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Nov 1 2003
I really love cows. And I have a sad story about cows, it makes me cry. There was a big farm down the road with lots of cows, I dont have any cows, and I would pretend those cows were mine bc they were so cute!!!!! Anyways, they are doing constuction around here and they bought the farm!! And now the cows are all gone! And this is the only site with good pictures of a lot of cows, I am so thankful for it!! And on the farm now, they are building a neighborhood. I love cows!! They should come back to the farm so I can pretend they are mine again.

Oct 31 2003
Howdy! I am 14 years old and love cows.I am in 4-H and show dairy at the fair this will be my third year and I love it.Even though I don't have a farm I spend basically my whole summer at different dairy farms and have become very good friends with the families. i also have just experienced one of my show cows having her first calf. I would just like to thank all the dairy farmers out there that you do so much for us and people don't even think about it. A lot of people make fun of farmers because they think their nothin' but hillbillies, but I bet if someone spend a week to 3 days on the farm they would know how hard farmers work for me and you.Famers, Thank you so much for all you do!

Oct 30 2003
I am 19 months old and I am obsessed with cows. Everything is a cow to me. I point to anything and say'Cow!. My Grandpa and Grandma have cows at their house and cows in the mountains here on the Isleta Indian Resevation in NM. I get to see cows everyday and that makes me so happy! I am going to be a cute little cow for Halloween tomorrow! MOO! Hopefully I will always love cows and have a herd of my own one day! COWS RULE!!!MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oct 29 2003
Doggie Moo
I'm 10 years old. My mama, my sister, and I went to the local dairy farm one day. We watched the cows cross the road at milking time as they headed for the barn. My mama and I walked over to the outside stable to see the other cows. When suddenly we looked up and found my sister standing in her flip flops on top of a pile of cow dung!!! Boy did her feet stink that day! Man, I couldn't stand that smell. Well, anyway, that's my tail. Oh! And I made a cow costume for halloween this year by myself with a little help from mama! Then end!

Oct 29 2003
Colleen Milkman
the other day when i was walking with my mother, we found that a cow had come up to the fence that we wrer walking by.i looked over and it kept folowing me. then all the other cows started following was weird.then when we walked past the fence all of the cows mstarted MOOing at us non stop.thats kind of freaky isnt it?

Oct 28 2003
I have had so many wonderful experiences with cows, and I can't even count them all. Fairs, farms, shows. Every time, I've looked for a holstien, and most of the time there will be one or two beautiful holstien cows. This halloween I'm being a cow fanatic. I told my friend, Jenn, and she said I'm not even changing myself at all, cause I already am a fanatic. I hope to grow up to live on a farm and own plenty of cows. Thanks for making this wonderful site- I'm on it almost every day!!!

Oct 28 2003
I live in the los angeles area and believe it or not we raised 3 cows, That was the best time of my life because it was like living in the country and the big city all in one. But it was the cows that made me feel a real urban cowboy! I always wanted to live in the country just so I can raise cows

Oct 26 2003
I love cows, They are so cool, I have 20, Who drink from my pool, I love to watch them, Graze and play, They all party, Till the end of the day.

Oct 23 2003
Once upon a time a cow called Henery was eating some grass and saw a apple tree outside the fence and tryed to get though the fence but he was to fat. So he got all of his other friends and they all tryed to help, but Henery's friends were all very lazy and they fell asleep while Henery was ontop of a big ladder of cows and he fell off! When the other cows woke up they all laughed, it was becauase Henery had all this mud on him that he had not noticed. The next day there had been a big storm and the apple tree had fallen down so Henery and his friend's all had a big brunch that day, but at lunch none of the cows wanted to eat lunch because they had all had a big brunch THE END!

Oct 20 2003
Mike H
Hi I am 11 years old and I love to work with cattle. I help out on a holstien dairy farm.I name all the baby cows that are born my favorite is lucky she is named it because her leg had gotten tangled in side the mother and we saved it I was so happy that it lived. When I get older I may not have A dairy farm but one thing you can be shure of is I will always will be working with cattle.

Oct 20 2003
I got a registered Jersey last Christmas. I showed her in two shows so far and got first place 2, 2nd place twice and also 3rd and 4th once each. She is very cute and she just got bred 3 weeks ago. I hope that my dad will buy me another one so that i can for sure show at Dutchess County fair. She tends to eat my hair and untie my show laces. A couple of times my cow fofum who was a twin to feefi has gotten loose but yet still ran right to the barn when i called her. Shes so cute and im so glad that i got her .... thanks for reading my story. although it wasnt much of a story.

Oct 20 2003
HI am 11 years old and I love cows one day I was at my grandmas and cows had gotten lose from the field next to her house,and I went out there and chased them back in the field then we called the farmer.He asked me if I wanted a job and i said yes IT is so fun.

Oct 18 2003
Hey Ya'll hows she goin? I just wanna tell ya bout a calf i owned once. One night after our local exhibition, we were walking by the deserted livestock barn when I came across a baby jersey bull calf I was told that either I take him home or he be left to die or go to the slaughter house. I immediately put him in a feed bag ( he was able to breathe!!!!) and we took him home to our barn. The next day I set up a fence in my back yard with a shelter and quickly moooooved him in. Every morning I'd go out to his pen and feed him milk from the local dairy farm and watered and fed him grain etc, etc. I had him for about a year and 1/2 and then we had to move, so I sold him to a dairy farmer, made lots of profit and bought another calf the next year. Toodles Hope i did'nt bore yall to death! Farmer Can

Oct 14 2003
I am a first grade teacher in Atlanta, Georgia. I was teaching a writing lesson on ways to describe. I read a story about cows from Time magazine for Kids. I then had my students look at the pictures of the cows on the website. They loved it. They started inquiring and wanting to know more. I was so thrilled about it!

Oct 12 2003
I live in Romania which is in Europe and there are allot of cows there!Cows are one of my favorite animals so whenever cows walk down my street in romania..i always get out of the house and watch all the cows go by.My grandpa used to have a cow of his own which i got to milk once!Cows are very beautiful!

Oct 12 2003
Well, I don't have much of a story but I'm going to tell it anyway. Well, we have this huge broken down farm that no one goes to any more.The farm holds a bunch of cows, but unforchenitly the cows aren't loved or cared for much and many of them have gone skinny. Every once and a while you will see some rangerlers on horses rangling up the cows to take them somewhere. Nobody knows where they take those cows but they always end up back at the old farm. That farm is part of Vancouver's History (Where I live). It's it going to go some time to be turned into a Wal*Mart Supercenter. I always edmired that farm and I always will. Well, my point is that I want a cow from there desperatly and it's sad to see those cows go away for ever.

Oct 11 2003
hi my name is danielle and last year I started raising a bottle calf. I voulenteered to do it for my grandpa because the calfs mama would not let him nurse because she had gone into shock while having him.I lived across the pasture from my grandma and grandpa so we just kept him in the barn so if i needed any help my grandpa could come over. to make a long story short, Ive felt like ive never had a good as a friend as bo bo. At school people think I am crazy because I love cows so much, but this website shows me that Im not so different and im not the only one who just loves cows!!!!!!

Oct 9 2003
I am a Brown Swiss lover all the way ! This year was one of the coolest years for me. At the fair this year I brought my three Brown Swiss. Their names are Sadie, Sydney, and Zhaedah. My first year of showing, Sadie didn't do so hot, so I was really down, when the judge picked on her, for being the littlest calf. So this year I worked extra hard with all three, and it payed off ! The fair was soo cool because all three of my babies won their classes, and we all in the Blue Ribbon Show, and Sadie was chosen for Junior Grand Champion Brown Swiss ! It was one of the coolest experiences of my life ! If anyone wants to raise any extremely wonderful cow, I would reccommend butying a Brown Swiss ! They are Wonderful !

Oct 8 2003
one of my best friends LOVES cows and i think cows are SO cute and i think that everyone should like cows and that restrants should buy free range beef, its so sad what people do to animals. I once was at my friend's barn up in Wisconson and i played with the cow all day and when i asked how old the cow was my friend sayed 9 months today and tomarrow will be her last day of her life! i asked her what that ment and she sayed that her family was selling the whole family of cows to a meat prossesing company and that tomarow was the day that she was going to be killed it was so sad looking in to the cows eyes looking at the cow thinking that she had only been on earth for 9 months and was going to be killed the next day! that is so sad,but i still love cows and think it is mean to kill them even though they are part of the food chain.

Oct 8 2003
KD the Kow
I was at my grandparents house a lot during the summer and they live across the street from a dairy farm. ONe day i walked down the driveway and across the street to see the cows. I started to talk to them and they all turned around, pooped or peed in my direction (I wasn't close enough for them to actually hit me) and walked away from the fence! I love cows but that was a really rude bunch!!

Oct 6 2003

Oct 3 2003
I think cows are the most adorable creatures. I have never owned a cow, or have ever really been around cows for a significant amount of time, but I enjoy so much passing a farm while driving and seeing the cows stand about. When I see a cow, and I look into it's face, I get a severe case of the giggles! I don't know, there's something in their expressionless mugs that I find so funny...I just can't stop friends think I'm a loon. But, anyway, I apologize for not telling a 'tail' but I just wanted to let everyone know how lovely I think cows are. *sigh* precious.

Oct 2 2003
Julia MOO
My Uncle has two cows and they are really cute! My friend Deanna loves cows and was begging me to take her see cows. So I took her to our school(well I didnt really take her but I showed them to her)Rodney and she saw the cows and fell in love with our school. Now all she talks about is her having a cow!

Oct 2 2003
My interest in cows started with a dream I had. I was in a big barn with a lot of cows, and I was attracted to one cow over in the corner- Silly Jo. I rubbed its head and back for a while, until a man came over with a knife. He said Sorry, kid, lifted the knife, and sliced the cow's face right down the middle. I covered my eyes, but I could still see the cow, and nothing I said stopped him from cutting. I burst in to tears, started to run, and I never stopped- I kept crying and running. I woke up, and right then I knew cows would be my favorite animal for the rest of my life.

Oct 2 2003
Molly Moo
I once owned a calf named Billy Bob Moo Cow. He was a friesan and was really cute!!! But when we moved to an appartment in the city my mom told me he had to go - i was sooo depressed that i went out, took Billy Bob and fled. We spent many nights on the run with nothing but the clothes on our back ( Billy Bob with his leather jacket on and me with my sunday school dress). Unfortunately the police found us in an abandoned stable and he was given a new home with a friend of the family. At least I get to see him from time to time. And they said long distance relationships don't work!!!

