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1. Which breed has the biggest horns?
Texas Longhorn Red Sindhi Watusi Brahman White Park

2. Which is NOT one of the cow's stomachs?
rumen reticulum barisulum omasum abomasum

3. Which breed generates the most milk?
Jersey Holstein Guernsey Brown Swiss Milking Shorthorn

4. What is the name for cows of European descent?
Bos euros Bos gallicus Bos celticos Bos taurus Bos iberias

5. A 1,000 pound cow produces how much manure per year, on average?
1 ton 5 tons 10 tons 25 tons 100 tons

6. Which breed is named for its county of origin?
Ayrshire Red Sindhi Dexter White Park Milking Shorthorn

7. A cow's hoof is made up of what substance?
keratin homatatin fortin ungulatin korasin

8. The switch is on what part of the cow?
neck tail back stomach leg

9. 10 gallons of milk weights about how many pounds?
10 pounds 25 pounds 40 pounds 50 pounds 60 pounds

10. Which breed has the richest milk with the highest percentage of butterfat and protein?
Holstein Brown Swiss Guernsey Jersey Ayrshire

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