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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 2

Winter photos from Haley:

Long hair is always a plus in the cold

Staying in groups also helps generate some heat

Shaggy moo

Me, too!

Jean sent these pictures, taken near a small village called Riverfeild, about 25 kms SW of Montreal:

Cute Holstein

We want our picture taken too!

Tawny emailed these, 3 of her "babies" (Scottish Highlands):

Cailean, the daddy

Blackberry, the mommy

Dingleberry, the baby

Guest bull from Argentina sent in by Maria:

Ranquel, who is a special Argentinian breed

From AW Brahmans:

Ms. Lillie Manso doing her thing in the show arena

Ms. Suva -- Number 1 cow in showmanship

Ms. Suva chillin' at the AW Brahman Ranch

Brahmans being LaZy at the South Florida Fair

Sent by Janelle,

And who might you be?

Photos from Kyra:


Holstein Calf from Above

Little Holstein

These are from Crystal:

Cow Friend

Little Cow Friend

Holstein Calves

Photos from White Gold Dairy:

Elvis and Girlfriend

This girl is sticking her tongue out!

Metro and Her Twins

From Harriet:

Winter on the Farm

Leah and Loren

Little Maverick

From Erskine:

Niblette and Her Mother, Tiger

Caitlin sent us this photo:

My Big Baby and Me

From Emily in Sequim, Washington:

Cherab, a Cute Little Jersey

Sent by Brian and Liz in Coromandel, New Zealand:

Zara Jane and her Herd

From "EyeoreAsh":

Two Reindeer/cows (Red Nahele and Little Miss Claire) with Santa's helpers Jen and Ashley

From Tom and Deb:

A Kissing Cow

Emailed from Maria in Sweden. She was on holiday in Harjedalen and met this beauty:

Kissing a Cow

These photos are from Jane:

Winter at Rocking M Farm in Willington, Connecticut

Shania at the Jr. National show in Indiana

Herefords at the Eastern States expo in Springfield Massachusetts

Honey at the Farm

Little Shania

Guest cows from "down under". Judy sent these photos from Warwick, Queensland, Australia:

Christmas Cow... Arizona Moonshine

Arizona Moonshine having a snack

Baby Beth taking a snooze

Spot and Friends

Mandy, who is an Angus breeder and also specializes in limited edition show cattle prints, sent this picture:

Show heifers at the American Royal Stock Show in Kansas City, MO 2003

Dave sent these photos of Belted Galloways, taken in Washington, Pennsylvania:

Benjamin sent this photo:


Calves in Big Spring, Texas:

My name is Hershey. I am 6 days old here and
just trying to learn my way around.
Ahh! found something!

I'm T-Bone. What's that smell? Are you my mama?

From Wanda:

Seth and Brown Swiss at the Big E fair in
Springfield, Massachusetts in September 2003.

From Graham:

"I don't care if no one told you we're hand reared calves, FEEED MEEE!"
North East Victoria, Australia

From Mistina, cows on her farm:

From Daniel, taken while on vacation in Quebec's Eastern Township:

What sort of cows are we?

From the JW Harris family:

6 month old baby bull Sir Loin

From Sarah:

Charolais cow (Primrose) and calf (Angel)

Hereford cow (Sophie) and calf (Delilah)

British White cow (Snowdrop) and calf (Marigold)

From Debbie:

Wisconsin cows

Lena in Norway sent this picture:

Mirja says Hi

Marsha sent in this photo of her pet bull who comes when called, loves apples and being brushed.

Harry Boo

These were taken by Melanie and Matt when traveling in the southwest:

Time for Grazin'

Time for a Drink

Mom Says Hi

Hanging Around

Aren't I Cute?

Sent in by Sarah, taken at the Wisconsin State Fair:

Mooving Along

Sent in by Irene:

Annoyed Cow in New Mexico

From Akke, pictures of cows from her family farm White Gold Dairy:

Watch out! It's Leitte!

In line to get milked

From Corinne, pictures of her Angus Holstein cross, Sweet Pea:

Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a cow in the tub!

Looking Pretty for the camera

From Maddi in Ohio:

I've never seen a digital camera before!

First calf from one of the farm's heifers

From Kerttu:

Cow from Estonia

From Sandy:

Happy Easter
Copyright 2003, K Cross Farm

Copyright 2003, K Cross Farm

From Clair in the UK:

Snack Time

Cute Little One

"Two Fat Ladies" (Mum's Mooeykins)

Here are several Shetlands from Shaun:

From Shirley in the UK:

Gwendolen (Belgium Blue)

This was sent by CowGurl:

Merry MooMoo (which is good for any time of year)
Kim and her American Lineback, Sunny Brooke

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 2 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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