Oct 1 2003
Our school has a farm which milks about 30 cattle a day. When I was in year nine, I was doing a farm day (thats when you get to the farm at 6:00 and do all the daily jobs like milking) and while I was trying to get a certain cow out for its grain, this jersey charged at me from behind and ramed me in the ****. Anyway the ironic part to this story is that I am in the cattle show team at school, where by we show the cattle at a number of shows, and guess whos my cow! We've become great freinds and I have named her Darlyn. By the way where do you cowlovers come from? I'm from Australia.

Oct 1 2003
sarah saruk
im 15 and im in the local 4-H club, last year i trained my 5th calve his name was brucie(black semmental).every day i spent lots of time with him. He was trained so well that i could ride him like a horse around the farm.The year went by and i had to sell him it was a hard time for me being so close to him. i eventually got over it. 4-H RULES!!!

Sep 30 2003
The meadow we used to have our cows in had a strip of trees behind it and then behind the trees was a Holiday Inn. Once we got a phone call from the person who lives on the farm and they said that our cows had gotten out of the meadow and went to the Holiday Inn and were looking in the windows and wandering around there! The owners of the hotel were not at all upset. They said the people there loved it and they were taking pictures and everything!!

Sep 29 2003
I love cows but I don't see many except for at the show where I can see all cows I need for a lifetime so that's why I like the show. Urbrae is a school for people who want to be farmers and they have a whole yard of cows so every day when I go to school I like to walk alongside the cows. My dad said maybe I should go to Urbrae so I can work with the cows but I don't want to be a farmer when I'm older so I said no. But who knows what the future holds, maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Sep 28 2003
Emily Ann
Hi, i am 11 yr.s old and i love cows as many of u do. but i just realized how great they really r! so if any of u have any suggestions on where or how to get cow junk, e-mail me at:! moooooooo! Emily

Sep 27 2003
I've always lived near to a farm with cows but never thought much of them. We moved to a quiet lane and eventually moved in with the farmer at the bottom(mum married him about 8 weeks ago.) I have had alot to do with cows and calves in the last year. I love it, it makes you realise what you miss out on! I even have my own calve called Millie, only cos she's stubborn like me.(supposidly!!) She did have a companion called Monty but he died! Any way, now it's me and Millie and we have a great life! couldn't live without cows now! x

Sep 27 2003
Hi I have just returned to the UK from a dairy farm in Ireland. I got cow poo on my best white shirt and even Oxigen wont get the stain out Any ideas please

Sep 26 2003
Katie Wedvick
Dear all, I love cows so much even though I don't have any of my own. I go and see my Aunt's cows every time I can. Her cow Stacie just had 4 calfs, 2 boys 2 girls. She said that since I love cows so much she would name the cutest calf after me! Katie! I get to go and see her in a couple of weeks.

Sep 24 2003
Hey, i love cows!! They are so cool. i live near a farm and i once went there and this cow chased me, it hasnt put me off cows, i escaped just in time. This experience made me like cows more! MOOOOOOOOOOO ya later!

Sep 23 2003
Last year i started my cow lovin. So for treat at the state fair my mom took me to the cow show. IT WAS GREAT! My favorite cows are dairy cows. Sinse that show i've thought about painting my house with cow spots!

Sep 22 2003
my dad has a farm and we have a quad; me and my friends are going on a france trip to see a cow show we are going for five days when we come home we have to do a project cows are cooooool..........

Sep 22 2003
about a month ago my calf passed away.the calfs name is Cutiepie. i was really atached to this calf i had tought him how to walk with a halter and i would take him walks but now i can't.i'm telling this in a rememberance of Cutiepie.i hope he's in a better place now

Sep 19 2003
I am two years old and live in Va. I love cows and I really enjoyed the website.

Sep 18 2003
One time at a farm we met a cow that ate an annoying boy's shirt. I think it is a cool cow,so we and our friend named the cow Coolio the cow.that cow,and all cows RULE!!!! Plus this is a great site. We love it!

Sep 15 2003
Last Christmas the cows down my road came to my house. They ran up our driveway. Our garage door was open and I had to close it quickly. The cows almost got inside the garage,but I closed it just in time. They left presents all over our driveway and even a couple days after you could still see their hoof prints in the snow.

Sep 14 2003
Well i live on a dairy farm and milk alot of cows. We have this one cow named Baby because she is so quite. When we were feeding the cows she was running through the paddock at an incredable speed, i thought something was chasign her but then i saw these two kangaroos in front of her. So baby has a fetish for chasing kangaroos. if you want to contact me send me an email to

Sep 13 2003
Cows are cool.At one farm I went to they had baby cows in little pens. They were cute.Some of the cows their were really big and had huge horns.When I was little I adopted a cow through Stonyfeild Farms and I got its picture and information about it. His name was cocoa!

Sep 13 2003
cows rule
I do not live on a farm or own a cow but i love cows soooooooooo much. i spend alot of time on this website and love. I used to go to a barn to ride horses and they had a cow named milky. one day as i was walking in the feild with my mom to catch a horse milky came charging at us we both hid behind the horse untill the cow left Well----- Moooooooooooo ya later

Sep 12 2003
I love cows, even though I live in a suburb and rarely get to see them. When my best friend went to Canada and saw the Calgary Stampede, she when into a barn. She asked a cow if she knew me, and all of the cows in the barn began to moo really loudly! Moo!

Sep 10 2003
i went to an annual farm show and saw lots of cows. A 10 year old won 5 rossettes !!!!! i enjoyed it alot. thanks to les (my frinds dad)who took me

Sep 5 2003
hi i am wanda...AKA wamooda. my cow, mooster, only has three legs but i love her anyway. the accident was my fault - she got her leg caught in the manure lift because i wasn't paying attention. i think she forgives me, but it is kind of strange to see her hobble around on only three legs.

Sep 5 2003
One day I was walking down the street and a cow started running after me. I ran and ran and ran. I jumped over a fence, swam through a lake, hurdled a 20 foot fence, and somersaulted down a hill. The crazy cow was still behind me!! Eventually, the cow and I became good friends and I named him usda vacca. We're still together to this day!!

Sep 4 2003
First of all I'd like to say that I'm very grateful to the creator of this site, it's nice to read tails from others that love cows. My boyfriend's mother recently took me to a resteraunt in New Bern, NC called the Cow Cafe dedicated to, OF COURSE, THE COWS! They serve mostly ice cream it's owned by Maola Milk and Ice Cream Company. They also sell many cow products (stuffed animals, pens, pencils, pot holders,etc., etc. I had a ball! If you ever get a chance to go you should really visit the Cow Cafe in New Bern, NC! Anyone wanting to talk cow can email me at, my screen name on AIM is Kutie18103 and on yahoo messenger it is sugar_n_spice_18103!

Sep 3 2003
Well i dont live on a farm, but my bro works on the one up the road where my mate lives. im round there every single day. all the cows that were calves round crimbo time still have names, and i still feed them and talk to them. my tech teacher takes the mick cos i talk to cows and so does everyone else. but i dont care cos i love them. Also i spent 2 weeks doin my work ex at the farm and it was the best time in my life.

Sep 2 2003
LinnyAnn cow lover
Hi cowlovers! I just started 4-H last year.I am totally into cows .In 4-H I went in dairy and crafts . I had so much fun. My calf's name was LinnyAnn.By the way I live on a dairy farm.Catch you later.Have a mootastic day!

Sep 1 2003
People who are depressed should just get over it - those are the people who have not yet learned to love the simple pleasures of life - such as cows!

Aug 31 2003
I have a 6 month old holstien. He is so sweet. We got a call last Febuary that a calf had been found by the sherif's office out on the highway. They knew we had just emptied our swine pen and needed a place to put the baby that it would get cared for. So I said by all means bring him on over and let the owner know where it is. When they got here I thought they had changed thier minds or found the owner cuz a squad car pulled in. I walked down our long driveway to meet the car. there in the back seat was the smallest calf I had ever seen. with the cutest heart shaped blaze. I fell in love with him.. good thing to. The vet estimated he was 3 days old and thought he knew who he belonged to. He did and the owner signed over papers. Turns out they found the poor little things mom dead not far from where he was on the road. I bottle fed him and got him though scours and a bad cut he had at the time....

Aug 31 2003
HI iam 13 i have one calf right now and theres a story to getting grandparents went on vacation about three years ago. and left me and my dad to the chores it was snowing out and the snow became deeper and deeper it was turning into a blizzard out.but i still had to go do chores as we were checking the cattle i noticed a calf laying down bye herself so i went to check it out the calf had been left by her mother and was almost frozen so we grabbed a tarp and put her on it and put her in the truck cab and took her home we put her in our basement and i wiped her down with some rags. and wacthed her come back to life. and helped her stand up and take her first steps and gave her her first drink of milk so i called her baby cuz she thinks iam her mother. and now she is going to have her first calf in april she is the cutist 3 year old purebred angus i ever saw. and i love her and could never part with her ever.

Aug 31 2003
smish the allpowerful(12)
i have always loved cows and even got to see one born! her name is liza and now she lives at drumlin farm in lincoln and somtimes i go visit her. if ur a kid who luvs cows and about my age email me at put cowpal on th subject line so i know its you!) bovinity for all eternity smish

Aug 29 2003
wee little calf girl
Hi all you cow lovers! All my life I have loved cows. My neighbor has 14. I get to name them. There is this really smart one, patches,[I named her that because of the pretty patch on her face.] I taught her to raise her head on comand and come when I call her! -wee

Aug 28 2003
I have a 2 yo heifer named Willow, we think she may be a jersey cross (she is marked like a holstein but red and white and tiny). She was rescued at 6 days old from some people feeding her carnation canned sweetend milk. Everyone said she would die but we saved her!! She is smaller than normal cows but just as tame as my dogs (my german shepherd thinks she is her puppy)People think I am strange and my husband doesn't really understand, but Willow is my baby and I want people to know how smart, loyal and sweet cows can be. They make great pets. Anyone want to talk cow email me at

Aug 25 2003
My Aunt Cheryle has a bunch of cows! So my cousins decided to name each one after people they know. They have almost 50 cows! They know alot of people! So every time they get a new calf they name it after a new person they meet.

Aug 25 2003
hi my name is annie and i am 12. i live on a farm. we own about 300 shorthorn cattle and we have about 5 and a half thousand acres. For the past 3 years i have been going to the heifer show in adelaide. i love the heifer show because for about a year before it u get to spend all that time with a heifer training it to lead and wash and its great fun. When u get there u stay on the show ground for 3 nights and u make some great friend s and u learn lots!! Try it!! and yes i do love cows!! right to me at

Aug 20 2003
I have over 300 cows.. They are my world.. They are so cute, My cousin has 100 cows they are all baby calves.. I only have 45 baby calves.. But getting ready to have more of them..

Aug 19 2003
I love this site i have a jersey bull! he is so cute! i like the white faced holsteins!

