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1. I have a dished face, and I'm usually a brownish shade of faun. I'm cute, too.
Guernsey Blonde d'Aquitaine Pinzgauer Holstein Jersey

2. I often have a white belt and I have very shaggy fur in winter.
Dutch Belted Highland Brown Swiss Normande Belted Galloway

3. I have very long hair and long horns.
Highland Texas Longhorn Swiss Brown Holstein Gelbvieh

4. I am the smallest kind of cow.
Dexter Milking Shorthorn Welsh Black Brown Swiss Pinzgauer

5. I am white with red "points", wild, and rare. I have a warden to watch over me.
Holstein Jersey Texas Longhorn Watusi Chillingham

6. I am small (under 3.5 feet) but I have rather long horns.
Texas Longhorn Watusi Hereford Corriente Canadienne

7. I am the tallest cow.
Holstein Pinzgauer Welsh Black Chianina Sussex

8. I have droopy ears and a hump on my back.
Red Poll Guernsey Brahman Corriente Black Baldy

9. I am a big white cow with a pink nose.
White Park South Devon Tarentaise Charolais Simmental

10. I am a dairy cow that usually has a lot of small red spots on a white background.
Jersey Holstein Ayrshire Lincoln Red Red Poll

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