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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 7

Donna emailed pictures of Mabel, who is 14 years old, but who still loves to play in the sand:

cow in sand
Mabel loves the sand

dirty cow
I'm a dirty Moo now!

Anil sent this photo from India:


Ang shares these pictures:

Dough Boy
My name is Dough Boy

I'm Wyatt's Calf

Theresa sent some great pictures. This is Maggy May, who is Theresa's one year old Holstein. Maggy Moo just turned one on July 10th. Her person thinks she should be a model -- just look at that pose! -- and we agree.

Maggie Moo
Side Pose

in the ring

in her halter
Waiting Around

Maggie Moo face
I'm Pretty

at a show

Model Moo
Waiting for a Treat

Julie shares these photos:

cows view
Cows seen while on a hike on Mount Noorat in Western Victoria, Australia

cow man
We all want to be bovine

Theresa emailed pictures of Maggy May...

Holstein face
My first fair was fun!

Heifer eating
I sure love my food

cow nose
I won 2 firsts, a buckle and a plaque at the OC Fair
(Plus a first in costume, too!)

Eliza emailed these photos of her Scottish Highlands:

Matilda eating hay
Matilda, ready to calf, still has room for hay

Cow and heifer
Pye Lass and her surprise heifer, Truffle

Mike emailed this fun picture. Stacy and her cow ride in parades and special events. Notice how small the saddle looks -- but it is a full sized horse saddle.

riding a cow
Stacy and her cow, Angus T. Bone

Eliza sent these photos of her Scottish Highlands:

Scottish Highland
Stornaway -- Not Quite Sure

In the snow
Matilda and Natalie dig in

Baby bulls
Skookum Scott and Stornaway -- Baby Bulls

Champion bull
Cadalach Lincoln o'Strath-Brae -- A champion bull and a great pet

Momma and calf
Maizibelle and Calf -- What kind of camera is this?

From Leah:


Cute Heifer!

Maybeline and Leah
Maybeline and Leah

Best Friends
Best Friends

Laura emailed photos of her moos...

Brown Swiss
A Brown Swiss

Holstein closeup

Holstein Face
Pretty Face

Fat Cow
I'm expecting twins!

Cow behind tree
Pepper playing peek-a-boo

Pepper closeup
Pepper up close

Black cow
Pepper Posing

Barbara sent pictures of these moos who live on the Sadler ranch in Mexia, Texas:

Johnnie and mom
Johnnie and her Mom

Cream Pop and mom
Cream Pop and his Mom

Max and April
Max and April, just watching

Tiny and mom
Tiny and his Mom

March and his Mom

cows and calves
White and her calf Snow and friends

cow and calf
Freckles and her calf Blackie

cow and calf grazing
Crazy and his Mom

cow and calf standing
Christmas and his Mom

Cocoa the Heifer, chillin'

Photos from Kyra:

cow kiss
Cow Kiss

cow posing

Harrow Fair Holstein
At Harrow Fair

At the fair
Ready to Show

Sam emailed this great Holstein snapshot:

Holstein with tongue out
Yum Yum!

Judy sent in some photos of these fine looking bovines:

highland cow
Highland Cow

highland calves
Highland Calves

nose wipe
Nose Wipe!

You can see more pictures at Highland Cattle World.

Tricia took this picture in Charlevoix, Michigan:

belted cows
"Oreo cookie" cows (possibly Belted Galloways)

belted cow closeup
Close up

Joni in Michigan emailed the next photos from Happy Stock Beef. Joni explains, "She was born on April 7th. Her ma is a Dutch Belted and her daddy is a Hereford."

holstein calf
Happy Girl

holstein with horns
You talkin' to me?

hereford and calf
Got Milk?

twin calves
Twins? I had twins?? Oh, no!!

Heather sent this great picture of her milking herd:

holstein cows
Beautiful Holsteins from Margaret River, Western Australia

Linda saw this longhorn steer grazing in southeastern Arizona:

longhorn steer
Springtime is good for grazing

longhorn closer
Handsome fellow

Evelyn, in Georgia, sent some photographs of her moos:

I'm Leggs, the Easter Bunny!

mother and calf
Mom and her new baby

William shares this picture of an inquisitive Jersey, taken on the Isle of Jersey:

I'm inquisitive, and I make the best milk!

The Wilsons emailed several photos of their cute cows:

Sisters Kristy and Pecton

new born calf
Dorito, about 5 minutes old

Christmasy Pumpkin

Trax -- a Jersey X Milking Shorthorn X Brown Swiss X Holstein


Karina emailed a picture of these curious bovines:

Moovin in for a closer look

And Alison has a photo of Marilyn, who also seems drawn to the camera...

cow close up
Closer still

This picture comes from the Wilsons:

Confetti, a handsome steer

Paul sent these photos of cows in Scotland:

Cow group
Greetings from Scotland

I have this view all to myself

Highland Cows
Highland Cows

Mother and baby
Mother and Baby

Holly emailed some pictures of her calf, Abbie. She says, "Abbie is a right cutey. She is mine through young farmers. She is a pure breed Holstein-Fresian."

Holstein calf
Abbie the Calf

Looking Pretty

snoozing calf
Nap Time

Evelyn sent photos of her babies in Winder, Georgia:

grazing cow
Bessie having a snack with her chicken friend

Best Friends!

Lunch Time!

Red is the best nurse cow

Red and calf
Red loves all the babies -- even if they're not hers

Jersey-Holstein steer
This is 8 -- a Jersey-Holstein steer

"Cowmumbler" tells a sad story: "Below are photos of my dear Buttons and her baby. Buttons disappeared without a trace this past fall from her home in northern Alberta. She was a wonderful friend. We were friends from the time she was only one month old. It wasstrange how she would follow me around the pasture, when her own mom was not all that friendly.Buttons loved shoes and bare feel. She would go out of her way to be with me, even when therest of the herd went away. She wanted to stay with me. I wish I knew what happened to her.I miss her very much."


Her Baby, Jehanne

Kaitlyn writes, "These are pictures of some of my cows, which I love, and are still at the farm having babies and looking gorgeous!"

Patti Cake
Pat ... AKA Patti Cake or Fat Pat

Pat and I after winning at our local fair

Blondie 30 minutes after being born -- eating away

Blondie munching

At the Show
Blondie stretching after a long day

Mother and calf
Cornwall and baby Jimmy born that morning

Ten minutes old
Paige 10 minutes after being born

Anthony Marasia saved this handsome Holstein steer named Pono. Pono was living by himself, which made him very lonely. Recently he moved in with a Holstein herd. Visit his website for more information at Pono also made front page news at the Hawaii Tribune Herald Website. Read Pono's article. Leave a comment, too.

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 7 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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