Aug 18 2003
Scanning through these tails I saw where a feller wanted to ride a cow. Well when I was a kid I had a friend named Don whose family rented a small farm and they bought a steer, about a 1000 pounds. Don wasn't afraid of anything so it wasn't long before he was riding the steer to the store and around. He didn't use a bridle or saddle or anything like that. He just used a big stick. To make the steer go, he would whack him with the stick. When he wanted the steer to turn left, Don would hit the steer up side the head on the right side. When he got where he was going, he simply got off the steer and tied him up. Don could also stand on his head and drink a coke or chew gum on one side of his mouth, chewing tobacco on the other side and eat a peach in the middle. Don was tuff. Still is I suppose.

Aug 18 2003
Not a tail, just a question, I'm making Christmas presents, and I am desperately trying to find cow rub on decals, does anyone no where I could buy or order them??? Thanking you in advance

Aug 17 2003
Great Site! I was the Head Herdsman for the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northern England UK for 13 Years.

Aug 17 2003
Cows, Cows, Cows a poem Cows, Cows, Cows. They aren't the same as sows. They aren't like ducks. They aren't like bees. Cows can really please. They aren't like horeses. They aren't like bunnies. I'd buy a cow with all my money. Cows, Cows, Cows.

Aug 16 2003
This is not a story about a cow. It is a question about a calf. I have inherited all kinds of critters (my daughter works at a vet) We have a calf approx 3 to 4 weeks old that will not stand. It has nothing broken and seems to have strength, but will just not stand. Any suggestions? Thanks

Aug 11 2003
My neighbor has a grandson 5 years old who loves cows. They milk 300 cows daily.This little boy stands on a plastic pail and actually puts the milker on the cows. Now hows that for starting out early milking cows? From

Aug 11 2003
Hey everyone,i really like this website and next year i am going to be joining FFA,does anyone have any suggestions on which breed of cow would be good for a first timer?? if you do please email it to me thank you

Aug 3 2003
Brown Swiss Girl
I Have lived on a farm my whole life. (18 years) and we raise Brown Swiss. Recently I was elected the Dairy Princess for the county I was looking for websites that involve cows and found this one. I would love to talk to anyone intrested in Brown Swiss or just in the Dairy industry please e- mail me @ adress it to Brown Swiss!!!!

Aug 1 2003
Ashley A True Cow Lover
Well I wouldn't come to if I didn't like Cows! Correction I LOVE Cows! On May 8th 2003 I also submited a cow experence but unfortunally I haven't milked a cow since:( Though I live in the city it doesn't mean I don't love farms, fram animals and ofcorse COWS! i'd give anything to live inn the Country, have a farm and have a heard of Holstein Cows. Better yet a Dariy Farm I've wanted to be a Dariy Farmer! Well that's a dream who know it may come ture! Dairy Farmers don't know how lucky they are! Though a Dariy Farmer is a full time job seven days a week 365 day a year of hard work it's my dream. I'm glad there's more people out there that love cows and own cows, hey cow lovers out there, do you guy's and gals's friends and peers make fun of you because you love cow? Like mine do to me? Well don't stop lovein' cows because of that!

Jul 23 2003
Hey this is my 5th year showing cows and last year i sold a replacement heifer and that was a really sad day because when the guy came the next day to pick her up i wasnt their and i didnt get to say good bye to her. This year im selling another one and this year im going to make sure that im their whaen they take her so that i can say good bye to her.

Jul 30 2003
Hi! This website is awesome. I have been training horses for about 4 years and I have just got the idea that I want to ride something different. I began to think that what I want is a cow. Now everyone says I am crazy to want to train a cow to ride like a horse, but I think it is possible and it would be really fun. Cows are really smart animals and I am looking forward to my new idea. Thanks!

Jul 30 2003
No one loves cows more than me! Every time I pass a cow, I always say, Ooo! Please can we get a cow!!!!!!!! I'm even painting my room with cow spots!!! I even made up a poem for the cows!!!! Here it is: There once was a cow from Nantucket, Who liked to pour milked in a bucket. She had so much fun 'Til the day was done, That was the cow from Nantucket!

Jul 30 2003
hi am from the shetland isles and am crazy for cows!!!!! i live on a croft we my family, sheep, hens, 5 dogs,a cat and 20 odd SHETLAND KYE!!! I have loved cows ever since i was little. I have a relly friendly cow called celia who only comes in and out of the byre for me!! LORRAINE 13

Jul 29 2003
I have loved cows since before i could remember. I have been a vegeterian for about a month now and I dont miss meat at all. I am 13 years old and almost every night my family eats meat. i eat fish a little chicken :( and peanut butter for protein. I became a vegeterian last month when I went to the san diego county fair and realized all these beatiful animals would be unhumanely slaughtered afterwords. Today when i went to Safeway and a truck headed towards the slaughterhouse i almost started crying. Then I saw how overcrowded and hot it was and realized if its not bad enough that they are killed but that there lives on earth arent much betteer. When i grow up im hoping to pass laws for the health and happiness of cows all around the world. I love this website!!! M y whole room is cows and every year I add more cows to my collection. My email is

Jul 27 2003
I am 20 years old and have always loved cows. I raised, showed, bred, AI, every calf I have owned. My entire room is covered in cows, from ceramic to stuffed, to pictures, to blankets. What can I say I am a COW FREAK!!! If anyone is thinking of getting rid of any of their cow things contact me I will pay any price!

Jul 22 2003
Hi my name is Nicole and I live in Wasilla Alaska. This web site has really made me feel more comfident about me and my liking of cows. My friends tell me that I like cows a little to much but here thats ok. It lets me see and here and learn about people and their cows. I feel at home on this web site. Thank You for making it.

Jul 21 2003
hi im 11 years old. and showing herfords in 4-h i love this website it has helped me alot

Jul 20 2003
Hi.I looooooove cows! The first time I saw a cow was when I was 6 months old and i'm nine. My dad owns a farm of 70 beef cows. I'm gonna start 4-H so i'm gonna practice raising a calf and then i'll take it to the auction when it's one year old.

Jul 16 2003
I love cows infact am crazy about cows my grandfather owns 52 cows 5 of thwm are mine rised by me. i would not eat meat because i love animals to much to eat them

Jul 16 2003
I've always hated cows because they used 2 chase us in the running team at scool. But one day i stopped when it ran at me and i stroked it. They are beautiful creatures and i'm not scared of them anymore.

Jul 15 2003
I really really love cows. This is the best website in a million years. I started liking cows in the fourth grade and now I am in the seventh. I liked them because I loved there faces. Cows are the best. I have a bunch in my room and one day I am going to do my room in cow print. I can't wait!

Jul 14 2003
I go to a school that is on a dairy farm. We milk 30 cows. I help with milking, feeding, cleaning, haying, filling the silo, training cows for the fair, and showing them. Last year we went to the Tunbridge World's Fair in Vermont. We have a red and white holtstein named Mavis who came and won the entire show. She ended up being the Supreme Champion, which is best out of all the breeds. One time we had a cow, named Libby, who was very pregnant and two weeks over due. She was huge and we all thought that it was going to be a boy because it was so big. Then, one evening, her labor started and all of my friends and I waited and waited. Soon, a little hoof came out, than a nose. When the little calf was half way out, it got hip-locked. Usually, if a calf is hip-locked, the pressure on its rib cage with cause it to suffocate. But this stronge little calf finally came out and it was a girl. She was bigger than any new born bull calf I had seen. We named her Lilly.

Jul 11 2003
I'm 13 years old and have 1 milk producing cow and 2 heifers. I have a 2 year old Milking Shorthorn named Lacy. I also have a Holstein Spring yearling named Chloe. Finally, I have a september Brown Swiss calf named Cadence. I train my cows and show them at many fairs. I also get the chance to breed my animals using artificial insemination. In March, Lacy had a bull calf and we made the decision to send it to the veal factory. Soon we will breed her again to try and get a heifer out of her. As recently said previously, cows can be dangerous, don't interact with them unless you know what you're doing and have supervision. And now for a little dairy promotion- Milk, Maryland's official state beverage, Got Milk?

Jul 7 2003
hi. I love cows alot. My family owns 34 cows. I love crazyfor And I also say moo alot. I love to help my family take care of the cows.One cow is my favorite,tilly a 7 mounth year old,Holstien calf.

Jul 5 2003
I have been in the beef club at the Fox Chase Farm 4-H Club 1 year. I got my first beef cow on my 13th birthday. He is an Angus and I named him Kohll (coal) cauz he'z all black. He was really hard to work with at first and I thought about quitting, but them the farmer told me working with beef is 1% skill and 99% patience and that helped me. Also, the other experienced members of the beef club were a big help. About 2 weeks after I got Kohll, I got my 2nd beef cow. She is also Angus and I named her Devon. This May, I showed both of them at the County Fair in Fairmount Park. I got 3rd, 2 4ths, and 5th place for them. Now Devon is a breeder cow so I don't work with her anymore, but i'm with Kohll a few times a week and I'm loving it. I'll be selling him at the Farm Show in January 2004.

Jul 4 2003
I never really got into cows untill this year! I'm on a dairy judgin team from my school and i love it!!! love showing cows too and working with them. They are a great animal!!

Jun 28 2003
What a wonderful website! It amazes me how many people out there love cows just as much as I do! Ten years ago I lived in the northern most tip of New Jersey on the borderline of New York State. Dairy farms all over with cows whose udders were the biggest I've ever seen! Being a city girl, this was a world unlike any I've ever known. My way to work consisted of driving thru rolling green hills speckled with cows!! There were 3 large dairy farms along the way and if I was running late I would run into COW CROSSING! What I truly enjoyed was how every cow had to stop and look at me as they crossed in front of my car. I would sit there and laugh my head off the entire time. I really enjoyed being late for work! I don't live there anymore but DO I have a cow collection! Most of my items are gifts from friends and family who understand my affections for cows! Thanks for this great website! I'm sure to be browsing thru again!

Jun 25 2003
Melissa (GoldenCowgirl
i have a steer that i raise for 4-H he is so cute his name is Fozzy and hes a Simmental but if i could change one thing i would and its that when u show livestock at the fair or the fair i go to u have to sell it at the auction and then after the fair he goes to the slaughter house!!! i don't want that to happen but i can't do anything about it!! even though every year we get a new steer i still miss the one i had before! if anyone wants to talk to me you can e-mail me at thanks!!! well c ya'll later! bye bye

Jun 24 2003
i have loved cows for years!,so much so that i have been a vegetarian for 16 years!.they are so very cute & sweet!.god only knows how i could of eaten them when i was younger 'cause they used to be my fave meat & now i won't even eat a by product or wear leather at all full stop,not even a sweet in case it has any gelatine in it{it could come from dred of dreds a COW!}.they are so pretty & cute & my ambition in life is to cuddle a COW!.a cow is for life & not just for EATING!.

