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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 5

Lauren (14) in Australia emailed some photos of her 4 month old Holstein male calf, Jackson. She bought Jackson when he was 2 weeks old and bottle raised him. Lauren is training him to become a riding steer. She says, "I have tricked-trained him to shake hands, bow, give kisses, spin in a circle, pick up all his feet, stand up straight, change speeds form walk to trot to canter to an extremely fast canter with me... We are the best of friends; I'm his mum andn he's my angel baby."

Holstein Calf
Jackson Shilo King

bottle feeding

bottle feeding
I love my mum!

bottle feeding
Jackson does tricks

From the Goettemoellers:

This is brittany, my grand champion Ayrshire heifer. Ain't she cute?

Sent in by a cow fan, who says: "This is me when I was 7 with my grandfather's calf Sandy. I'm 11 now and Sandy is bigger too, but she is doing fine. She was my buddy, and she liked me too."

Me and My Buddy Sandy

This from another cow-person...

Can You Please Just Let Me Drink My Water!!!

From "gregandsuz". the writer says, "This is Dolly. I raised her on a bottle from 6 days old. She is now a little over a year. Dolly is a sweetie, more like a giant pet dog. She loves to follow you everywhere, but she kinda scares my mom though when she comes running after us...hahahaha"

calf blowing bubbles
Dolly Blowing Bubbles

calf closefup
Dolly Posing

Gene sent in the following, saying, "this is a picture of Bette Davis with her mom Audrey. Bette is Audrey's pride and joy."

Bette Davis Eyes

This was emailed in by Charlene:

Charlene and Tiede with one of the dairy cattle on the family farm

Jackie wrote in about her encounter with a fabulous bovine... "On a recent trip to Scotland, my mother and I suddenly found ourselves in the presence of a very famous "Horny, Hairy Moo Coo" called "Hamish". Hamish has been in television ads, movies and TV shows. When we met Hamish he was just hanging out for the treats we had for him, but he let us have his picture first. Isn't he great!!!"

horned bovine
The sign reads, "Do Not Grab Hamish By The Horns"

hamish closeup
Where are my cow treats?

"pamason" has sent some cute cow pix:

calves kissing
The twins sharing a kiss

holstein cow
My cow, Dory

sleeping calf
Dory's calf, Corona

Donna sent these and writes that the first picture is of Terri. "She was one day away from the meat truck, so I had to save her. She is 10 years. They could not get any more milk -- they said it was about 1 cup and that she could not be bred." The second picture is of her "sister" Baby. "Baby has never worked before, she doesn’t know she's a cow."

rescued cow

sister cow
Am I a cow?

"Vandeheyk" emailed pictures of some of the cows and calves on the farm:

cow in snow, looking
Hey! What are you looking at, pal?

hungry pinzguar calf
Just give me the hay already! (Pinzguar)

cows eating
Hey girls, I was here first!

Fallon emailed these pictures of her Limousin bull and steer from Florida. She says they love to play together!

limousin bull and steer
Who you lookin' at?

limousin bull and steer playing
Big brother vs. little brother

Dr. Immerheiser sent this picture of Mimi. The picture was taken in Molln, which is a village near Salzburg, Austria. He writes that Mimi understands people when they talk to her. And that she just had a beautiful calf.

austrian cow
Hello, I'm Mimi. What's your name?

"LeopardLover" emailed us these photos:

inside cow
Can I come outside now?

outside cow
Relaxing outside

resting cow
I think I'll relax a bit, too

stable cow
Cozying up inside

Herve previously told us about an interesting event that happens in Switzerland, and he's sent us some new pictures of this year's happening. In French it is called the "transumance," which is when the cows get out of the ranch and go up into the mountains for the summertime. At this time, they naturally will fight to establish the queen of the herd, and people gather to watch them. It is not a tournament organized by people. And, the cows do not get hurt -- one of them will back down if she feels things are getting too rough. Cows are not dumb! Besides they seem to spend most of their time doing things like:

Rolling and pawing in the dirt

Standing around sporting some big cow bells

Grazing and admiring the view

And finally, doing some sparring

Check out the pictures of the previous event.

Beverly sent a picture of her daughter's calf, who is hanging out with his best friend:

Motley Moo and Bullseye

We received an email from the Goettemoellers that actually had 2 pictures although only one of them came through OK (if you see this, feel free to resend the other one). This little heifer got a ride:

She's a light as a feather!

Mary emailed a couple of pictures with her cow, Misty, in them. In the first one, Misty is lying down. In the second, she's the Jr. Champion and she's posing with the Jr. Reserved Champion of their 4H show.

Relaxing before the Big E 2005 show

We're the winners!

Kris and Beverly rescued Moofasa and previously sent two pictures of him as a little calf. (These pictures are on further down on this Guest Cows page.) They sent three more pictures of Moofasa, who's now a couple of months older. Beverly says, "He is growing like a weed and thinks I am his mommy. So he wears a foal halter, and we are in foal training on how to respect space :-)"

bull calf
Hello, I'm Moofasa

bull calf
Can I come out to see you?

cute calf
I'm getting big!

Jessi from Waldron, Michigan, emailed some pictures of her "really awesome herd":

calf training
In Training

cow show
Me and Hanna


Just a little one!

David, who is a herdsman on a dairy farm in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, sent the next two pictures:

2 days old calf
I'm only 2 days old!

calf resting
Already tired out and ready to rest...

Alyson sent these photos of her Brown Swiss twins:

Taco the calf

Brown Swiss twins
Hershey Kiss and Taco at the Fair

Lukasz emailed these two pictures of "two beauties from Poland":

Polish cow
Bamba -- Polish Beauty

Polish cow with horns
Probka -- Cute and Sophisticated

The folks at JD Farms emailed this photo of some handsome black Angus. They write, "These are bulls, not cows, but they are very cute!" We agree!

black angus bulls
The Three Amigos

Dan writes about this next picture, "My wife loves cows but I don't think this is what she had in mind."

man cow
Cows come in all shapes and sizes

Kris and Beverly sent the next two pictures of "their baby". They wrote, "We saved this young bull calf at auction from slaughter, his name is Moofasa. He was so lonely the first night in our foal pen, we brought him inside and he slept in our master bathroom. Now he is back outside in a calf pen next to our horses. He calls us every morning to come give him his bottle. We are in love :)"


Baby Boy

Erin emailed this photo of a cow she took in Switzerland:

Enjoying My Surroundings

Ruth invited us to visit her website The Farm in Diggers Valley (New Zealand) and share a couple of pictures. She also wrote that none of her cows or bulls has horns (for those of you who are always wondering about cows having horns... some do, some don't -- and the same is true of bulls).

Young heifers, Aberdeen Angus

2 new adult front teeth and the milk teeth still present

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 5 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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