmer said: "I think this would make a good painting". He was right, I couldn't resist."

The Kisser (oil on canvas, 11x14)
Copyright 2006, Larry Schultz

Tommy sent in these photos, taken in Kentucky. Laverne is a 10 year old Bradford that is just like family. Lulu is a 5 year old Black Baldy who is always into mischief, but she has great looking calves, including her newest one.


Black Baldy and calf
Lulu and Missy

Dani emailed a picture recently taken at the Highland Fair of a very cute calf. She also sent a picture of her own birthday-present calf.

Nancy at the Fair


Brian sent in pictures of a couple of his Belted Galloway paintings -- lovely! He also has a free screen saver of these painting that you can get on his website.

Belted Galloways
"Aldermere Clan," oil on canvas (sold)
Copyright 2006, Brian Kliewer

Belted Galloways
"5:45 am," oil on canvas
Copyright 2006, Brian Kliewer

Jon emailed in a photo, and explains, "Thought I'd send in a photo of "Organsdale Bedouin", or "Bedouin the B******d" as I nicknamed him. From the day I took delivery of him on the farm I never managed to soften him up. I was well known in the locale for being a "Cow Whisperer", and could usually work my charms on most cows and bulls, but not him. He just hated everyone and yet was a great hit with all the girls [as you can see]! I think he had been mistreated before I got him which is a real shame. How I hate guys that have to beat on bulls, they're such cowards & there's no need for it! As you can see he's a "Brown Swiss" and I had two of his lovely soft daughters and some cross-breeds to care for on the farm also. They were as soft as he was a b*****d!"

Organsdale Bedouin

Anthony sent in this picture of Pono, who is a rescue bovine. You can find out more about Pono at


Pat (who also has 2 photos shown below), emailed another picture, this one from the 1950s. Pat writes, "It was taken at my mother's family farm at Rongotea in the Manawatu district of New Zealand. The Jersey cow with me is Mary, who was my favourite. As you can see, she was very tame. She had several calves but I think she eventually died of mastitis. When I was about thirteen I was given twin Milking Shorthorn calves, who I named Rowan and Scarlett, the latter after the heroine of 'Gone with the Wind'. They grew up and joined the milking herd and over the years my aunt and uncle would point out their various daughters and granddaughters, who grew less and less like them as they were mostly mated with Jersey bulls. I have always loved cows, as my father died unexpectedly when I was not quite fourteen, and I used to wander over the farm and put my arms around those cows that were tame enough to stand still when I approached them. They were warm, cuddly and motherly, and somehow gave me comfort."

Pat and Mary

Jon wrote in and says, "I have worked for over 30 years with these lovely creatures and have never grown tired of their company... I have often been accused of turning them soft by various people. As far as I'm concerned, if you can walk up to a cow and touch her without her running away, you can check her for any problems without the hassle of having to confine her. If you care for your cows, they WILL respond and repay the time invested." He sent a picture of Maddog, so named because she'll try and butt and play with him.

holstein heifer
Maddog is Playful

Pat sent a couple of photos. She says that Hetty the Hereford lives near Hawera, New Zealand, and is expecting a happy event before long. And she adds that the life of a breeding Hereford cow on a Taranaki, New Zealand farm is a happy one ... fresh air, sunshine and plenty of grass to eat!


hereford closeup
Where's the grass to eat?

"Cowsnclay" emailed these three photos...

gate down
Okay, who knocked down the gate?

I did Little Man! Whatcha gonna do about it?!

This one is of Dr. Ed Grimes and Skeet from the Heritage Vet Clinic in Morgantown, Kentucky on my farm to treat a bull with an infected hoof:

infected hoof
Working Mom

Penny sent these two pictures of Norman, who has been hand raised since he was 3 days old. For some reason, his moo-mom wouldn't feed him.

How could you not love me?

Gentle and Sweet

Laura has two pictures of some of her bovines:

brown swiss bull calf
Brown Swiss Bull Calf

brown swiss
My Best Girl, Melanie

John wrote and said he and his family live in Florida, and behind their house is a farm with over 100 cows. Their favorite is "Heir Nike", who looks like she has the Nike logo. (He added that they saw a baby calf being born... how exciting!)

heir nike
Heir Nike

Caroline emailed this cow pic from Australia:

Friendly Holsteins

Jenna sent in this picture of one of her Black Angus cross females, who happened to be posing just so! Jenna also has her own website, JLD Shorthorns.

Pretty and Perfect

Lill sent a couple pictures of her cows:

Miss Lovely

Holstein resting
She's a nosey cow!

Tony emailed this fun picture:

cow eating turnip
Big Red eating a turnip

Mary emailed this picture of 3 of her registered Limousin calves from Wisconsin:

Limousin calves
The Three Mooskateers!

These 4 pictures, taken in a small town in southern Alabama called Elberta, are from Malorie. She says, "I raised Snowflake and Leoreo from a bottle. Leoreo is a bull, but he's as sweet as a bunny."

white cow and red cow grazing
Snowflake (white) and Johny (red)

cow with tongue out

black bull
Leoreo ("lee" + "oreo")

red cow
Apple Dumplings

"jinjin" emailed some photos of cows, hanging out and on the moooove:

Hanging out

more cows
Still hanging out

cows walking
Following the Boss Cow

cows walking
Still following!

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 6 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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