Jun 24 2003
Cow lover
I live on a small dairy farm. I love Hosteins and Brown Swiss. We only had Holsteins until I thought it would be a good idea to crossbred a few of our Holsteins to Brown Swiss sires. Now we have 5 beautiful crosses!! Swiss Miss, Zander, Holly, Joze, and Gomer. We also have some very nice cows. Niner, the late Ninety Too, Frankinbrain, Penelope, Drunk'ums, Eeyore, Oney and many others. Also some of our wonderful calves are: NineyToo Jr, Ada, Jenna, Smash, Fat Women, and so many others I cannot namy them all!!

Jun 24 2003
im 12 years old and love cows...alot.. heh i got my whole room painted like a cow and i have over 550 cow realted things. if anyone knows where i could buy a cow plz email me at mooooooooo!

Jun 22 2003
When I was young, many,many years ago I spent summers on my uncles milk farm. Each evening my cousins and I would walk to the top of the hill to bring the cows down for milking. We usually rode them. How many of you have done that?

Jun 21 2003
Me and my friend Jena live on a farm! W have over 100 cows! We also love taking care of them! I know i do! WE even started smelling like them over the year! Its Great! Love, Janis and Jena

Jun 20 2003
i have a cow farm in my back yard and last night i woke up cuz the cows were mooing so loud. And I like it when cows get all fuzzy during winter. but i feel bad that they are out in the snow.

Jun 20 2003
i really never thought about the whole deal of liking cows until i went to missouri and then i saw them everywhere i went and now i love cows. i started collecting them back in 2000 and i now have so many cows that i dont know what to do with them all but i am still collecting them . i drive everyone crazy with my cows but hey my cows are my cows and i love them !!

Jun 19 2003
karen (dum blonde)
im quite dum, people say it is because of my blonde hair. but theres one thing i know about more than my friends. that is cows. i know alot about cows as (1)i have cows (2)i live on a farm (3) i read your website. its cool. i find cows interesting. theres alot to learn about cows. i would like you to show this so all the blondes out there youre not alone, love cows they rock. peace out cows

Jun 19 2003
i was born on a farm and been living on it for 14 years. i have loved cows when i was young! i always had one for calf club and always played with them for ages.

Jun 17 2003
I love cows! I have loved them for like ever! Jena, my besst friend, are in a love cows forever club! We do all activities dealing with cows! We Draw pictures of cows, milk cows, even drink cow milk! We are Total cow lovers! Jena is a big cow lover too! Jena likes to drink milk! We love you cows! Love, LCFC (love cows forever club)

Jun 16 2003
Krystal Lynn
Hey, I have loved cows sence I was 2 yrs. old. I want one so bad. If anyone has a lil baby calf they ever want to sell then give me a halla. -k-? Cows are the best thing that has ever happened to me in a while. I have 1,555 cow stuff. That's how much I really love cows. Well MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYa'll- later

Jun 15 2003
I love cows! my cason has a dairy farm that I go to every summer! it is alot of fun. I have a cow named Savanah! I LOVE COWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 13 2003
hi, i have always been obssesed with cows. every year i go to the florida state fair and pet all the cows. i think people who have cows are lucky. COWS RULE!!!!!!!!!

Jun 13 2003
Rachael Brunecz
Hello my name is Rachael. But you may call me Rach. I am 15 years old. I am in Beef 4-H and have been in it for 3 years now! I have been around cows all my life! I love them! Well my barn burnt down. We lost all of our cows and our pony we had for 15 years. I loved thoes cows very much. I got along with them very much. I miss them so much! I just don't know what to do! Well can't go on and tell you all this... if you want to know more... just email me at thanks!!! bye!

Jun 12 2003
Sarah .D.
Hi I'm Sarah Davey I love cows !!!!! They are my favourite animal! I have a Cow called Daisy which I took to calf club, I got the dairy cup! She is now in calf, Because a very kind man called Barry Liddle let me get her in calf with his Bull.I also have Beauty she's mine to,I took her to calf club too.I love cows!!!!!!!!!

Jun 12 2003
Hi my name is Charissa (Ku ris u)once my friends and I fed a bucket and a half of apples to about five cows. It was really fun.

Jun 12 2003
My friends Kate, Steph, Sarah and I love cows so much that we made up a song and its really cute. Cows are one of my favourite animals because the have really cute lil' spots on them and Kate and I draw on our selves just to look like cows! I really want to milk a cow but I've really never been to a farm! Our song goes like this: I've got mooyes in my garden fat ones skinny ones cute ones too. I'm going to put them in a farm where they can go Moooooooooooooooooooooooo-ooo!!!!!!!!!

Jun 11 2003
My name is Dessy ((nicknamed Dee)) and all my friends call me a cow. Im 14, and im not fat (at all!) but Bessie is a cow name, and Bessie rhymes with Dessy! ahaha ... I love the colours black and white, and when i met my first cow, at 5 years old, i loved them. One of my favourite snacks is cow tails. Im Crazy. They call me Crazy Dee The Mad Cow Disease. Cows Rock! So if ya got Beef! Bring it on! - Drink Milk, Love Life -

Jun 11 2003
Hi my name is Julia and i wuv cows i tink they are cute and i am only 14 and i own 20 calves. i have 4 jerseys, 4 fresians,3 hereford fresian x, 1 limosine fresian cross and 12 jersey freisian crosses. i love dem all they are so quiet and beautiful i love my babies -- the oldest is 9 months and the youngest 2 months, and all still on milk

Jun 11 2003
I think cows are great, I live near a farm and have liked them since I was tiny

Jun 10 2003
Howdy! When I was little I really didn't like cows.......but this year my friend dared me to say MOO whenever someone mentioned a dairy product or anythin' 'bout cows. So I went around school sayin' MOO. Another one of my friends started callin' me a heffer. It became this huge joke between us. Then I kinda became obsessed with cows. They're my favorite animals now! I have cow everythin'. They are so cute! COWS ROCK!

Jun 9 2003
I have looked almost everywhere to see a cow have his or her own web page and now I have found one.Thankyou sssssssoooooo much by giving a cow his or her very own web page.Thanks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmooooooooooo-ooooooo

Jun 9 2003
i really like cows i have one that i call betty.

Jun 8 2003
HI i love cows my uncle has a dairy farm i love milking cows helping as often as i can.I show angus steers at my local fair.

Jun 6 2003
Hi! I Like cows but I`v had a bad thing happen with my fair steer two years ago. I was walking my steer when a noise scared him and I was dragged about a foot then I let go and fell very hard on the ground and broke it.

Jun 6 2003
I love cows and i have collected many cow things. I've decided to go anti beef. I'm only 12 so my Mum won't let me have a cow.:( But I vist the cows that are next to the school and they have just had their calfs and they are cute!!:):)

Jun 5 2003
I don't know when I started to love cows, but I think it might have been when I went to Ireland when I was 13. I saw lots of cows, and I visited my cousin's dairy farm there, and they had loads of cows! One day when I was there, they told me it was time for the cows to come home, and they gave me huge boots to wear, but I did not know why, but then I fell into a giant pile of cow dung! Now I work at a store where we sell lots of cow things and I buy everything that is a cow! I have so many cows, I don't know what to do with them! Some people think I'm crazy, but that's okay, because I am.

Jun 5 2003
I'm from Rhode Island and I just wanted to say I'm crazy for cows Love you Web cite

Jun 5 2003
I have a band called C.O.W, that stands for Cant Order Whoopers, u cant order whoopers because most whoopers xome from cow. to see my band/cw website go to !! So0o0o0o go to my website and then click the e-mil Mollie botten and e-mail me and tell me if u liked the website thanks and cow bless

Jun 4 2003
I went to the dollar store and bought a stuffed cow for fifty cents! His name is Mister Moo and he's really cute!I love him, and so does my dog! Its a match made in heaven!

Jun 3 2003
I do not have my own cow,but I work in a nature center that is the proud owner of a 1,200 lb steer named Big Jim.Big Jim truley beleives he is a dog. He was formally owned by some people that kept him in their apartment(Yes you heard it right!) He also used to go for car rides!! One day he grew up and that is how our nature center came to have this great animal. I was doing research for a class that I am teaching and I found your great site. Thanks for all the fun facts. Have a moovalouse day!

Jun 3 2003
Michelle Eberle
I have several pet cows. Two are bulls ( Bodine and Dinkey) The cows are Frosty, Amber, Heid& Diesel. The steer is called #28, as he was given to me as a newborn( he was left for dead) He is as tame as any dog and loves to lick me! How anyone could eat him! All of my little herd were orpnaned as babies and I very carefully have raised them to be healthy bovines. I get razzed alot from people since I keep them as pets and do not intend to sell or eat them I am a little cow crazy!

Jun 2 2003
My sister started this cow thing in my town and my best friend has caught the fever. She now wants cow birthday presents and makes cow bookmarks in her spare time. My sister is very proud of her. I think it's annoying but I'm okay with it. She has a hobby now.

May 31 2003
Today I was brushing my heifer Tilly's legs and my heifer Bee Bee was tied behind me and she put her head right on my back like, awww my head is soooo darn heavy, could you hold it for me? Watta cutie!

May 31 2003
My friend was on your wed-site doing reshearch for school.i read your cow facts.i dont live on a farm or i never been on a farm a city chick.but now i go to my friends house at weekends to help her and her father out.i now how cows are milked and lots of other exicting stuff about cows and farms.her father let me name a new born calf which i now call brownie it is 18 months old.i want to thank for the inspiration into loving cows i didnt think it was possible.thanks.i hope other city chicks will be able to share the same exicting and interisting stuff i had on a farm.THANKS,XXXOOO (MOOOOOO)

May 31 2003
About a week ago i changed my school! i started a fad with COWS and i am the QUEEN COW. i LOVE COWS ALOT AND I WANT TO GET BERRIED WITH THE COWS! I WILL KILL ANYONE WHO DIS LIKES THEM!

May 30 2003
mackenzie moooooooooos
hey i have a cow from build a bare its name is moos i love cows they are so cool i think its so kool that there are web sits on cow!!!!!

May 29 2003
ciara magge baella
i live on a farm and help out as often as i fave animal is the COW.I LOVE SPENDING TIME WITH MY SUZZIE AND cathal (my cows)my boyfriend name is also called cathal morgan at times i do think he is a cow.sometimes i act like a SILLY MOOOO.people all say im the QUEEN OF THE COWS.just as love cows so much and spend all my time with them that doesnt make me a cow.

