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We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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Guest Cows Page 3

From time to time we get sent cow photos. Have a look...

Liz emailed these from Morrinsville, New Zealand:

Taking Advantage of Zara Jane's Paddle Pool

Who me? I wasn't drinking out of that!

We go from summer all the way to winter in Belding, Michigan. These are 2 Scottish Highlands; Rose is the momma and Snapdragon is her little steer. John sent this one:

Anyone know the way to Florida?

Rick sent this photo, where he's doing some teaching on showing:

Lead Training (with a Dutch Belted)

Here's something new. Phil emailed some pictures of his Randall Cattle. For more info on this breed, visit The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.

Admire Me!

Am I not adorable?

Enjoying a Snack

"Pepper" emailed this batch of 6 photos, taken in Iowa:

Mmmmm digital cameras taste even better than regular ones!

This straw is really warm!

Who are you looking at?

What's up?

What's that?

Like my new look?

These 3 are from Lynn:

Lynn and Rose (the calf) at the Crawford County Fair in Pennsylvania

Cassidy'elle and Lynn at the Spartansburg Fair

Cassidy'elle and Lynn at the All American Jr Jersey show in Pennsylvania

Katie sent this picture:

Baby and Liza Jane

These photos are from Troyer Farm in Engadine, Michigan:

Fun at the Fair

Mooy Christmas! Born on 12-23-04, a little heifer named Noel

Another beautiful addition to the farm

From Jose:

Danny Meeting with a Cow in Switzerland

Sandi emailed this photo, taken at the Santis, which is the highest mountain (2502m) in the Lake Constance (Bodensee) region of Switzerland. In typical cow fashion, Miss Swiss was more interested in grazing than posing:

Too Busy Eating
But, as Sandi pointed out, the cow is wearing a very nice bell:

A Big Beautiful Bell

Ray sent this photo, taken about 60 miles south of Cancun:

Beautiful Bovine

Donna H. took this picture in France:

Mom and Baby

Jimmie sent this picture of two cute calves:

Too Cute!

Donna emailed these photos, taken in upstate New York:

Mable, a 10 year old retired Holstein (headed for McDonald's, but saved!)

Molly, a People Moo

John visited the rare Chillingham cattle in England. These cattle were enclosed in 1270, and have remained isolated from other breeds... and from humans. They are wild and dangerous, and are managed by a warden. These cattle are white with lightly marked red points. Due to inbreeding they have nearly identical DNA, but they still have some physical differences and do not suffer often from any disease. Because the herd in England represented the only Chillingham cattle in existence, another herd was established in Scotland. You can find our more about Chillingham cattle at the Chillingham Wild Cattle Association website.

The Chillingham Herd Warden

Part of the Visitor's Sign

Jess sent these pictures:

Posing (I'm a cutie)

It's getting a little crowded around here!

From "ptyler" in Australia... Please supply your own caption!


Donna Hollinger emailed these pictures, which were taken in Tunbridge, Vermont, very close to Strafford Village:

Curious Holsteins

Beauty Cows!

Kat sent this of a vet tech student at a dairy farm in Illinois. The calf was trying to suckle (as calves will do):

Got Milk?

From Kiki:

Hershey (her 4-H calf last year)

New 4-H Calf

Kiki and Clover

Monika emailed this one from Goulburn NSW (Southern Tablelands), Australia. Her calf was born on a very cold night and wasn't doing so well. But after a day in front of the fire, this little cute was doing fine and reunited with Mum.

Keeping Warm

From Regina in Walworth County, Wisconsin:

Sunbathing in Walworth

Emailed by "veronikita", these photos were taken at the Cal Poly State University Dairy Science Center in San Luis Obispo, California, in the Spring 2004:

Getting Acquainted

I'm so cute!

I need a rest -- it's hard work being so adorable

From "Danishortland":

Seeing Double

Amber emailed this photo of a one-week old Holstein Calf at her uncle's farm:


Debby sent this picture in of her buddy Wasabi. She wrote, "He's a 7 year old steer, Longhorn and Watusi cross, and lives near Des Moines, Iowa. He acts like a bull, snorting and pawing when you go near his pasture. Too cool."


Lynn emailed this photo of her Daisy:

Playing Ball

From AW Brahmans:

Katelyn and AW's Ms.LSU Manso at Florida State Fair

Ashley and Mrs.Suva Alaintia at South Florida Fair

Donna sent this photo, taken last winter:

"It's really cold out!" From New York, Molly and Baby

Halina and Alessandro sent us this photo of their cow who lives in Nowy Nart, in South-Eastern Poland:

Copyright 2004 AIR KIT News

Pictures from Troyer Farms in Engadine, Michigan:

Another Day on the Farm!

Lunch time

Happy Trio

Two ladies in North Wales who participated in a baby pram push to benefit their local children's hospice:

"We make a right pair of Holsteins, don't we?"

Shawn sent some great Holstein pictures:

A photo from Lois:

My little baby Highland Maisy!

Matt sent this picture, taken in the Scilly Isles on the island of Tresco:

Fine Bovine

From Meaghan, near Paola, Kansas:

These are my babies!

How to contact us to send us your cow pictures.

This is Page 3 of the Guest Cows!

We've got lots more guest cows! Be sure to see them all...

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