May 29 2003
brownie the cow lover
i adore cows so much my friends call brownie.i love to stroke them they are so soft but they always seem to run away.once i dreesed up as a cow and went to say mooooooo to them but they still ran away.onetime i got on a cow but it kick me off and i broke jaw.i still love cows dont you.I LOVE COWS SO MUCH.

May 29 2003
one day i was helping my dad with the of my tasks was to bring the cows around for milking.molly my brothers cow wouldnt go in so he kick me.i fell into the pigswamp.the worse thing was my dad took a photo of it and showed it to my boyfriend when he came around to pick me up for our date.he makes fun of me the whole time calling me a pig and a cowgirl.

May 28 2003
I have started an orginization at my school called Anti-Beef. We are so dedicated we don't eat beef. We have about 3 official members and a lot more unnfficial that are vegetarians.

May 28 2003
WOW! what a year, this year I raised 12 steer single handedly, cows are my pasion, i feel cows are what makes the world go round. I had a steerific birthday party with the cows, I invited a couple of other cow lovers over, as we celebrated with the cows. Here is a song I wrote: hey, kids, here lyrics, so comb your cow lick, well thats all i have for the song, but i am working on it. I will write back soon, from COWboy

May 28 2003
I love cows they are my favorite animal. I always talk to them if i get in trouble because they always listen.

May 26 2003
madame la moo,12
i love cows and they rule! i started loving cows last summer at camp. we had a sleepover and got woken up at 5:30 to see lily's calf be born. her name is liza. my friends and i have a religion called cowism. cowistically, madame la moo

May 25 2003
i really love cows i hate when people say i hate cows.Me and my friend Jillian love cows!!we even have a cow club.every day i go to the wildwest and pet all the cows.iam allowed to go in the pen with them too.thats because my brother works there.i love cows alot i even draw ozzy osbourne cows and his family.

May 24 2003
Once we had a calf. It was mine so i got to name it. She had a white shape on her forehead that looked like a flower. It took me a while to think of a name but then i thought of 1. She was going to be called Rosebud. About 2 yrs. after Rosebud died. I didn't feel like doing anything . Espescially outside because then i would have to see the pasture she used to live in.

May 24 2003
I'm so glad loads of other people love cowz too. I won a competition once with my collection of 174 cowz!!! I see cowz every day on the way to school and i love them so much. Its my birthday tomorrow and i'm hoping to get loads of COWZ!!! Some people think i'm strange but i'll always love them!!!

May 23 2003
Wow me and my friend Emily love cows we make songs and draw pictures of cowz all the time! this site is so cool

May 22 2003
Emily C.
Wow, I can't believe you guys all love cows- So do I! My friend and I are obsessed with them!We call each other cow all the time, and people think we are so strange!. This is the first time I've been on this website and it's awesome! Whoever thought of it Rules!(just like cows!)

May 22 2003
~Hi Everyone~ I have a really tame holistiean cow named cookie . When my Friends come over i let them ride on cookie's back ... i love my cow and every cow ! Cute as can be On top of the world Wow cows are cool!

May 22 2003
my dad is a farmer we have about 90 cows i get the cows some days on the quad we got it last year iknow how to driver the tractor. we are doing a project on cows in day i was in a field with my dad and his friend noel .noels bull was in the field it was a mad bull i was walking across the feild when it started digging the ground then it started to run i got scared and started to run my dad told me not to run then he brought me to the gate and i got in to the the bull is dead.i am a bit afraid of cows because the bull chased me.

May 22 2003
hi you have inspired me to get a cow of my own her name is bessy.

May 22 2003
Your pictures have inspired me to get a cow of my own. she is now my friend.

May 22 2003
I love cows! One time in high school, I thought my friend's cow was going to eat me!! Seriously...I was holding the cow's bridle so my friend could wash her (for the fair) and all of a sudden...SLURP! A giant cow tongue came out & licked my face! I have been crazy about cows ever since. I have a toy cow that you press it's foot and it laughs and moos & shakes! I wish I could have a cow, but unfortunately, I live in an apartment. Well, maybe some day!

May 22 2003
people that make fun of people that have cows or live on farms are just jelouse cuz they have no life!

May 22 2003
i had a pony called owly she was such a cow that i gave her the show name 'owly cow bag'. now owly has been sold (i was devastated)i am totally obsessed with cows and everything cowy thak you for the website

May 22 2003
Hi, I love cows and having been showing them for quite a while. My fav breed is the Holstien Frieian. I would love to own a farm when i get older and contribute something to the dairy industry.

May 21 2003
I have a heifer and my dad thinks she has a dislocated shoulder. I hope not because we would have to butcher her . I am so glad someone made this website. It is the best!!!!!!! i am glad people like cows. Cows rock! I am raising a calf right now and her name is cream. she is so cute.

May 21 2003
my cow got it's udder cut on a barbwier fence.

May 21 2003
I lived on a farm until I was eleven, and i was devestated to have to leave my cows, but my sisters boyfreind at that time was so nice to let us put our cows on his farm. Thanks to my best friend, i can still show my holsteins, and I'm now showing a beef steer and heifer too!! Cows are COOL!!

May 21 2003
hi people, i dont have a cow but i really really want one. when i get older i will get one and name it norman because i love that name. i love cows so much that everything is in cow pattern. i wish i lived in the countruy so i could have a cow and then get more so that they can be friends!Cows are the coolest farm animals!

May 21 2003
Mrs Mac-moo-cow
Sing this verse to the tune of We are Australian God Bless cows, coz there are many, and from all over the world they come, we share their milk, and there's plenty, i love-u love we all love beautiful cows!!!! Anyways, i would just love to say thank you for the support of everyone loving cows-i thought i was the only one!!!! If anyone would like to e-mail me about anything on cows my e-mail is

May 20 2003
Cow Girl #1
Aren't cows the coolest animals ever. I raised them and collected them all my life. Now I am 24 years old and my cow collection runs in the 600-800's. All my friends are giving me cows that they find at the consignment store or at a garage sale. I just can't get enough of them. I'm not even upset if someone calls me a cow. I just tell them thanks!

May 20 2003
Once we had a calf that was sick. We had to go through other cow pens to get to it. One day we had to go past a cow which had just had a calf. My dad and sister were ahead of me and the cow didn't bother them. But when i went past it it charged at me and knocked me down. She put her hoofs on my chest. She knocked me down on top of the water trough. My dad saw me and swooped me up in his arms and set me outside of the fence. After i was outside he brought the calf outside so that we could feed it there. When i was feeding it it sucked on my fingers instead of the bottle. I had hoof bruises for about a month after that.(I was 4 during all this.)It was quite a shock for me!

May 20 2003
Hi! I have a calf named Cream. She is one of the twins that a heifer had this year. Her other twin is named Cookies and she has blotches of black on her white face she has an all black body and cream has an all white face with all black body. Back to the story: I was outside in the pen where the heifers and the calves r and I started to pet cream and she started to suck on my hair. When I got inside my hair smelt horrible but that doesn't matter because I still love cows, calves, heifers, steers, and bulls. Cows rock and I am soooooooo glad u made this website. Maybe somtime I will put a picture of Cream, Jr., Cookies, and Elmo on the internet.

May 19 2003
~*Hi my my name is Ashley i have one cow name Danny. Cows,I Love cows. My hole room is done in cows. Cows are so blak and white Brown and white all kinds of colors and very shiny.OK poeple baby cows are called Calves. Mom heifers that are pregant are called cows. Boys are called bulls if they do have any testicles. Steers are called that because they have no teseticles. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS THAT I LLOVE COWS I LOVE COWS!! COWS ROCK MY WORLDESPECIALLY Danny!..MOOOOO!!*~

May 18 2003
Hi! They call me cowgirl for my love for cows. I think they are good for the economy and provide so much. My grandparent's recently got two cows. One is black and the other is black and white. They're both girls. I was wondering if you could put a section in your website for cow names because they said I could name them but I have no clue what! Thanks for the great website! Cowgirl

May 18 2003
I hawe a cow its name is 35.We named it after its tag !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 16 2003
cow person89
your web site is the best! i never knew that so many people loved cows! my friend and i love cows and we run around shouting moo! love all the people that love cows! mooooooooooo! cow person89

May 16 2003
I live on a farm in Remus,MI.I milk cows and feed calves and pretty much do anything that has to do with farming. And two weeks ago I pulled out my first calf! It was awesome! And during the summer I show beef steers and dairy feeder steers at the fair. Someday I hope to be a vet.

May 16 2003
Hey! This site about cows is cool! i first started liking cows when i got face to face with one for the first time at my high schools Ag. farm. At first i was kinda nervous what with the cow being HUGE!!!, but then i got to know her better. Her name is Dala, and she is the BEST cow i know of or heard of. She can even beg for food. I give her pieces of lettce at lunch times. She sits down, and moo's at me to give her the leaf. She always comes running to people when they come, giving her food in the wheelbarrow. one of my friends made a comment- Would you look at that flubber FLY!. I never knew so many people liked cows. your site is great!

May 15 2003
Beatrice B.
I absolutely love cows. I started likeing them about 2-3 years ago. They are so cute and people tell me I smell like them! So I think I am related to them. Everytime i see cows i go crazy. I have lots of cow stuffed animals. Two of my favorites names are Mary Moo Meyer and Mookie. They came with those names though. I always say moo, too! I Love Cows!!!

May 15 2003
taylor r.
I love cows and I love crazy for cows .com. I don't eat cows. I have 7 cudely cows. I started liking cows about a half a year ago. I just starting saying moo all the time and then I found this web site.

May 15 2003
Hello People I live on a dairy farm in New Zealand. We have 400 cows and every year I rear calves. I too love cows, but please people, they can be agressive, they can be dangerous and they are NOT puppy dogs! Calves are the cutest little things, but if you aren't careful they can get carried away. I once got cracked ribs when one bunted me into a corner and a group of 15 hungry calves got involved. Cows are large animals and need to be treated with care, especially bulls and cows with new calves at heel. Carry on loving these amazing animals, but remember, even pet cows injure people, usually through being so darn ignorant of their own strength and weight.

May 15 2003
I am a farmboy that lives in DeMotte, Indiana, and just last year our two Hereford cows both had black baldy claves. It was amazing. We could not believe it. I am sure you know that the chance of a cow having twins is 1 out of a 100. So it was very surprising that both of our cows had twins. But just two nights ago our cow Buttercup had her calf but it was not a twin. Our other cow Amber is way behind schedule she is suppose to have it in June. The two calves are going to be about 70 days apart.

May 15 2003
I live on a farm in Lothersdale, England. I have 2 hobbies- one is watching star trek and the other is milking my cows.

May 14 2003
well, i absalutely ove cows, i have tones of cudly cows in my bedroom, and i name them all moo-cow. cows are the best animal in the world!, tey are very cute!. COWS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEH!

May 13 2003
Ally, or Roo
hey! i love cows. i didn't really know that there were so many people that loves cows. i am learning a lot believe it or not. i first started liking cows a couple of years ago from a very close friend of mine named Squeaky. she is a very unique, talented, beautiful, and smart person. our wacky personalities fit together almost perfectly. she adores cows,doesn't eat beef, owns a cow, and loves them so much, that she spreads it all over school making everyone love them too, including me. I have learned the different kinds, and i am collecting a bunch of cow stuff! cows are unique, and are so cute. i went to a cow farm with my brother, and fell in love. i felt like i was in cow heaven. Thanks everyone for lovin cows! thanks squeaky! and thanks GOD for creating cows!

May 13 2003
OK poeple baby cows are called Calves. Mom heifers that are pregant are called cows. Boys are called bulls if they do have any testicles. Steers are called that because they have no teseticles

May 12 2003
kiasha bander
when the cows moo i watch them when they eat i watch them when they make milk i watch them and i know they watch me cows rock! yes, rock! moo

May 12 2003
Emily teBogt
Crazy For Cows is the BEST cow website in the world. I live on a fram in Nova Scotia Canada and I love cows a lot! Even though people call me cow freek.

May 10 2003
Your cow website is the best!!!! The best part is calves being born.

May 11 2003
What is with all these people who LOVE cows but have never seen one?! I mean, come on people. I, too, love cows, but that is because I am around them and I can get to know them. Having pictures of cows in your room is very different than spending the night with a herd of cattle you are moving. Ok, all I am asking is: if you are going to love cows, at least meet one first!!!

May 10 2003
hey ppl... me and mah friends Ashley and Marly luv cowz... we live in a rural area.. Vernon, New Jersey. we got so many mems about cowz...for example~~ we LUV cowz and monkeys and monkeys in spanish is mono so we call ourselves Cowmonos (ca-mow-no)! we got great times with cows.everytime i go into the valley i see cowz on my way. my sister's friend owns the Cow Farm. although i never got to see them up close....*tear*! but i love cows and experiencing this great website is AWESOME! i will look at this everyday!

May 10 2003
Hi! I love the website! It is so cool! My friend has a gang called The Moo Cow Gang (its not a real gang, the gang just says gang). If you want free e-mail go to its not at all as great as this site, but its free e-mail.

May 10 2003
Well I ahve to say that this website is the best. Also this summer I am going to Italy and hey have cows there. So this will be the first time that I see a cow up close. Because I have liked cows for a long time, I have stuffed animals, my room is all cow, my cell phones cover. I am just crazy about them.

May 9 2003
I was rased on a farm with about 60 cows and about 11 bulls. i moved away when i was 6. Althought i have some land sdown in Feloton.(were i used toa live) WE have 75 achers me and my brother. My uncle Dell is taken caare of our animoos because he also has 75 acers. Any way i no you did not care abot that. So! I have always wanted to ride bulls pro. Although, i was told that cause i was a girl i was not aloud to ride pro. but my nncle tought me how and now im riden.

May 9 2003
I agree with Elaine I love cows so much. But I've never lived even NEAR farm! So, one day my best friends grandma (who lives on a farm!) said that there was a new calf born! So, I haven't gone to see it yet, but pretty soon I will. I always go to the cow barns at the state fair. So many people think I'm weird becasue I love cows so much. BUT I THINK THEY ARE!!!!

May 9 2003
I am 14 years old and I live on a farm with 8 cows. 3 of which are heifers and the rest are bulls except for my baby Ralphie. Last night my pap had a baby calf. I delivered it. The only thing was the calf died. The mom looked really upset. It was very sad. So when i got home i told my girls that if they every got pregnant i would pull there cows out immediately. I think they were laughing at me when i said it.

May 8 2003
I once went to pucks farm in 2003 and meet a cow named bessy-lou! I loved her! She was the first cow I ever met and milked! She had a baby named deer! She was also quite cute! I milked bessy-lou! A cows udder; teet looks and feels like a finger! A cow is my favourite animal! So there for my friends amd peeers think i'm really weird! But then again I am!

May 8 2003
my friends and i entered a cow competition and right after we washed him he rolled around in the mud! after we got him clean again we left him in his stall so the judges could look at him when we came back our cow was chasing people and he was all dirty again. we found out that a little boy smaked him in the face and he got mad!

Oct 16 2002
I won grand champion 5 times with my Jersey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, Ayshire,and my Guernsey. I have 600 cows on my farm and the farm is called Terra Rose Genetics. I am also a part of 4-H and I am a Junior member. I am 11 years old and I love my beautiful cows.

Sep 23 2002
Sophie (age 13)
There are fields all around my house and somtimes 1 of them has cows in (but mostly sheep) 1 day a cow jumped over the fence and started kickin his legs everywhere and my dad and grandad had 2 go out side and chase it back 2 the farm!

Sep 14 2002
Today I turned 10 years old. My friend V.J. has a calf named Annabelle which was born with no eyes. They have another calf named T-Bone which stays in the pen with the blind calf to keep her company. V.J.'s family lives on a horse farm. I live in town, but I want to farm when I grow up. Besides cows, I like tractors and other farm machinery. I spent my 10th birthday on my Great Grandmother's farm.

Jul 30 2002
living on a farm
i was a single mother of one beautiful 4 year old little boy,Mikey,when i took a job on a was the best decision of my changed my whole outlook on gives you sooo much time by yourself to think and spend time with your children.Mikey loved to help to milk and do four years old you wouldnt think that he would want to do all that hard work,but he found it to be fun(and so did i).he fed the calves with me,helped fill the mix wagon,scrap the barn and hes favorite was milking.he had a favorite cow named Lucey.she was a show cow and was so so good.she would lay her head on his shoulder and stay like that.about a year ago Lucey passed away after giving birth.Mikey still talks about her and believe it or not he crys because he misses her.

Jul 29 2002
hi i actually live on a farm. i went to 4-H beef club and i took a heifer i named her emily! Emily is the best cow in the world! We have 150 cows on our farm and we named half of them. the worst part about having a cow farm is taking the cows away from their moms and selling them. but eventually new babies come and i get over it. COWS RULE ESPECIALLY EMILY!

Jul 18 2002
Sammy moo
I used to live next to a field of cows and the cows were pregnant and i saw two of them giving birth and after the mum cows would lick them clean.I LOVE COWS

Jul 8 2002
ok a couple of weeks ago i went to a party on a farm. me and my sister went out in the field to play a little lacross be4 you kno it these really cute cows started coming over to us and we thought there was a fence but after a while they were all jus rite there we were soo scared than after they came near us they started charging at every1 it was soo funny but i was really scared they werent as nice as i thought they would be! cows are still awesome thou!!!!

Jul 4 2002
once I was at a farm and i love cows so I was petting them .i found out you could adopt an animal there not realy just to take care of it so I got a cow . as soon a i pet it it ran after me ! (it had horns) i ran faster than I have in my life evry body was waching me . I was half way over the fence when it got me ! after that i adopted a nicer cow i fell in love with her . and a week wasent enoughf . i miss her so much .her Down side was she chewed on my shirt . o well bye cow lovers

Jul 1 2002
Ok, I saw some babie cows with my friends and screamed hey look! baby cows! They all busted out laughing and when i asked they told me i was ignorent cause they were boys. They explained to me that a cow cant be a boy and those were calfs that we saw!

Jun 20 2002
I've always loved cows and barns, even though I never lived anywhere except suburbia! I like to go through the livestock area at state fairs and pet the cows and bulls. The sight of a barn makes me happy. Go figure.

Jun 13 2002
I love kitchen is plastered in cow stuff. I live next to a dairy farm. My husband and I were married in our back yard with the cows looking in on us!

Jun 5 2002
Hi all! I raise cows, currently I have a red angus heifer and a 3 month old holstein that I have bottle raised. I am very active in fairs and during the summer I travel around the southeast showing my heifers. to all of you that love cows....rock on!

Jun 4 2002
Susan Palmer
Hey I grew up in wis, and worked on a dairy farm of about 80 cows and someone did not turn off the cow trainers one morning and I was plugging the thingie (technical term) into the pipe line and hit the cow trainer while jumping up to plug it in. NEEDLESS TO SAY< I DID NOT NEED COFFEE THAT MORNING.

May 27 2002
hey cow lovers! i love cows they are so grandma used to have a dairy farm with about 52 cows. i lived 4 hours away so i didnt see her alot but when i did i would get up every morning and go out every night to help milk the cows. i loved it i had a co named susie, she was so cute. i had her ever since i was 8 years. i loved being there the very first time when i was in the barn(i was 1 year) my dad sat me on a cow,i have a pic of looked so kool! my grandma has sold her farm and susie died of mastus last year...but i will always love cows!!!!

May 20 2002
Shelby and Kels
We were at a race in Darlington South Carolina and behind the race track there. We went out there with our golf cart..and then ran in to the middle of the field to pet the cows. The white cow we named Crisco...she had a baby the night we were there...and she actually let us pet it. Now we love cows very much.

May 19 2002
hey all u cow lovers out there. well one day i was goin home from a camping trip, and i dont know how many times i had seen the farms with the many cows, but this time i was like wow. and i have come to the point that i love cows so much i have given up eating anything beef. Cows Rule

May 19 2002
To all you people who think calves and cows are all cute and fun: I certainly agree with you all about liking cows, I live on a dairy with Holstiens!!! Although it can get annoying sometimes, like if there is something I want to do I'm usally late because I have to: feed calves set gatesso the cows will go into the barn wash the tank the milk goes in get cows up to the barn and then help my dad milk all 80-100 of them But all this has advantages like: staying fit if there is an stupid guy that likes me oh sorry got to go feed calves! And then you have the sick calves to deal with sick calves and new cows that won't let you milk them,preferring to kick your hand off But all in all cows are my favorite animal, I've got this cow.Hershy who is sooooooo spoiled!!!!

May 17 2002
I have loved cows all my life. My uncle owns a farm down in lower Wisconsin and everytime i visit it, i can't seem to seperate myself from them. I was once in Kentucky, and they had a petting zoo (very small mind you)and there was a cow there. It was the most beautiful Holestein i have ever seen in my entire life!! His eyes were so blue!! i wanted to take that cow home with me but couldn't. Cows are so gentle and kind, and are never violent. Whoever stumbles across this page will love it. COWS SHOULD RULE THE WORLD!!!!! PEACE FOR COWS!!!!!!!

May 7 2002
Caitlin - Bluess
When I was little I used to be Sooo scared of cows. Since my Aunty Sharon has lived on a farm (about 25 farms actually) I started to like them now I absolutely love COWS, especially Friesians. My Aunt and Uncle named a calf after me Bluess because it was a blue calf. (pronounce Blue - ess)

May 3 2002
Hi, its me again! Pearl had her calf! She's a beautiful, Brown and white beef herford! We named her Blossom. She's really big! And really strong, before school, O went down to the barn to see her and she was being fed. My mom said she was really strong, and they had trouble getting her back in her pen! Adios Amigos!

May 1 2002
In the Irish Republic we have 3.75 million people and 7 million moos. Cow heaven!

Apr 30 2002
Hi my name is Fawn I love cows!!!!! I have this one cow her name is Reses and she loves pepole she follows you around everywhere and she'll itch her head on you like your a poast. Well thats my cowie story.

Apr 30 2002
Hi, this is coming from a true cow lover! People think I'm weird, just because I like cows! Dumb huh!!!! well, anyways, we have this one Jersey cow, and she eats EVERYTHING! From chocolate to bannanas! That's my one story! I also have a cow that let's me ride her! Her name is Pearl, and is going to have a beef calf any day now. She's awesome! -Quinntessa MOOOOOOOO!

Apr 23 2002
once when my cousin and i were younger, we wanted to go to the pond. we went through the fence carrying FEED BUCKETS--the cows thought it was feed time--(we were going to pick up flowers and mussel shells) they started running at us and we were screaming. we threw the buckets and we hopped a barbed wire fence!!! i have been terrified of cows ever since!!!!

Apr 22 2002
Daniel the moo Verna
I just wanted to share my love for bovines with all of you bovine-lovers out there. I am from upstate NY, where I grew up on my parents' 200 cow farm. My fondest memories to this day are those early mornings I spent in the old barn...milking away on the the sounds of mooing and the milk hitting the buckets. I can still hear it now. Go Cows Forever!

Apr 12 2002
Sally Jo Jackson
I love cows!! I have a cow and calf. There names are Midnight and Poppie. Midnight had 3 calfs there names was Maude, Scooby Doo, Poppie. They are at my grandpa's house because I live in town and my grandpa live in the country. I go and see them on the weekends. I will tell you how I got midnight. One day grandpa, mom, and me what to feed cows one day and we saw a baby calf trying to get milk for all the cows and her mom was at the gate likeing at a baby calf that we forgot and we open the gate for her to get the baby calf and so she clamed him. So we know that she had twins. So we tock her home with us. We had to bottle feed her and one day we what shopping and his grandson was to feed her but he didn't. so I got the job to feed her.So when she got bigger grandpa was going to sell her but he couldn't. So he gave her to me. I still have her I will never give her away because she a pet and I love her.

Mar 21 2002
Brittany Mc
This is a sad story about a wonderful little cow who had to leave this world a short time ago. Her name was Gertrude. She was a 6 year old Jersey and was pregnant with what we thought twins. If she had a girl then we would keep it and probably send her to the meat shop, I hated the thought but she had mastitis and it had to be done. Then on the week she was due without warning the cute little cow passed away. She died peacefully but we were still heartbroken. Even though she didn't have her calf a part of her is still with us on the farm. If you would like to see a picture of this cutie e-mail me at

Mar 2 2002
About 2 months ago i was at my mates farm wen my favourtie cow was about 2 have her calf so i raa down to the farm not even finishing my breakfast and watched it givin birth it was the nicest experiance of my life it was so nice i was crying for ages. All my mates think that i am crazy 4 bein obsesed with cows but i now know that with this website there re loads of cow luvers!!!!

Mar 1 2002
The old farmer (EARL)
I'm from West Virginia. I was born n raised on a farm boys. I delivered my first(bull) calf when i was 10yrs.old. Now I have my own cows and calves to tend too. This site just fits me just fine. I like BIG BLACK MOOOOOO Cows!!!!!!!!!!

Mar 1 2002
I live on a dairy farm in wisconsin and wrote a cow tail about a month ago and said one of my cows was going to freshen soon. Well last weekend she had a little heifer and her name is Tobi. She's a Lineback. This means she has a white stripe down her back and looks like a baby skunk. She's a cutie and means the world to me. Hopefully I'll show her at the county fair in August if everything goes well. I love cows because they're wonderful to have around.

eb 23 2002
Buddy & Debbie
We have a family dairy/grain farm. It's a great place to raise children. They learn early on about life. When our son was about 4 years old, he was intently watching his Pop-Pop and his Daddy while they were trying to deliver a calf. The cow was having a hard time of it. Pop-Pop was shoudler deep in the cow.....our son, taking it all in, seeing the destress the mama was in..... thinks he has the solution. He yells out to them......why don't you wait till it poops?! Well, we all have gotten a lot of laughs from that! And now he is 28 years old and has a registered holstein herd of his own! It's a wonderful life!

Feb 21 2002
Hey well I show brown swiss cows. it is really fun you should get into to it well this year my march calf went unbeat this year. i showed her at 6 different shows and she got 1st place at all of them. Them best show was when we went down to World Dairy Expo 2001. There were about 24 in her class and she won and she also got pulled out for juinor champion.

Feb 12 2002
I have three cows. Daisy, Buddy, and Lili. Daisy is so friendly she follows you like a dog. Buddy is sweet and kind, he is my buddy. Lili is just a calf she is Daisy's baby.

Feb 5 2002
Mrs. Kuhn & Kuhn's Kiddos
We all love this site. Our class is doing a research project on COWS! Thank you for all the cooooool info. We live in Texas :)

Dec 30 2001
mustang of fire
I would just like to relate that I grew up on a small farm with many, many cows. My father worked as a cowboy on the ranges of Arizona until traditional ranches became few and far between. I love not only cows, but the whole farmer/rancher/cowboy life. These are very classic occupations, and nothing is more down-to-earth and wholesome than these lifestyles. That's all this nostalgic carnivore has to say about that...

Dec 7 2001
I love cows they are the best beond the best. We own a dairy farm in New York with about 300 cows the dairy cows graze on the mountainside while the beef cows graze in the rugged hills. We have 4 barns to raise our cows in. We also own 4 horses, 3 dogs puppies on the way, and a donkey. I love in particular 6 of our cows~ Strawberry, Martha, Bertha, Maisy, Oreo, Montana

Nov 14 2001
Crazy for Cows Carly Read Me!!!!****
Hi! I am a worker at the Lake Farmpark on the weekends. Come and say HI I work there on Saturdays with my friend BrittBritt MooMoo (below). We love cows alot! My favorite cows in the dairy parlor is Gertrude, a jersey cow. She is sooooooo cute! I love her very much! A cow named Honey just had a baby bull named Lucky, a guersney calf. You can come and visit him to! He is to sweet!I LOVE COWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-!!

Nov 14 2001
BrittBritt mine! read mine!!!!!
One day I was coming to volinteering. It was starting out as a normal day then i entered the dairy parlor and saw 2 new cows. I was confused because i only come there once a week and i had no idea what was going on then a worker told me that honey, one of the new cows had had a baby and they were bringing it in. then I asked then who is this. the worker looked at her and said oh that's lizet, she had twins yesterday but they were still born oh poor thing i said but then they brang the calf in. He was a guresney bull calf and had a brown head with a white 7 marking. he was soooooooo cute. We decided on the name Lucky on acount of the 7 and he is now almost 4 weeks old and growing each day!

Nov 8 2001
Sam Smith
Hey, My cow, Splash is the best in the world. But yesterday, my jersey, Gertrude, got out of the paddock, onto the road. My mum went out and stared at her and asked 'What do you think you're doing?' then opened the gate to herd them back in. She turned around and gertrude was running straight toward her... she wanted back in coz she knew she was being naughty.

Oct 27 2001
I love this site and I love cows not as much as some of you do the way some people love them is a bit freaky! Anyway my story is that me and my boyfriend went to live with his nan and grandad for a couple of days they lived on a farm in canterbury. In the morning we woke up to find that my boyfriends nan was feeding a cow cornflakes through a hatch it was so funny! Take care luv u

Oct 26 2001
Hereford hunny
I have had a pet cow since Easter 2000. Her momma abandoned her (it was her first calf) so I brought her home in the backseat of my car and she lived in my backyard. When the neighbors started complaining about her mooing early in the morning, I moved her out with my horses. She is awesome - just like a big overgrown dog! I used to be able to ride her, but now she is too big to get on! She'll be my little baby right up to the day she goes to the rainbow bridge. I wouldn't ever think of letting her go to slaughter (even though that is how this family makes some of its living...)Her name is Daisy!

Oct 12 2001
Jersy Lover :)
hey ya'll! i showed my cow at the state fair of texas today in the open show and she did ok, she's still to short but the original jersy was short it from dairies breeding them to be tall that makes them that way, so why do the taller one's win it's not like you want a tall jersy right?

Oct 9 2001
I showed my guernsy at a fair a few weeks ago. She got fourth out of fifth but I love her anyway.

Oct 8 2001
Old FarmBoyInThe City
Years ago Dad had a cow that was like a pet, so when my brother needed a picture of a cow for the Christmas pageant, he just held a big sheet of cardboard up to the cow's head and traced it.The he colored it appropriately. Also we had one calf that was not totally healthy. As it grow it only would eat alfalfa, so it got the name Alfalfa!

Aug 20 2001
I went to Bloomingdale IN to visit an old neighbor family, I now live in Chicago, and brought my 6 yr old. They have a herd of Limousine cows. There is a calf they bottle fed because the mother died.We played with that calf(too cute) and my little girl is now hooked on cows!

Aug 17 2001
Hey all you cow lovers. I love cows to. Actually i own 53 of them ( my dad does, i own 2)!!!! I live on a dairy farm and we have holsteins. Cows rule. My heifer is going to calve tommorow.

Aug 6 2001
I love Cowz! They are so cute! I have grown up around them all my life! Last year I sold my first for heifer for $750! I was happy! I LOVE this site, visit ya soon!

Jul 31 2001
Hey y'all! I bought a bull calf the other day, and i wanted to know his breed. I think he's a pure-bred. He is only about 550 lbs. and has white circles around his eyes, and nose/mouth area. he is tan, almost a light brown. If anyone thinks they might know the breed PLEASE tell me @ Thank you sooooo much!

Jun 30 2001
Lorna Weise
When I was in college my friends all knew of my love for cows. For my 22nd birthday I was surprised around one in the morning by a knock on the door. It was two of my, well let's just call them crazy, friends. They blindfolded me, took me out to the parking lot and told me to hold my hand out. When I opened my eyes I was touching the nose of a calf that they had borrowed from the campus dairy unit. To this day that is one of the most memorable birthday gifts. (By the way the cow peed in my friends truck).

Jun 18 2001
When I was at university in Stirling Scotland I was having a walk around campus. A farm backed onto the site and as I watched the cows I noticed that one was choking on a plastic bag. I ran to pull the bag out because I thought the cow might die. The cow was number 73. But it's ear tag was upside down and looked like EL so my friends and I called her Elle McMooson. A few months later i was working on my environmental studies report in the field with the class, taking grass and water samples. When EL walked up to me, put her head on my shoulder and wouldn't move. I think she was saying THANK YOU. But my class thought it very funny. When I left university I couldn't shake my love of cows. My boyfriend contacted the charity Send a Cow which provides cows for poor communities in the 3rd world. So for my Christmas present last year, John sent a cow to Africa on my befalf. What a great present and what a great way of remembering EL.

May 26 2001
I was working on a dairy farm in wisconsin, and I am only 5 ft. I was trying to hook the milker to the pipe line, and did not know that the cow trainers were on. Needless to say the metal gadget that hooks up to the pipe line, and my body got thrown across the barn. Boy that'll wake ya up better tan cofee any day.

May 24 2001
i was in New York (Central Park) at the kiddy zoo and there was a cow there and I totally bonded with it! it was so awsome she came right over to me for a pet!

May 19 2001
Julie Moo.....
I began my cow obsession in 1988. I was visiting friends in Vermont and caught sight of those lovely black and white bovines dotting the velvety green countryside with the blue sky above... and well that was it. I was hooked. (That and the fact my friend worked for Ben & Jerry's...) Well anyway I have cows everywhere (my home us udder chaos) and my friends tell me they think of me every time they see a cow (well I could have collected pigs; that would surely be worse??) Well there's farmers in my ancestry and I once lived in Gurnsey County (OH). I have learned to accept my bovine fate. Moooost of the time.

May 18 2001
We moooved from Wisconsin and, cheese, we miss it. Yogurt across country only to realize cow much butter it really was. Ice Cream for some more rumen around, but we cud not go back.

May 15 2001
My ex husband and I managed a dairy. I was in charge of the calves. One calf in particular caught my fancy & I always fed him a little more milk. Unfortunately, that caused him to grow up a little faster & be stronger than the rest of the calves. He used to jump out of his pen to run after me to get his milk. It got so bad, that I couldn't handle him by myself anymore. One day, after I was done with my feeding chores, I went home to cook breakfast when I heard a noice in the living room. When I ran inside to see who it was, Barny, the calf (then 6 months old) was standing right in the middle of the room looking for me. My husband had left the front door open to check something out in the barn. It took me a long time to get Barney out of the house again, he destroyed most of my things. From then on, I never left the door open again. You never know when a cow might want to visit you!!!

May 15 2001
Moo-cow (don't wear it out)
Every year my dad buys and rises cows. Well,cows always have a leader,so this group of 15 had one leader......a female named Pain. She didn't like the fact that she had to BE bossed around,and she lead the herd through the fence and through the woods two miles away. We captured them one by one. When we got Pain we had to put her in a trailor, back it agaist a post,and leave it there that night.When daddy pullyed the water down to Pain she head-butted the bucket and broke it one hit.I tell you it's true,so never feel blue,'cause look what I had to deal with]

May 15 2001
Petunia Muybridge
My grandfather went to Texas once, and to honor him the texans gave him a long horn steer. He and my grandmother had publicity stills taken, she was wearing a silk cocktail party dress and high heels and an emerald necklace and he was wearing a suit and a ten gallon hat. My grandmother looks funny, all galmorous posing next to a long horn that she is going to take home with her. I have been afraid of going to Texas ever since, I can't fit a long horn in my New York apartment.

May 14 2001
I have always had a soft-spot for cows. I used to visit a family farm when I was young. They had dairy cows. Their faces are so beautiful. Those eyes! Photography is a hobbie of mine and I must say one of my favourite photos is of an Ayershire standing between two old oak trees. The sun was setting and she just looks so beautiful in the light. A famous canadian painter, Alex Colville has a wonderful painting of a holstien laying in the middle of a field bathed in mooonlight. If you love cows you will surely enjoy this great piece of art.

May 14 2001
We live on a big farm and raise red and white holsteins, they are rare. They are the most beautiful cow there is. I have five children and every child owns there own cows and they get to show them at the fairs. They have a fantastic time every year and they talk about it all year long. My son was scanning the web to do some research on the cow and found your site.

May 14 2001
When I was about 13 years old my father left the farm for the day. One of our cows had just died from milk fever and my father told me the guy was coming to pick up the dead cow. A few hours later a man showed up at the door and said he was there for the cow. So I brought him to the barnyard and he looked at me and said, That cow is dead. I replied, I know. At which time he replied..................-.I'm the breeder man!

May 14 2001
Some of you have a little to learn about cows! First of all, a cow is female, it is a bull if it is born male. Okay, we have lots of cows and you have no idea (if you've never had many) how much work cows can be!!...They are interesting because they each have their own personality, believe it or not. We have black Brangus and had one that was a Jersey and she was the normal beige-brown Jersey color. Because this one cow was of a different color, the other cows discriminated against her. I am not joking! The other cows mis-treated her something horrible. They would NOT let her into the hay ring to eat, they would butt her up into the feed stalls, they would run her off when they were just grazing, etc. It was unreal. We finally decided it was just because they saw her as a cow of a different color. I could tell you lots of things those black cows did to the cow of a different color but it would take all day. Let me just say.......cows do have personalities.

May 7 2001
I just want to announce the birth of my new guernsey calf, Martini. The healhty baby girl was born successfully, without any help, on May 5, 2001. A big congradulation goes out to the proud mother, now with the delivery of her 2nd calf she may finally get some rest. Also, I need to acknowledge, the older sister, Mambo, who is very unhappy at the thought of her not being an only child,(Teens these days!).

Mar 26 2001
Jen (aka NPFgirl)
Hey all u cow luvers!!! I work at a farm with about 10 jersey cows!! They are all so sweet. I raised 2 calves up myself and my boss say they think im there mom...we hav another 1 due in should be fun...they are such smart animals..i taught Angel to give kisses she actually licks my face (it hurts a little cuz their tongue is so ruff) the way this site is cool!!! cows r cool!

Mar 23 2001
I had a cow when I was a kid,And this is a tale of what she did.She'd stand under a tree in the hot summer sun. untill she saw me, that break into a run.She'd nuzzle my neck, and give me a kiss. And to this day, it's something I miss. I loved that cow and she loved me, but now all I have are her memories.

Feb 23 2001
Many years ago, when I was a little girl, my grandfather taught me to milk cows - by hand, there were no machines. The sound of milk squirting into a bucket, and the warmth of the cow's body, were wonderful. Then my grandmother insisted on treating my sister and me to that milk, still warm from the cow. I haven't drunk milk since. I still love cows, and your web site is great. Thanks!

Feb 17 2001
kirby farm
we have a dairy farm. we 210 cows we love cows so much our house has cow picturs all over we also have a sine that says {the kirby farm}if you love cows e-mail me at

Jan 27 2001
shaina shayla
On October 20th, we got a call from Shaina's grandma, saying that one of her friends had a set of twin calves for sale- only a day old! So, we went out there at 6:00 the next morning to pick them up. When we got there, we got in the corral with them, and the first thing out of Shayla's mouth was, you get the one with the poopy butt! Of course, she ended up getting the one with crap all over it! It was sooooo funny! We had to take them home in the back of Shayla's Dad's truck, so there we were driving down the highway with two calves and two girls in the back!! Everyone was looking at us funny as they drove past. But, we just laughed back at them. Now, 3 months later, they are much bigger and much louder!! Hailey, Shayla's calf is growing like a weed!! Hannah, my calf (Shaina) has grown a lot, but it has not quite reached Hailey's height. The calves are our FFA projects, and we plan to breed them in two years. They are half Limousine and half Holstein.

Jan 27 2001
Carolyn V
I have always had a soft spot in my heart for my bovine friends. This summer I had the pleasure of visiting a friend's dairy farm and seeing the calves...just days old. I was in love. They are so adorable!! and I love the way they suck on your fingers - it's slimy and kinda gross, but oh, so cute! Love 'em. (Great website, by the way)

Jan 26 2001
I show cows. The breed of cows I show are Polled Herefords. I just think they are so cool. I show cattle all year around. If you are interested in looking for a new hobby this is a good one to get in to. I think this is a very good website too. I got some questions for you to think about. How many stomachs do cows have? How many popular breeds of cattle are there? Answers- cows have 4 stomachs and there are too many breeds to count.

Jan 17 2001
Laura & Ryan France
My 2yr old son loves cows. Everytime I'm on the internet, we have to visit the crazy for cows website. Everytime we go for a ride he asks go see cows, mommy?

Dec 20 2000
My cow Chess is very smart. She learned to open the barn yard gate with her nose, then got out. Smart cow.

Dec 10 2000
Ushi is japanese for cow, and shojo means girl,shonen means boy.

Nov 11 2000
Bud Horton
My brother and I were building a cottage in a cow pasture. We hauled materials in a 1955 Ford pickup. Later that day we found a herd of Holsteins clustered around the truck licking it top to bottom. It was nothing but a goomobile after that.

Sep 27 2000
We have a cow that thinks she's a beagle. When our dog runs rabbits, the cow is on his heels in hot pursuit. She hasn't barked yet, but one never knows!! Great website, love the e-cards!

Jul 24 2000
I started working at this farm, not too far from my house. City Girl meets farm! I thought I'd hate it! Especially since I'm 15. But it turns out that it's the best thing I've done in my life! There are currently 6 Jersy cows, with about 4 to come. The calf and I have bonded that when I come to see her, she plays with me, and rubs her head against my side. At 15, I've had more experiences then most people I know, I've inseminated a cow, milk the cows everyday, and will get to witness a birth soon. Don't eat cows! They are so kind and gentle!

Apr 20 2000
Keith (aka Moo)
I was sitting by a fence where some cows were grazing. One friendly cow decided to taste something new. So she stuck her head through the fence and slurped me from the base of my spine to the bottom of my neck. I guess I wasn't too tasty since she didn't do it again.

Feb 21 2000
when i was a kid, we used to go to my aunt ruth's farm...we milked cows but my brother and i actually rode a cow once. boy are those backbones sharp...a saddle would be recommended equipment for cow rides...moomoo

Dec 9 1999
I milked a cow once, does that count for anything?

Nov 23 1999
Several years ago I dressed up as a cow for Halloween. After this mmmoooving experience, I decided I couldn't eat any more cows.

Nov 15 1999
One time a friend of mine and I were driving along Rt 108 in MD and we saw these young cows in a field. We stopped and they came charging right over to the fence. They tried to chew our sleeves and jackets by sticking their noses through the fence. And they licked our hands (and tried to nibble them too) when we petted them. Moo.